GetAmped2 Mega and Lucky Draw Chances Guide


GetAmped2 Mega and Lucky Draw Chances Guide by Tuskai

Hello everyone, Tuskai here breaking open the secrets of GetAmped 2 with good old fashioned obvservation and analysis, you may remember my last work, ?Tuskai?s Guide to Stats and their Effects?, and as you can guess from the title, this guide is about the chances of getting a prize from the Mega and Lucky draw Gachapon Machines in the Prime Market!

First and foremost, we shall start with the equations the game uses to determain the prizes you get from the Mega Draw, or as most people call it, the Mega Waste because of it?s low chance of getting anything you would want. The equation the game uses to determain your prize from the mega draw is thus, first it picks a number between 1 and 10, this is the ?Row? of your prize, 1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest, therefore, 10 is gold, 9-8 is red, 7-4 is Green, 3-2 is blue and 1 is Gray. After a Row has been picked, it picks another number between 1 and 10, this is the prize in that row that you get. If the prize you get is something you can?t get any more of (An accessory/room/voice), then it rolls again, but on the row below the one you just rolled on, and keeps going down until you get a prize you can actually take. This is why the bottom row of ANY draw has something you can get multiple times, it can?t drop any lower and would probably crash your computer if it tried to.

The formula for getting a specific prize on any Mega draw is about: 1% + (.1% x number prizes obtained in rows above your specified prize in a conected chain(A connected chain is when there are no rows with 0 prizes gained inbetween the rows of your specific prize and the rows in question, i?ll explain more in the example calculation)). For the Example, If you have 2 prizes in row 10, 10 prizes in row 9, 3 prizes in row 8, 0 prizes in row 7 and 5 prizes in row 6, and are looking to get a specific prize in row 5, you have a 1.5% chance to get it, since Row 7 breaks the chain to rows 10, 9 and 8, but if you get 1 prize in row 7, the chances to get the prize you want raise up to 3.1%! Word of note, since Row 10 has no rows over it, the chance to get anything specific in it is 1%, for rows 10 and 9, since the rows above them all contain prizes that can be gained an infinite amount of times, they too only have a 1% chance for anything specific in them.

Next, we shall talk about the equations the game uses for the Lucky Draw, which are quite odd, but, either by bug or design choice, they still use the 10 row system of rolling that the mega draw uses, though since there are only 5 rows of avalible, anything over 5 means it automatically defaults to a gold Prize, meaning a roll of 5-10 all turn into golds, 4 is red, 3 is Green, 2 is blue and 1 is Grey, and becaues their only 4 columns that prizes occupy, it just rolls a 1-4 for your prize, if the prize is already owned, it drops down like the Mega Draw. Please note that since Gold will be rolled first for 60% of all draws, it?s value in the Formula is 6 times higher then the rest to reflect this.

The forumla for getting a specific prize on any Lucky draw is about: Base% (15% for gold, 2.5% for non-gold) + Base% prizes obtained that can be chained back to the specific prize you want divided by 4. If you have 3 golds, 2 reds and want a specific Green, the chance would be about 15%, because, base of Green is 2.5% + 3 Golds and 2 Reds (15 + 15 + 15 + 2.5 + 2.5) = 50/4, or 12.5%.

Finally, while the formula?s given aren?t 100% perfect in their percentages, they are as accurate as you are going to get from me, and as accurate as you are likely to need to influence your choices of if you spend money on a draw or not, if someone else wants to write up a more accurate formula, that is fine, but otherwise, I?ll just ignore anyone who bitchs about this guide in any way, since clearly you can?t do better. Also, since someone is gonna whine ?This doesn?t work for Win Draw?, I never said it was for win Draw, which uses a far more complicated formula for determaining it?s prizes given.

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