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GetAmped2 Alchemy Dungeon Guide


GetAmped2 Alchemy Dungeon Guide by Angeleo

The Alchemy Dungeon -Adventures for The Secret Treasure- is a Mission that lets you obtain cores and essential materials to craft your own accessories.
This is a guide that will help you pass through this Dungeon with some of my advice.

There are 3 levels of difficulty on this Dungeon:

Prolog(level3) ends after defeating the 2nd boss, Cyclops, on the 6th room. (3 reward slots)[30~40 Evil Souls]
*Possible Core Rewards: Acid Star, Fire Star, Ice Star, Thunder Star, Iron Star, Mixim Star & Gamble Star
DeadLock(Level5) ends after defeating Odin and Valkyrie, on the 12th room. (4 Rewards slots)[40~50 Evil Souls]
*Possible Core Rewards: Acid Star, Fire Star, Ice Star, Thunder Star, Iron Star, Mixim Star, Gamble Star, Gravy Star & Orlun Star
Mortal Combat(level7) end after defeating the last boss, Sataniel,on the 15th room. (5 Reward Slots)[60~70 Evil Souls]
*Possible Core Rewards: Acid Star, Fire Star, Ice Star, Thunder Star, Iron Star, Mixim Star, Gamble Star, Gravy Star, Orlun Star, Evil Star, Charm Star & Cross Star

This is an element-based Dungeon, meaning that the elemental alignment of your accessories and weapons effect how much damage you can do against the monsters in it.
Fire is strong against all Goblins and the boss Slalgolin
Thunder is strong against Moars and the boss Cyclops
Ice is strong against Elves and the bosses Odin & Valkyrie
Wind is strong against all Keletons including the boss Warlock Keleton

Suggested Accessories:
Fire: [Cresent] Elemental Bangle, Ninja Gauntlet, Wing of Sacred Flames, Prominence Cross [Wins] Lion Mask, Pretty Pan
Thunder: [Cresent] Thunder Cross, Sonic Arms, Photon Extenders, Demolition Guitar [Wins] Thunder Tambourine
Ice: [Cresent] Elemental Bangle, White Tiger Icicle Claws [Wins] Snowman Costume
Wind: [Cresent] Wind Cross, Nunchak of Gale [Wins] Twin Blades, Basho Fan
None Elemental(for Crowd Control): [Cresent] STRG/Armstrong, Tank(forgot name) Mighty Fang of Water Blue Dragon, Guard Shield of Stone Tortoise, Artemise Bow, Diety Crystal, Vortex Wheel [Wins] Wooden Save, Power Arm, Ninja Nova
===Note: Crowd control is best used by only 1 person and when you don?t have any of the suggested elemental accessories===

Suggested Acc. types & weapons for each stage:
Prolog(level3) Accessory Types: 1~2 Fire, 1 Thunder & 1~2 Multi-hitter(s) work the best (using multi-hit accessories like snowman, wooden save, etc. are always good vs bosses), Weapon:x 2 Giant Sword/Battle Ax & x2 Grenada Launcher/Bazooka
DeadLock(Level5) Accessory Types: 1~2 Snowman(get?s less useful if you get past 2), 1~2 Wind & 1 Fire Weapon: x2 Battle Ax & x2 Crash Bombs(Crash bombs are best used by someone with Healing For Winners)
Mortal Combat(level7) Accessory Types: 1~2 Snowman(get?s less useful if you get past 2), 1~2 Wind & 1 Fire Weapon: x2 Battle Ax & x2 Crash Bombs(Crash bombs are best used by someone with Healing For Winners)
Note: When using multi-hitters like snowman or so, you need to time your attacks with your teammates since several multi-attacks cancel eachother out.

Suggested Skills:
Healing for Winners [lvl4 Power](Heals some hp after defeating an enemy), Berserk [lvl4 power](Attack is higher after killing an enemy), Guts[lvl1 power](Restore 10% HP after reaching 0 HP once), Guts[lvl4 power](Restore 10% HP after reaching 0 HP twice), Richness [lvl4 Life](Start with 20% HP, -2 Tec), Wind of Tengu [lvl3 Trick](Inherit skill of Basho Fan)

EXP and Levels gained inside the dungeon only affect the current Run of that Dungeon and resets on each new run.
EXP: You obtain experience points each time you hit an enemy/monster in a Dungeon Run.
Level: Sums up how much damage you do on a Dungeon Run.
Red Rune: Increase party?s Exp. grain ratio.
Blue Rune: Decreases number of minions on the next boss (Minions will still keep on coming if you kill one, replacing the one killed, an endless army)
HP Charge: After each you are recovered with approximately 1/10 hp. After each boss you will heal up to full bar weather it?s yellow(50%) or green(100%), but you won?t get the after-boss HP-Boost, or resurrection with 50% HP if you have died.
HP drinks: This are limited since several chest contain the runes, It?s best to share them considerating the situation your party-members are in.
Suggested Weapons: Giant Sword, Battle Ax(This 2 works best vs Bosses and to press the 1st switch) Crash Bomb(works best to clear cluttered mobs and clear the 11th Room), Machine Gun(Best used to push back cluttered mobs faster), Grenade Launcher(workd to clear some clutter mobs, break the ice on the 4th room & to give some good damage on goblins and slalgolin).
S Rank To obtain S Rank, you will need to open all locked doors, including the one on the 13th room(You will need a fairy with Aero[Basketball Shoe?s Inherit skill] to get pass the spikes on the 13th room)

Keys: You need to obtain and carry the key to the closed door to access the treasure room.

This dungeon consists of 15 rooms/passages which every 3 has a boss in them:

1R: It?s the room where you appear on, only enemies in here.

2R: This is the 1st room with a closed door, to open it you need to take it from the Hob Goblin that appears last nearest to the left corner of the door?s wall. 3 Chest will contain score jewels and a HP drink, the one on the right will contain a Red Rune.

3R: 1st Boss, Slalgolin. Weak vs Fire. Preferably use Ranged attacks to avoid damage and use multi-hitting attacks to do more damage. Be aware of what attack it?s about to use by looking inside of him so you can dodge it since he always shows it?s attack before striking.

4R: 2nd room with Closed Door. You need to use fire to obtain the key from the Ice pillar. There are only 2 Chest with HP Drink + score jewels. Right and Bottom Chest contain runes.

5R: Only enemies.

6R: 2nd Boss, Cyclops. Weak vs =Ice/Thunder. There?s a small chance that you can stun-lock it if you use rapid & continuous attacks(Sonic arms, Nunchakus, etc. are perfect for this) for an easy kill. If your party isn?t fast enough to stun-lock it, then just attack him with caution, after each 3(some rare times 2) jumps,(don?t try to attack him close up before he stops jumping) attack him from behind or afar, then block when he?s about to jump or attack.

7R: From here on, every non-boss room will have closed doors(except the 14th one). The key is on the ceiling, to drop it you must press the button with an down pursuit attack(such as Ax, Bazooka, etc.). Left chest: Red Rune, Right chest: Blue Rune

8R: This floor contains fall-away floor and full of archers and poison Moars, be careful not to clutter on with your teammates or you or them will fall. The key is on the lower-right fall-away floor piece right on the start, have the most careful and/or with highest jump stat to get it and have it places on the floor you started on for safty. Clear the middle section to make a safe path for the key. Have the previous guy to get the key to open the door in the middle. Treasures of the bottom right hold a Red Rune.

9R: 3rd Boss. Warlock Keleton. Weak vs Wind. There?s a chance that you can stun-lock with rapid & continuous attacks for an easy kill. If your party can?t stun-lock him, avoid his ice when he jumps by running towards where his jumping while moving aside so the ice doesn?t hit you, then attack him after he lands and the ice is out. Mainly attack from behind or block if you are in front when he is about to start a combo attack.

10R: You will need a person with fast anit-guard/grab attacks(Twin Blade, Grappling Arms, etc.) to go over Keleton Knight?s excessive counters while avoiding the continuous falling boulders. the key will appear on the middle after certain # of enemies are defeated. (from here onwards, I have no idea what the Blue Runes helps with).

11R: The room is spitted in 2 level sections up and bottom. You can only go back up after the huge fall with an elevation which is activated by a switch on the top. the key is on the middle of the bottom section. To get the key up to the closed door on the top you would need 1 person on top and 2 people to jump down, 1 to get the key and the other to make the path safe for him to the elevator. Don?t leave anyone behind since it?s an 1 way trip. Have the people below signal when they are both on the platform so the one on top activates the switch. Chest on the right: Red Rune, lower-left chest Blue Rune.

12R: 4th boss, Odin & Valkyrie. Weak vs Ice. On this one you must focus on defeating Odin 1st, and pray for the glitch on Valkyrie to work for an easy fight. For the glitch to work(doesn?t always work) don?t touch Valkyrie and let Odin move away from her, the glitch usually works right away, but sometimes takes time for it to work. If the glitch didn?t work, have someone distract Valkyrie by using an non-knockdown combo and stun her with it, while keeping an eye on Odin?s attacks. Spam Odin as much as you can, and keep away when he uses his spear. And use either melee or ranged depending on the location of the lightnings when he uses them. Best Acc:

13R: This room contains 2 Titans. You must kill the one on the Left to obtain the key. You will need to use fairy + Aero to fly through the thorns. (JPv. There a switch on the middle to disable the thorns). Chest on the bottom right: Red Rune, Chest on the left: Blue Rune.

14R: 1 Drake, (Missed the 10th floor dragon of Bafabon Dungeon? Then it?s your lucky day, you get to fight him in an unescapable narrow path =]). Use preferably Multihits(snowman), and block when he is about to use either the fireball or the stomp.

15R: This is the last room with the last boss, Sataniel. The pattern of his elemental shields is: Fire(red), Thunder(yellow), Water(blue), Wind(green) and his shield are disabled after each 3 shots @ it. You will need to go through his elemental shields, starting with Fire, to be able to fight him, to break his shields you will need to use the crosses/totems the mobs will drop and place them on the corresponding pillar and let them charge, then throw it @ him to break the elemental shield of the same color. After 3 shields are taken down, he will generally appear on the way he is facing. When fighting him, spam continuous melee attacks or let the snowmans use standing special on him before he can attack, this should make him retreat before he attacks, but if he does, block his tail swing and move away from his vortex attack(generally he attacks behind him). Repeat the process and you should be able to defeat him with ease.

Obtainable Cores and respective Accessories:
Acid core: [UserName] in Yellow Eyes (Miniaturized 1st boss of Alchemy Dungeon)
Fire core: [UserName] of Fire/Flame (Fire Bracelet)
Ice core: [UserName] of Ice/Frost (Ice Bracelet)
Thunder core: [UserName] of Thunder/Lightning/Liger/Volt (Thunder Bracelet)
Elemental: Randomly, any of the 3 elemental bracelets.
Iron core: [UserName] of Iron/Thrust (Spike Bracelet)
Mutant core: [UserName] Boom Energy/Freeze/Burn (Guns used by the green aliens on ?Invasion? Mission) Unwelcome Visitors Mission>
Gamble core: [UserName] The Dice or [UserName] The Golden Dice
Gravy core: [UserName] The Golden dice (Dice Headgear used by
Orlun core: Alvitr Session of [UserName](Sword & Shield used by Valkiry, 5th boss of A.D.)
Charm core: [UserName] of Charm Lillin/Lillim/Lillith(Succular?s wings)
Cross core: Nome of [UserName](Cross Used on A.D. Last Boss)
Mixim: Any Alchemy Accessory
Evil Star: [UserName] of Ammonus Blood/Shadow/Darkness (Also obtainable through the Cloud of Pitch Dark Mission)

Personal Trick to obtain LUCK material:
Use the extra alchemy cores you don?t want to use and upgrade them with evil souls to max.
Add no luck, this should leave generally 3~7% on success.
Run the machine to craft the accessory.
You will obtain an power-up material, sand or an broken core.
Broken cores give 5% luck each.
By running lvl 3 Alch. dungeon you can easily obtain an core or 2 and 40?ish evil souls

50% Luck
You can upgrade your max luck to 50% by utilizing 6 cores(any kind of core) as catalysis on the process.

Have Fun~


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