GetAmped2 Block and Counter Guide


GetAmped2 Block and Counter Guide by TPArtemis

First thing you need to know is that there are 2 types of blocking, Auto and Manual, I will explain these later. In GA2, many attacks are unblockable and it is advised to dodge instead of attempting to block, i.e. Woden Save?s last X held or Sealing Staff?s ZXC if ur hit in the center. Also, if you guard when u have almost no HP, you?ll still be alive.

1.Auto Guard

To block using Auto Guard, you have to hold X, XC, Spacebar or C depending on what type of attack the enemy is doing i.e. To block X attacks, hold X, to perfect guard with this, you have to press the key the same time as the opponent. I don?t use this myself since I have trouble using it, but it can be pretty annoying. Most people that use Auto will just spam X or C, but there are exceptions who actually try to guard i.e. MadnessR. Auto is definately the best for beginners but if ur still using Auto when u get to Star rank, and then suddenly change to Manual, ur gonna get habits from using Auto guard too much. That?s why it?s best to choose either Auto or Manual b4 u get to Star. Auto can actually be more useful against accs which have mid-combo holds i.e. Jack Mirage, Striker Ball, this is because people who put guarding before attacking i.e. Me, Mack, will try to guard the attack, but the attack might be unblockable but we dont know it. It can also be useful against TOI or Freezing Bracelts themselves, and other spammy accs, this is because the Auto Guard animation is faster than the Manual Guard animation. I find it harder to counter with Auto Guard because back in CB, when I used Auto, I never seemed to counter properly. Auto guarders are also more vulnerable to mix-ups i.e. CCCX because they woul;d have to do CX to block it, but they wouldn?t know if the opponent was going to use X or C at the end. As I said, I would reccomend Auto to beginners but I advice them changing to Manual when they?re ready.

2.Manual Guard

To block with Manual Guard, you simply have to press X and C at the same time, or use your hotkey for block, mine is B, to prefect guard, you simply have to press XC at the same time your enemy does his attack, MG seems to be able to Counter more and do Perfect Counters, but it can be hard to block mid way between Isa Neifheimer or Twin Blade?s C combos. Manual has a big advantage over Auto if fighting Black Blade, this is because the first 3 C?s are actually quite slow compared to some other accs, so if u counter the third C, then the forward movement you make when countering will let you dodge the Last X if it is held, but if it isn?t, then there?s 50-50 chance that you?ll counter or miss, another thing you can do is a turn-around counter, but I?ve only ever done this once in my life, and it wasn?t fighting BB, but it should hit the opponent if they hold the Last X. Manual seems to be more effective in 1v1 than a 8-man FFA, this is because in the FFA, your main goal is to edge or to deal damage and blocking doesnt really matter until it gets down to a 3-man FFA or a 1v1, but in 1v1?s, you just need to get the other persons HP down to 0 or have significantly more HP than the other person when the time is out.

3.Countering & Perfect Guard

Perfect Guards basically stun the opponent for a second, and you don?t lose HP if u PG. There are 2 types of counters, XC counters and X & C counters, XC counters are normally more damaging counters with cooler looking animations, and X & C counters are normally a single counter. Pursuit weapons can normally be used after a counter, but only quick ones like the Broadsword or Battleaxe. Some ZXCs i.e. Wrestler and Holds i.e. Justice Cape, are counters and normally you don?t lose HP if your hit by one. Some slow counters can be re-countered, but not unbloackle ones like Wrestler?s 2 Counters, ZXC Counters can also be re-countered if they?re crappy enough i.e. Tactical Gloves.

4.Useful Block & Counter Skills

Tanden Energy ? You get some HP whenever you perfect guard
Erection ? Not really a guard skill, but you can?t die until you?re knocked over
No Guard ? Gives u 1 STR and 2 DEF, but you take more damage while blocking

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