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GetAmped2 Royale Guide by MadnessR

Royale is a game mode added recently that allows up to 20 players(teams of 10 on each side, and requires at least 3 on each side to start) to clash against the each other, the main objectives of the game are destroying the enemy core, destroying sub cores, and killing enemy players. At the start of the game there will be 3 rockets spawned on both left bottom corner(in the room under yours if you are red), and the right top corner(the room on top of yours if you are blue) of the map, after a rocket leaving the circle plate they spawn on by having players grabbing them, another one will be spawn in (Require testing here.) seconds. Each sub core takes 1 rocket to destroy and the main core residing on the end of the horizon takes 2 rockets to destroy. Destroying a main core gives you 30 points, while subs give you 5, and killing an enemy gives you 1. While in this mode, you only have one bar of health(mana bar is still one bar like usual), friendly fire is turned off during the whole course of the game and you get unlimited respawn after you die(In approx 5 seconds). In order to destroy cores you have to grab a rocket from one of the spawners, and run to the enemy core room(your core room is behind you when you spawn), then throw the rocket at the enemy core. Destroying Sub cores also spawns traps, and invisbility potions, there are currently two kind of trap, fire and plasma cage, plasma cage is the same as the cage blasters. Traps only activates if they are stepped on after being thrown the first time by some body, traps laid by allies will shows as a mark on the mini map. Fire traps spew fires vertically for about 20-30 seconds, making your core room cannot be entered by anyone if thrown into the door, cage can trap multiple target as well as your allies.

Since this is a sort of attack and defence on both side it sort of turns into a job based game, each jobs are virtue to winning the game, but of course you don?t have to stick to one job if you dislike it, switching jobs during a game to adjust to your team?s need are also important.

Runner: Your basic speedy character whose objectives are running bombs to the enemy core. These guys are the major source of points during the games if ran by people who know what they are doing. The styles for runners are obviously spies or ninjas, toppled with skills like skanda, assault, or speedy, they are the fastest at running bombs, while having a run weak attack that fires fast and knocks down fast, they can also interrupt enemy runners by knocking them down, fast firing speed and the ability to knock down IS A MUST.

Defender: Your best friend when it comes to blocking enemy from destroying your core, most defend must have quick to fire knock down moves, these attacks can equiped to your normal weak or strong attacks because of the nature of camping at the core doors, but good defenders must also have large movement moves incase someone get pass them. Some good styles for this sort of job are ninjas, spies, knight gears and knights with spears, and since spears allows you to poke people far away, they can used to stop people from throwing a rocket into your core by merely poking them and giving time to your teamate to react. Spies and ninja are good defender since ranged acc are a major part of their acc collections, spamming ranged attacks into the core door is usually a way to push back runners from coming in and their default moveset contains a knock down on running. Knightgear provide some of the best movement moves in the game as the default moveset VX can be used twice to knock down a person(Without landing after the first one) while knights? VX can used to knock people down quickly even if they are feets away. Defence is not nesscery the stat to go for as a defender, since survival is not the highest priority in this game mode since you respawns.
Personal note, I like Jack Mirage with fast emotion since hold C can instantly knock down player if it hits, the rate of the cards are decent, and the cards usually floats in mid air before shooting, which blocks the doorway.

Intercepters: Intercepters are sort of in between runner and defender(a sub for runner if you may), they usually hunt rockets down, put a hole through the enemy defence allowing runners to get pass, and killing players in general. Intercepters are the most offensive job in the game, since most of the time they are killing people, unlike runners and like defender, their main goal isn?t destroying the main core, so they don?t have a huge amount of points when the game ends, but they usually ends with the most k/d when the game ends. The important work for most intercepters are actually carrying a runner into the enemy territory since runners can?t attack when they are holding a rocket, aside from that, they are pretty much runners that support runners.


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