GetAmped2 Innocent World Guide


GetAmped2 Innocent World Guide by Okibi

Is Innocent Word worth getting?
I would say yes, it?s pretty cheap and really great for megaforce, it isn?t quite so good for GAT, but still fun to use, though don?t expect to win too much unless you really know what you?re doing. If you do know what you?re doing, I mean really know, it can also be great in GAT.

Most everything does decent damage compared to other accessories, and are very useful for attacking enemies that like to counter a lot, this makes it great for Megaforce.

For the most part, it?s pretty predictable and slow, in Megaforce this doesn?t matter since the enemies won?t try to dodge you, but in GAT it can be really hard to hit anyone.

Starts with a pretty standard 3 hits, then finishes with you going back and opening your book, with two fairies coming out (Which knock your enemy down). This is nice, because if your opponent didn?t think to counter before you move back, they?ll counter the fairies and hit mid air, still being hit by them. You can hold the fourth C (So the combo is CCC-Hold C) and you?ll be a bit slower moving back, but six fairies will come out, rather than two, this won?t do too much good against a single opponent, but it can help if others are also nearby, since they don?t disappear after hitting.
No X-combo.
X-C combo:
This is really a mixed combo, but it?s extremely important to be able to do, basically just use it as a quick way to get the fairies out, since you shoot them out immediately after your strong attack, rather than having to do a 3-hit combo first. Also it?s a good way of mixing it up, you should actually probably use this half the time, and the regular c combo the other half, so they will have difficulty reacting in time, since they won?t be sure which you?ll use, it takes REALLY good reflexes to counter this since the only hit that can be countered is the X attack.
Sends some sparkles out, these make a ring appear in one of three spaces depending on how long you hold C for (Right in front of you, mid range, or about four character?s distance away) the ring hits enemies doing decent damage and sending them upwards, not that great for edging but can be useful since it sends them in the direction of the side of the ring they were on, so you can use it to send someone sideways or even over your head.
You open your book for a moment, then lunge forward, whacking your opponent with the book, if you miss the first hit, you?ll hit 3 times (The last two CAN hit someone) but if you hit, you?ll whack them 7 times, pause for a moment, them hit them a final time, hard, sending them flying a little ways away (A bit less than the baseball bat) Unfortunately does less damage than you might think, but still a nice attack.
You jump forward with your book the same way as with the hold-X, but without the pause, you only hit the air once, and if you hit an opponent, then you hit them 4 times total, sending them not very far back at all, but enough into the air that it can be juggled, making it quite useful.
No Dash-X, no Air-C
You hold your book open, hovering in the air and fairies flying out in almost exactly the same way as at the end of the C-combo, however, they go a bit further, and if you use it too close to the ground, any fairies that touch the ground will disappear, so try to avoid using it too late while you?re in the air.
No Special, Super, Dash Special, or Dash Super.
Air Special:
Four fairies appear, shoot arrows down and in front of you, it sweeps forward a slight bit. Really, this strikes in such a small and unusual area, that don?t really expect to hit anyone unless you?re catching them off-guard, also, unfortunately, can be blocked, if you do hit, they?ll be stunned until they stop getting hit, then fall down it does really really good damage, for some reason it doesn?t do so much against the AI. For this, try and activate it while you?re right in front of someone, they probably won?t be sure how to react, and will get hit with its full force.
Air Super:
Five fairies appear, shooting arrows down and in front of you, if it hits, rather than your enemy just falling down, they?ll fly back a bit, about like the baseball bat.. This actually is useful, as it covers a much larger area, and sweeps forward a fair amount further. With this one, try to hit a bunch of enemies in a group with it, but just be SURE that at least one person won?t be able to dodge, it covers a really huge range, but it?s easy to dodge, so careful. If you hit, it does MASSIVE damage, unfortunately, again, not so much against the AI.

Recommended Styles: Magician, the other styles just don?t have the epic combos magician does. The book?s hold attacks override the magician?s. Also, I just did a test, and many of the most important attacks are based on tech rather than strength, putting the magician at an advantage damage wise as well.

Recommended Skills: Definitely put the inherited skill from Basho Fan or Striker Ball on it, having a long ranged attack is nice for megaforce, and the hold-c attack isn?t that great anyways. Also, Rapid Emotion is nice so you can spam the inherited skill in Megaforce, it also makes the Hold-X way more useful.

Recommended Maps: Most TDM maps, better on ones with less edges, since it doesn?t have much that?s good for edging. It really shines in Megaforce, I feel, since you can do a lot with it that the enemies can?t counter on higher difficulties.

Inherited Skill: I do not know.

Combos: If you use the battle axe/barbarian axe/great sword you can dash and use it JUST after the non-held c-combo, and hit your grounded opponent. With the dash-c, if you?re using magician as I would DEFINITELY recommend, you can immediately use ZXC after hitting, and you?ll ALWAYS hit them with your special (Lag being an exception), making it an awesome combo, if you don?t want to use MP, then you can also immediately use Cute Rondo (Dash-X).

Good for: Any situation where countering is a big and obvious problem for you.

Megaforce Strategy: Mostly just use the Air-X, Hold-X, and then hopefully your inherited Hold-C, the Air-X does nice damage, the Hold-X also does nice damage, but beware of counters, and the inherited skill is for when you?re in danger and need to stay away from the enemies.

Notes: Your biggest weakness with this is enemies flanking you, since your attacks are pretty slow it?s easy to do, and you?ve got nothing that can hit people behind you.

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