GetAmped2 Calendar and Daily Guide


GetAmped2 Calendar and Daily Guide by Roseary

Amped Calender

Every day just logging in is a potential chance to earn more in game items.

First off you have to know where to find the Calender, it is located in your room or when you are in anyone else?s.
Right next to your Character Information at the top.

The Amped Calender works as such:

    -Do 5 task a day. -Accumulate points. -Redeem points for prizes.

You can track which task you have done for each day:
The circle is daily log in, and the other 4 symbols represent which fight?s you have been in.

Each day you log in you can gain a total of 5 points for that day by doing one of each of these activities:

    1. Log in, check mail.(1 Point) ? Simply logging in and accepting your log in prize will give you 1 Calender point. 2. Participate in a GAT Battle.(1 Point) -This can be either Team or Free For All at the GAT stadium. 3. Participate in a 1v1 Duel.(1 Point) -This can be done at the GAT stadium. 4. Participate in a Mega Force Mission.(1 Point) ? This can be done at the Mega Force HQ. 5. Participate in a Street Fight.(1 Point) ? Can be done at either Downtown, Great Avyon, or Prime Market battle arenas.

For every battle you don?t have to win it, just participate to the end.
This is good for those who don?t like one aspect of the game but still want to get their 5 points a day.

Calender Points
The points you gain accumilate on your account automatically. You can check how many points to have in total at the view calender page here.
It seems after you get a certain amount of points, you can get a prize as well just for having that many.(Thanks TPArtemis)

Calender Prizes
When you are ready to redeem your points for prizes you just need to go back to the view calender page and click on the Calender Points box mention above.
Once here you can choose to spend 10, 50, or 100 points. The more you spend, the better the prize could be.

Dice Game (Thanks Crimson)

Once a day in Spin Square, if you visit Mr. Points just North of the fountain he will allow you to spin a dice for your health.
Literally click on Mr. Points at the Board Screen to roll.
The number you roll is then applied to you on the board and you move that many places counter clockwise.

There are 7 different squares you can land on, each with its own prize or task:

Dice Box

      gives you another roll for the day. ?


      gives you WIN boost for two hours. ?

Score Box

      gives you a Score boost for two hours. ?

Star Box

      give you a Style Exp boost for two hours. ?

Chance Card Box

      lets you pick from three cards, more info Below. ?

Tissue Box

      gives you a box of tissue for your room. ?

Lucky Coin Box

    gives you a certain amount of Lucky Coins.

Chance Card Box has different rewards. Below is a list of possible cards you can get.

    Move Card (Extra Dice Spin) Weapon Card (Random Weapon and Amount) Lucky Coin Card (Random amount of Lucky Coins) Battle Card Challenge(Battle regular or strong Boss like enemies for a prize.)

Making it around the entire board and back to the Goal will give you 5 Lucky Coins.

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