GetAmped2 Battle Royale Guide


GetAmped2 Battle Royale Guide by TPArtemis

Goal :
First team to get 200 points win.

Rules :
-Can?t hit own team
-Max is 20 players
-Only the rocket can hit the core
-Sub cores appear at a random sub core portal randomly

Points awarded :
-Core = 0 for team if u hit, 30 for team if u explode it. 100 for u if u hit, 150 if u explode it (not really sure, I?ll have to research)
-Subcore = 5 for team if u explode/hit it. 50 if u explode it. It drops a flame trap, a cage trap, and an invisibility pot if u destroy it.
-Kill a Player = 1 for team if killed. I?m not sure how much it gives for u.

Items :
Fire orb : Drops from subcore, it makes a pillar of fire where ever it is put, this burns, not flames. It lasts for about 20 seconds. Can affect teammates.
Cage orb : Drops of subcore, it cages the victim (like cageblaster) but much, much longer, and it?s more resistant as well. It has a spread effect, so if one person gets caged, people close to the victim are likely to get caged too, max I?ve seen caged at once is 3. This can affect teammates.
Invisibilty potion : Makes u invisible with constant non-invisibility flashes once every second, lasts for about 15 seconds.

Map :
@@@@@@@@@@@@| (2) (5) 8 O |
@@@@@@@@@@@@|______ ________|_______ ________|________ ________|
|??????????C??????????| | | |????????????C??????????|
| 1 3 (6) 9 11 |
|________________|______ ________|_______ ________|________ ________|_________________|
@@@@@@@@@@@@| | | |
@@@@@@@@@@@@| O 4 (7) (10) |
Legend = O = Rocket spawn spot ( ) = Subcore spawn spot C = Core

Jobs :

Scout : Your job is to use a fast style like Ninja or Spy, get a rocket, and then run around 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10 looking for subcores, then destroying them. After u have done this, drink the inv pot, then get the fire and put it at the door to YOUR core. U can then come back to put the cager at your core or u can get another rocket and find another subcore and do the same thing, this is a rewarding job if u can do it correctly, u can get quite alot of kills too.
Recommended styles : Fighter, Spy, Ninja, Fairy
Recommended accs : Basketball, spiked and superior shoes, Arm Blaster, Artemis Bow, Staff of Sealing
Recommended weps : Quick weps that can knock down
Recommended styles : Skanda, Revival, SPD boosting skills

Bombwaster : Ur job is to go to the enemy bomb spawn attacker?s area (the one closest to your core) and randomly get bombs and throw them into the wall, this is so that opponents can?t attack easily cause u waste bombs when they spawn, but they can go to the bombspawn area near to their core, and get a bomb there, then run back, and attack the core, by the time they?ve done this, they?ve probably been knocked over a few times. There are also team bombwasters, which are the same, but for the near-opponent-base-bomb-spawn-spot, people flame u if u do dis. This job is really important, but gives a very small reward in exp + W, however, it gives u a massive reward in respect. U might be able to get some pnts if u kill alot.
Recommended styles : Knight, Hero, Spy, Female Ninja, Martial Artist, Beast, Certain KG combinations
Recommended accs : Basho Fan, Arm Blaster, Artemis Bow, Valiant Shield, Energy Shield, all guns
Recommended weps : Bomb, Flare bomb, all grenades, tomahawk.
Recommended skills : Erection, Guts, Double Guts, Revival, STR and TEC boosting skills
Doorblocker : Pretty basic, pretend ur a fire orb item.
Recommended styles : High DEF and Size ones. Yes, I?m talking about Green KG
Recommended accs : Valiant Shield, Titan Device, Basho Fan, Hunting Tool
Recommended weps : Bomb, Flare Bomb, all guns
Recommended skills : Erection, Guts, Double Guts, Eco Drive, Revival, DEF boosting skills

Defender : Stay at least 2 rooms close to your core room. Attack EVERYONE, but ppl with a rocket are ur priority, and people with a rocket that u kno are pro e.g Angeleo, MagicLuna, MeijiCraft are ur priority over that, this kills alot.
Recommended styles : Hero, Spy, Soldier, Martial Artist, Beast, Fighter
Recommended accs : All accs with a quick ranged move, all accs with epic dmg, Freezing Braces especially.
Recommended weps : Wild Club
Recommended skills : Skanda, Rapid Emotion, DEF and STR and TEC boosting skills
Attacker : My fave, get the rocket, go to the opponent?s base, destroy the core. Alot of exp, alot of W, alot of respect. Simple.
Recommended styles : Ninja, Spy
Recommended accs : All shoes, Striker Ball
Recommended weps : None really?.
Recommended skills : Skanda, SPD and JMP boosting skills

Hunter : Run around and kill everyone, rockets aren?t ur priority, hunting people down until they die is.
Recommended styles : Ones which can actually run properly
Recommended accs : High dmg + ranged ones, Wired Arms
Recommended weps : Fast or damaging ones
Recommended skills : Stat boosing ones. updatim tmoro

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