GetAmped2 Dyno Fang Maces Guide


GetAmped2 Dyno Fang Maces Guide by Gotti

Hello, I?m not too well known around here so I?d like to introduce myself. My in-game name is Gotti, and you?ll usually find me waiting in the GAT to see if I can get a good duel in. If you have any questions about the accessory or would like me to add something, find me in-game and tell me or simply just post here. Now, in this guide here all I?ll be covering is basic info about the accessory, combos, and strategies. Finally, now that is all said and done, lets begin.

Basic Info
Original: A brownish mace with white thorn type objects on it, and red fur upon the handle. Bought in the Prime market shop for 419C.
Pterosaur: A grey mace with white thorn type objects, and brown fur on the handle. Looks a lot more rugged compared to the original color. Bought in the Light Blue Draw/Mega Draw.
Ichythyosaurs: A light blue mace with black thorns and blue fur on the handle. Found in Orange Draw/Mega Draw

Beast King, Hero, Fighter, Martial Artist, Wrestler, Knight

Combo Trees
Weak Combo Tree: 4 Hit combo. Begins with a quick punch, a bash with the maces, another bash, then finally a strong downward smash knocking the opponent down and sliding them forward a bit.

Strong Combo Tree: 3 Hit combo. Begins with a small step forward and hits with both maces with a scissor like movement. This attack when held will make you glow yellow, and when finished will break guards. Then the maces plunge into the ground then lifting the opponent into air, this attack is also a down pursuit. Finally, if the second attack hits you?ll jump into the air along with your opponent only for you to brutally slam them to the ground. This last attack also launches them.

Weak Step: A very small step forward, hitting with both maces.

Weak Dash: A jump forward about one body length away, if it hits the opponent will launch into the air. You have three choices at this point, you can either do another weak hit doing the last attack on the weak combo tree, or do a strong attack and do the last hit in the strong combo tree. Or you can just let them stay in the air without doing those two.

Strong Dash: A pretty big lunge forward then hitting with both maces, knocking the opponent down.

Weak Jump: A standar midair kick.

Strong Jump: A slam downwards that will launch the opponent. Can be held for a few seconds to add a spin, propelling you forward, launching them higher, and a bit more damage.

Special: About 8 Hits with the last hit throwing the opponent into the air as if it was an explosion.

Jump Special: Causes you to be midair motionless for about a second, then you drop to the ground hitting the areas in front and back of you with your maces, then to both of the sides. If you hit with one of the maces the opponent they will fly as if it was an explosion.

Max Voltage Special: Basically the regular special but with some invincibility time, few more hits, and more damage.

Max Voltage Jump Special: The same as the first two hits in the jump special, but with two more smashes to the ground. If you hit with the mace in the front of you, the second forward mace will also hit.

Now, the bad news. These maces don?t really have good combos, and the ones that are good can easily miss, thus leaving you open for a while.

C-C-C-C: This is probably the one you want to do. Everything else, is pretty hard to hit.
C-C-X-C: This one is my favorite mix-ups. This can rid of auto and manual guarders. If you train an auto guarder to believe that you will constantly doing C-C-C-C, this will definitely mess with them. Also, since the X can be held so its unblockable, you can punish if a manual can?t counter in time. If they like to guard, set up another unblockable X. I guarantee they won?t block after that first one again, so you can get in almost any type of hit you want.
C-C-C-X: I recommend only doing this to auto guarders. You can do it to manual, but the last X is a bit slow. So when you decide to do it make sure your hitting their back. It?s often that the last hit won?t launch like it?s supposed to. If it does do the last X for another launcher or just juggle from there.

Juggle Combos
This acc basically revolves around Juggles. It?s the best Juggle type acc in my opinion.
(- = new attack input [_/_] = combo paths)
C-C-C-X-C-C-C-[X/Down Pursuit]
C-C-C-X-Weak Jump-Jump Special-Down Pursuit
Weak Dash-C-C-C-[X/Down Pursuit]
Weak Dash-X-C-C-C-[X/Down Pursuit]
Jump Strong Hold-C-C-C-[X/Down Pursuit]
Jump Strong Hold-Weak Jump-Jump Special-Down Pursuit
Jump Strong-C-C-C-[X/Down Pursuit]
Jump Special-Jump Special-Down Pursuit

Advanced Combos
These combos are just flashy, its pretty much impossible to do in Dojo and even harder in a real match. But if you happen to hit be prepared for a ?WTF?.

[Beast King]-Dash Special-[Jump Special/Special]
C-C-C-X-Special-Jump Special
Jump Strong Hold-Special-Jump Special

This acc, like stated above, has barely any good combos. It?s best for a person to turtle and punish when needed. Its juggle launchers come out quick and can easily catch a person jumping to you if you do the Jump Strong. Since this acc is at best when you turtle, its best you use Manual Guard. You being able to block when you want makes this acc much better. Its counter can combo into a quick down pursuit like the battle axe.

Recommended Styles
Beast King or Hero with this acc. Beast King for more mobility and another juggle starter (Dash Special) or Hero for more damage.

Well, thats my Guide. I give thanks to everyone that reads this pretty big Guide. I?d appreciate if everyone would be honest with me and give honest ratings, as this is my first guide and I may think of doing more. Once again, thank you.

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