GetAmped2 Gods Hand Guide


GetAmped2 Gods Hand Guide by TPArtemis

Advantages : High damaged ZXC and VXC which can lead on to a chain combo
Disadvantages : The regular X atks are slow

Moveset :
XX : Ur style?s first X combo, then a uppercut with the hand that hits twice, air recovery can be done after this, knocks over backshields but no uppercut.
CCC : 3 Backhands, the first one knocks down, so does the 2nd, so does the 3rd, so if u press C once, u still knock over, unless its backshield.
Dash X : A pretty huge delay, then a slap with the hand that doesn?t knock over.
Jump X : Pretty much the same as Dash X, but less delay.
Aim XC : You bang ur Godhand onto the ground, then a crater appears and a light beam appears from it, this has really good height, it does the spinny uppercut thing that u can?t air recover after, it uppercuts backshields as well, and does tonnes of damage to ultrabackshields like Omusa Dragon or Blobs.
Jump XC : Same as Aim XC.
Super Aim XC : Basically same as Aim XC, but loads more dmg, and 3 beams instead of 1, here?s the area layout: Y = You O = A Beam
Super Jump XC : Same as Super AIm XC.

Recommended Styles : Unicorn, Knight, Dancer, Magician, Fairy, Fighter, Spy
Best maps/play modes : Dungeon, Train ADM, Street, Royale
Inherited Skill : ZXC
Combos : (With Bow) : ZXC Jump Spacebar ZXC Jump Spacebar ZXC Jump X
(With Air Mine) : Jump Spacebar ZXC ZXC
(With Anything) : ZXC ZXC or ZXC Jump X
(With Cage Blaster) : Spacebar ZXC ZXC
Is it worth it : Yes.

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