GetAmped2 Magician Guide


GetAmped2 Magician Guide by PuppetZage


Magician, based off of the ?Telepather? style in Getamped 1. While a few of the styles attacks may appear slow at first hand, its actually one of its strengths. Due to the nature of said attacks, Magicians are able to ?mix-up? their attacks and catch the opponent off guard while they are blocking, causing their guard to fall and the attack to hit. X-X is a prime example of this, more on that later. Another star feature of Magician is its Special and Super (or in some cases Dash-Special/Super), both attacks come out rather quickly for special moves and they have HUGE disjointed hit boxes that appear right infront of the user as he/she dashes forward. Due to this, you can combo into this move from a variety of combos with the help of accessories (Innocent Books Dash C -> ZXC for example or Bunny Doll?s C-C-C-C ZXC). Over all, this style is meant for this who can pace themselves and catch people off guard with its moves.

Basic Moves


Magician?s combo beginner, you do 3 semi-fast chops and end with a short burst of magic that hits 4 times and knocks down on the 4th hit. This is where we get into Mix-ups, While the C combo by itself is pretty mediocre unless you just want to knock someone down to find time to reposition yourself. You can cut the combo short with X-X anywhere in it. The result? Depending on where you input X, you?ll either get a short blast of magic that doesn?t knock down, or you?ll get a magic attack thats considered to be 2-hits, that will hit the opponent into the air where you can juggle them. The real beauty of this is that for the magic attack that hits an opponent into the air, it?ll come out slowly enough so that an opponent?s guard will fall from being held too long or the opponent will see this as a break or pause from the combo and try to hit you out of it, resulting in them in getting hit if they aren?t fast enough. If you throw this tactic in every so often, you?ll catch your opponent with it pretty frequently.

Attack Path

C-X-X (Magic Blast, then Rising Blast)
C-C-X-X (Magic Blast then Rising Blast)
C-C-C-X (Rising Blast)


Explained in C, by itself its pretty terrible, it can be good to use once in awhile instead of the C combo to catch people off guard. Other than that, just use this inside of the C combo tree, thats where it really shines.


One of the staple moves of a good magician, You slide forward about one body length and swing both of your aura covered hands into the air. Attacking the opponent twice and lifting into the air. This move is quick enough that you can SOMETIMES rejuggle an opponent with it (Charged Jump-C/X on the guitars, and if you land soon enough Dash-X should hit them back into the air to be juggled.) This is a good move to cut off opponents who like to run back and forth alot. Don?t use this move however to approach someone, as it has quite a bit of recovery lag leaving you open to be comboed. If you see an opening and someones recovering from one of their own moves then use it, its a great combo starter, or even a edge guard tool due to it hitting two times.


Quick and precise, this move is nothing more than a good jabbing/poke tool. All you do is wave your hand infront of you that will knock someone down. This is a good substitute for when you want to do something other than Dash-X I guess, but all it truly is a jabbing tool. You might just be better off not using it.


Another really important move to the Magician moveset. You summon a tornado to launch the opponent into the air, who can be juggled afterward. It has three levels depending on how long you hold the button, The 3rd level obviously summoning a larger tornado than the rest. Its a excellent tool to edge guard since the tornado can float off platforms and you cab keep opponents at bay. This is a good move to throw into a crowd of opponents too, but beward, it has long recovery animation that can leave you open to be combed if you miss. Damage is average at best.
-Warning, this move overwrites all of accessories Hold-X depending on the accessory.-


Another good move, you summon two darts of energy diagonally from you on level 1 and 2, and a fan of energy in the front of you and diagonally on level 3. Hitting for a good bit of damage. I really dont see much use for this move other than to catch someone off guard with it every oncein while since they won?t be able to predict it. The damage is really good at level 3 so it has it uses. This move is probably best in small spaces or to turtle and keep your opponents at bay.
-Warning, this move overwrites all of accessories Hold-C depending on the accessory.-


It has pretty good reach for a Jump-X move, its pretty good for cross-overs (Jumping over the opponent mid combo to hit their back). Or you could use it to hit juggled opponents in the air (X-X-Jump-X, Hold-X Jump X). I use this move quite a bit, I?d say its one of the important moves that Magician has.


Same as all the Jump-Cs, nothing more than a cross over tool. No explanation needed.


This move is god-like, end of story. It doesn?t have much invincible frames as soldier?s special but thats not where its good at. This move makes you dash forward and grab anyone out of the air that you juggled, or anyone infront of you and blast them away with a magic explosion. This move has a very impressive hitbox so you?re pretty much guaranteed to hit someone if they are left wide open, and whats more, you can combo INTO this special on quite a bit of accessories. As I said before, the two best accessories to do this with are Innocent Word?s Dash-C ZXC or Bunny Doll?s C-C-C-C ZXC. Even more impressive is that if you can activate the ZXC early enough after Innocent Word or Bunny Doll?s combo, you can grab the opponent out of the air with it before they have to change to air dash out of it. Honestly, you have to be pretty dumb not to use this move. One down-side of this move is that if you miss. You?re a free target. It takes about 4 seconds for this move to finish so you?re pretty much going to get alot of health taken off if you miss in a 1v1. This move as complete invincibility if you hit someone with it. So no outsiders can hit you.

Extra: If someone jumps into the blast if you miss or are in the process of hitting someone, they?ll be hit too. So if you have someone in the corner and you?re hitting them with the C combo or X combo while they are guarding, you can throw this move in and they might try to jump over you, only to get hit by the last bits of the special.


See Special, this move is pretty much the same except you?re more likely to hit someone who trys to jump over you. It does more damage and has a bit more range.?

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