GetAmped2 Making Accs Guide


GetAmped2 Making Accs Guide by MadnessR

If you had read the title, I am pretty sure most of you know that I am going to talk about how to use cores to make accs the most economical ways.
This tips/guide is for nubs and intermediate acc maker to create acc using cores with minimal usage of Sand and synthesis material

First thing first, Elemental series? acc are all crap in my opinion, they feel like an add-on to your style than being a completely seperate style of playing.
Second thing, the rumor that the general public believes all the alchemy acc are glitch and are unable to be taken off, are FALSE, only the complete elemental series, succubus, Demon Dragon, and the Dice set has been reported glitched and cannot be taken off. Glitch Fix, GG.
Third, when you fail an alchemy there is a few possible result: Core Fragement, that increase your percentage in Alchemy by 5% when used, and numerous of other synthesis materials(Example: Peach).

Tip number one: When making an acc using a core, instead of using the same core to boost the overall percentage of success, you can use OTHER CORES to boost it instead, leading to the use of horrible cores or cores that you already made of the best item from(Example: Melt core aka Jelly core), in a very useful way and that you can use the remaining cores to do more alchemy, my suggestion is to use the elemental cores since you always at least get one of them in every dungeon run.

Tip number two: If you have a large number of cores that you don?t want, use dark souls to activate it and turning it into core fragement, just as I said earlier, EACH CORE FRAGEMENTS ARE WORTH 5%, THE HIGHEST OF ALL % items
Tip Number Three: Don?t always do 50% alchemy, as I heard from pretty much everyone in the game, 50% one are lies.(For some reason)

List of Sand
Sand of Star->0.1%
4000% Year old Medicines->0.5%
Gold Dust->1%
Rainbow Butterfly->2%
Unicorn Powder->3%
Fragement of cores->5%

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