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ZHONGLI IS BROKEN! Best ZhongLi (钟离 ) Build & DPS Showcase – Genshin Impact


What’s Up Everyone! This is Dux. Zhong Li is the new character RELEASED today into genshin impact. Many posts started appearing on reddit or on the forums about how underwelming he feels and the low dps output he provides. To really understand the huge impact that zhongli could have on your team we need to talk about his new mechanics and how to use him properly.

Of course constellations will have a huge role on your dps output but if you are a free to play and can only get a c0 he will still be very viable. To briefly touch on the constellation topic , his 1st constellation will make the biggest impact on the overall team power adding a second structure spawnable with zhongli’s E. The structure that he is able to create is not only able to make aoe damage over time but if there is another geo structure, for example the geo or the ninguan panel, that structure will start outputting damage aswell dubling the actual skill effect. the E skill also allows you to get a shield that is very usefull thanks to the knocback protection, making that much easier to go for abyss mages and elite bosses and never stop that dps output.

Zhongli full potential and main Dps output is the Bust Skill That detonate a meteorite causing incredible amount of damage. Even tho on paper ZongLi Dps output is not the best, the aoe constant attack especially when resonating with a ninguan will make you able to constantly spam the Q skill thanks to the constant geo damage on the field that drops energy orbs that will recharge your skills instantly. The amazing thing about his Q is the secondary effect of petrify that will also increase the geo damage on enemies hitted by it. The best possible weapon to maximise his potential is the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear that of course buffing the skill damage output on full stack, perfectly allign with the best possible role he should be in.

Skyward spine and crescent pike even tho they are very good polearms are ment for a stay on the field main role, that is not what you should use him in. IWinToLose Gaming made an awesome video that expains the dps output of zhongli whith those weapons. definitelly check that out. When it comes to artifacts the best possible combination would be a 2 set noblesse oblige for the 20% burst damage and a 2 set petra for the 15% geo buff. If you decide to go for a gladiator finale for the 18% attack buff you will need to go for a crescent pike build making zhongli a Xiangling 2.0 that is truly not what you want to go for. Let’s go ahead and showcasing the constellation 6 dps output potential well that’s it Subscribe for more genshin impact content and let me know in the comment if you got zhongli or you are planning on rolling for him! and yea check out my other videos here or here, and yeah…

thank you everyone for watching, Truly that means a lot. Like the video if you really liked it and yeah… not that the self promotion is out of the way, i will see you in the next video!.

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