GetAmped2 Beam Knife Guide


GetAmped2 Beam Knife Guide by TPArtemis

Beam Knife is quite good if u can use it, it only changes a few moves, most of them Weak Attacks. I prefer a fast style like Ninja or Spy so that u can spam Dash C.

Finishing C : About 5 slashes with some yellow laser thing, it does something like 80 or 90 damage and it?s almost impossible to counter it between one hit and another, but it has quite a long recoil (about 0.2 sec) making it easy to counter after.
Step C : 2 quick stabs with a yellow laser kunai, doesn?t knock down the victim, it has short delay and short recoil.
Dash C : Same as Finishing C.
Hold C : Ranged attack, short delay for a hold attack and quite spammy, if the victim is right beside you, you can do CCCC after this.
Hold X : Same as Hold C, but diagnol, its easier to do the CCCC after than Hold C.
Jump XC : U throw 2 spinning disks of lazer one after another, this isn?t very useful, only Level 2 pushback and barely any damage.
Super Jump XC : Same as Jump XC, but 8 disks i think, Level 2 pushback, the damage is barely an improvement.

Overall, it?s a nice acc if u can use it, but it?s a rip-off, the only moves that are actually useful are Dash C, Finishing C, and Hold C, but if ur an Spy addict like me, or a Ninja addict, it?s definitely worth it.

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