Zhongli Team Build Guide & Combos, Best Weapons, Artifacts & DPS/Support Genshin Impact


Hey how’s everyone doing rent to gaming, and i wanted to talk about john lee, some combos different things you can do and just a john lee build um he’s a pretty straightforward, easy character to use. In my opinion, he’s definitely a support character and he’s definitely meant to have a high hp. Defense stack he’s not meant to be just like a maniac you’re, a main attacker like if you had john lee and klee on the same team, you bet clee would be putting out way more damage, but john lee will keep her alive. That is essentially what john lee is for um. He goes well with other geo characters as well.

Um honestly kind of nervous even make this video, because there’s been so much controversy around john lee honestly, at the end of the day, it’s an open world adventure game have fun and enjoy it see you can run the fevonius lance for energy recharge would be more Optimal but i’m going with the primarily jade wing spear, because i literally just got it and i don’t have a five star um spear until this point, so i kind of wanted to just use it because i don’t really care about like the more optimal thing. Right now, i’m just playing to have fun. I really couldn’t care less, but energy recharge would be a better bet for john lee elemental mastery.

Not so much. You want to go with energy recharge because you’re going to want to spammers if you’re going for, like the more optimal build, you’re going to want to use his shield his pillars and his ultimate, because his ultimate does a ton of damage um. But i don’t really care about all that stuff personally um. Obviously, if you want to go with um the gladiator set, if you’re going for dps build you’re going to get that 35 extra attack percentage because of the uh gladiator set or you can go with energy recharge. Like i said, energy, recharge, artifacts and weapons are going to be your best bet for jean-luc, because he’s a support and as much as people hate that that’s just the reality of it or you can go with geo damage.

If you really want to build him as a dps, it’s not impossible, but the thing is his specials go corresponding with his hp so like, for example, if you use his like well, actually i’ll i’ll go over his talents in a second, i want to get ahead Of myself here so you’re gon na really want to invest his hp and energy recharge. The most attack, not so much unless you’re going for dps build, which isn’t the most optimal. No, but it’s not what he was made for, but you can definitely use him that way too. It’S this game. It’S not like. You have to play one specific way, because the internet tells you just have fun all right. First, talents; well, obviously, a spear character. Same old same old, you know consecutive attacks, but he has the coolest animations all right, so basically you’re throwing down a giant pillar of uh geo dealing geo surrounding damage uh. It can be climbed and like that’s where uh jean lee becomes a lot of fun.

You can really use this geo pillar to do a lot of cool mix-up, combos and flashy combos, which to me, is much more fun and if you hold it down, you will not throw down a pillar, but instead you will throw down a barrier that scales off Your hp, which is what i was trying to say earlier, you’re going to want to invest a lot into his hp. We will go over all that in a second here, um, so yeah very good, very strong ability. That’S. Why he’s more of a support you’re going to want to spam this, so energy recharge is going to come into effect, a lot as well as hp, because both of his specials scale off his hp quite a bit? If you hold it down you’re, getting a shield um the scale based off of generally hp and absorbs geo damage up to 250 percent more effectively, so basically no geo characters even going to touch this guy and the shield lasts for quite a while. So his special has two different forms.

You can throw a pillar down, causes damage you can climb on it or use. The shield brings down a falling meteor down earth dealing, massive geo damage and petrification status to them, and they can’t even move like john lee is actually a very good character. I don’t know why he gets so much heat when the jade shield takes damage, it will fortify 45 characters, have five percent increased shield strength can attack up to five times last into the jade stream yeah. So he can increase your attack too. Just an awesome support character. If you ask me you’re, throwing this on a character like mona clee, jean d luke, like you’re gon na increase their attack and defense simultaneously like what’s not to like um, i went with the gladiator effect, but i’m going with the hp. The most because, well, that’s basically gon na be his strength and i don’t have the most optimal spear, but i really don’t care solidify um see you can throw the shield here. That’S if you hold it down, so you throw ning wong in or you can throw in like catching for like and safe teleport in, and they cannot touch her see. This is one of my favorite combos in the game.

I love using john lee in ning, wong or um simply because how cool and fun it is like. Isn’T that the point of this game, like yeah, everyone should be building to go to spiral. Abyss 12 sure? Why not, but not everyone’s gon na, do that, like not every character has to be a massive dps. So you got this shield that you can use almost kind of like constantly. It doesn’t take long to recharge or load and you can safely throw them with ning wong, and then you got ning wang’s. You know six consolation star jades, along with um john lee they’re, like such a good duo. It’S insane. I already got a video about that, though, make sure to watch it um, but yeah you can climb on top of his pillar hell. You can throw down jade screens and pillars like there’s a ton of different. You can do and it’s pretty hard to hurt. John lee he’s gon na keep your team alive, he’s a very good support character. I hate that he gets so much hate like i hate the hate, you know what i’m saying and he had oh, not even to mention i wasn’t even discussing this. He creates a chrysalis and reacting with other elements, so there’s just another element of defense. I don’t understand why people hate them so much. I, like that they’re mixing it up putting you know five star characters that aren’t necessarily attached, so you can do kind of cool little combos here with kaching and john lee they’re like one of my favorite duos. So far anyway, i’m having fun, i love the pillars.

I think they’re just so fun to use sometimes i like to climb on them and use amber. Sometimes i like to create two different pillars using the uh traveler, it’s a lot of fun yeah. You can see here that, like he doesn’t really he’s not really in any danger, you can mix up and you can do a lot of cool, interesting fun, different combos and, like just you, know, exploration like this. You know just kind of sneak up on enemies using the pillar in her teleport, which is so much fun. I don’t know i just i feel like there’s more to this game than just pure stats alone, and what people want a character to be rather than what it is. So you can see here you can climb on top here. Use uh ninghuang, put your screen up, and you have just insane geo happening here and both of their abilities cause more extra geo damage, uses petrification here and just basically crush on the dust like what is not to like about john lee. I think he’s great there’s.

So many different cool combos you can do with them and he’s a great supporter. He can go on any team because of that shield. He provides you provide such good support and stability on a team him and ming wang together, they’re almost unkillable, it’s crazy. Above all else, john lee’s, a ton of fun to use, and he has one of the cool attackers animations i’ve ever seen, yeah it’s unfortunate. His attack isn’t as good as people wanted to be. I guess they wanted this, like ultimate dps spear geo 5 star geo. Con user character – i don’t know a lot of unreal expectations and people get over hyped when they speculate and then they’re let down when it’s not what they speculated. I do feel like people are starting to treat this like a game like fortnite or cod, or something it’s like an open world. Rpg explore have fun. There isn’t just one correct way to play this game, optimizing a character.

Yeah, i mean it makes sense, but it’s not like the only way to play. Exploring the map and having the most fun is the true winners of this game. Just farting around coming up with cool flashing combos things to do having some fun finding creative ways to kill enemies, not necessarily the most optimal ways like amber sucks. Everyone knows that, but i don’t i like using her she’s a lot of fun. I just like farting around john lee is not only a ton of fun and creates a lot of cool things, but he actually is an insanely good support character. You want to use it for a dps. Is it the most optimal? No, but is it doable? Yeah? Dump all your best artifacts he’s your favorite, who cares and people are gon na, say yeah you suck at the game because you’re doing that? No that’s totally not true.

I hate that total negativity. Don’T let don’t let anyone tell you how to play this game and you know what, as far as i’m concerned, you know i’m probably gon na catch heat for saying this, but no matter what you say about this game and no matter what you do. People are gon na. Just talk you jean lee, if you like him, don’t let people tell you he’s an awful character because he’s absolutely not you know what he’s not? Is he the best five star? No, is he the worst, no he’s a good five star use them have fun with them, he’s a great, solid character, but anyways guys hope you guys enjoyed this video enjoy the combos the builds.

Let me know what you think um and i’m always open to discuss it, because you might have a unique john lee build that i’m not aware of and different artifacts. I don’t have so on that note, guys hope you enjoyed the video and we will see you in the next one later. Ah,

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