GetAmped2 Beast King Guide


GetAmped2 Beast King Guide by TPArtemis

Beast is a style with nice JMP and STR, alot of it?s attacks can pursuit attack.

What are the advantages?

It has its own holds that get replaced all the time and quite alot of attacks can pursuit.

What are the disadvantages?

For some reason, Tiger does more damage than Hero, but it?s slower.

Moveset :

Default Item : Slingshot
XX : Uppercut claw slash, then a stomp, the stomp can pursuit, the stomp doesn?t uppercut.
Short Hold X : Uppercut claw slash with red aura, this actually uppercuts, and the enemy flies away spinning, u can do XX after.
CCCC : 3 slashes, than a stomp, the stomp uppercuts and can pursuit, it doesnt uppercut when it pursuits.
Dash X : Grab the target, then bite him a few times, then throw him away.
Step C : Forgot
Dash C : Army dive.
Jump X : Smashes the grounds, this doesn?t pursuit despite the animation.
Jump C : Mid air slash, there?s a glitch where u can hit ppl below where u slash. It is demostrated in my first combo video.
Hold X : U roar into the air, people hit by this get uppercutted.
Hold C : Same as Hold X, but u roar straight infront of u, this stuns the victim for a short time.
ZXC : Grab the enemy, smash the enemy on the ground a few times, the final smash does a normal uppercut.
Dash XC : Same as ZXC
Super ZXC : ZXC Upgraded with a drag move with a red aura backwards.
Super Dash XC : Same as Super ZXC.

What accs are good with it?

Win : Boxing Gloves, Taekwondo Cross, Flame Arm Cross, Muscle Belt, Ardent Hammer, Isa Neifheimer, Woden Save
Cresent : Titan Device, Vortex Wheel, Hunting Tool, Grappler Arms, Wired Arms
Rare : Energy Pack, Adventurer Pack

Oh, and I personally LOVE Great Horn with HP, STR, or DEF skills like : Guts, Double Guts, Richness, Blessed Veil, Woden?s Inheritance, Assault, Toughness and the rest.

Is it worth it?


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