GetAmped2 Cancels Guide


GetAmped2 Cancels Guide by annexis251

I have found while playing this game that certain moves can have their after attack delay reduced if the attack hits.

For example:
If the Knightgear air heavy shoulder ram connects to its target, the user is then allowed to perform another air attack. If the shoulder ram misses its target, the user is forced to land without the option of doing another air attack. Hence why people can chain 2 shoulder rams or a shoulder ram into a weapon of choice for a powerful one-two hit.

This guide is not meant to be comprehensive but an ever growing list of what attacks have cancelling properties.

Wired Arms:
If you do the standing special immediately after the last hit of the standing heavy attack chain you can cancel the delay of the final uppercut animation to surprise your opponent. I think it is possible to cancel the last hit of the weak chain too, but I have not used it much in battle so I don?t remember.

Fancy Cat:
After the final 2 slashes of the weak attack chain, on the backwards leap, you are able to use an item in the air. It?s possible to cancel the backwards leap with a battle axe(or any other down pursuit weapon) for massive damage.

Bullet Note:
Not so useful but the strong dash attack can be weapon cancelled after the grab(don?t shoot the bullet, use the weapon instead). The only weapon you can follow this up with is the Morning Star.
On a different note, if you fighter weak aerial kick them right at the top of your enemy?s head, the fighter kick can be cancelled into an air special which will hit RIGHT behind them, giving another mixup to your air approach.

The weak fighter kick can be canceled into anything if it hits the opponent. After the cancel you can do another weak fighter kick, a strong fighter kick, air special, or weapon. It?s hard to pull off because you must hit the top of your opponent?s head for enough time to execute another action, mostly situational(or lucky) but it makes for flashy mixups.(i.e. Bulletnote air special after weak fighter kick cancel)

The heavy air shoulder dash can be cancelled if it hits the opponent. Same as the fighter kick but with a more forgiving time frame to perform another action after it hits. (Your character floats in the air for a

short period after hitting the opponent) Recommended moves to follow up would be Halper Scythe, Big Hammer, Wild Club, Battle Axe, Prominence Cross Air Special, Bullet Note, Gladius Special.

A few tricks I have learned to do:

Aim[Z] in midair, let go of Aim[Z] when I touch the ground so that when I land, the landing delay is cancelled so that one may perform actions quicker after landing.

For example try: Jump, Aim, Land, Quickly let go of Aim, Jump again. You are able to perform multiple jumps faster with this technique.


While in the Dashing animation, press Aim[Z] to cancel your run(your character will skid), while your character is in the skidding animation, Hold down strong or weak attack. This way you can perform a weak attack without the hassle of revealing that you are charging. This can be down after landing animations(from air attacks or whatnot) so that you can do hold attacks out of the blue.


Another new discovery! This actually makes the venom rod legit(slightly more anyway).

So venom rod+any style:

Air heavy first hit can cancel into a weapon

Suggested weapons: Throwing knife, battle axe, wild club(faggot), twin guns, BARBARIAN AXE(faggot), Iron Pipe, most other down pursuits, energy saber(wtf right?)

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