GetAmped2 Energy Shield Guide


GetAmped2 Energy Shield Guide by TPArtemis

Advantages : Easily spammed C after the buff, and also double Jump X when buff is active
Disadvantages : Buff lasts shortly

Moveset :
Perfect Block : Less damaged Fabicro?s counter, makes a energy ball around you for 1 second, this has 360 degrees
Hold X : Ur shield gets covered in blue flames, this lasts for about 15 seconds, and the fire dims as the time gets lower
Hold C : Same as above, but about 7.5 seconds
After Buff Moves
C : Shoots blue flames forward, long range, tiny dmg, large AoE, fast delay and recoil
X : Same as above, but more dmg and diagonally upwards
Dash X : Same as X
Dash C : Same as C
Jump X : Like X, but diagonally downwards, can be used twice
Jump C : Same as C
Aim XC : Pretty much same as the MF Protector?s Dash XC, but with shield, this has level 4 pushback unlike MF?s Level 2
Dash XC : Same
Super Aim XC : Same as Aim XC, but alot more dmg
Super Dash XC : Same as Dash XC, but alot more dmg

Recommended Styles : Knight, Hero, Wrestler, Android (I think it can use it)
Best maps/play modes : Dungeon, Train ADM, Waterfall TDM, Street TDM
Inherited Skill : Super Guard ? Lowers guard damage
Combos : None really, well, no complex ones.
Is it worth it : Yes.

Note : There?s a double shield version of this in JP that shoots 2 flames.

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