GetAmped2 Slime Accessory Guide


GetAmped2 Slime Accessory Guide by Nabi

Hello there. This guide is all about the Slime accessory. Ok then, lets get started.

The Accessory
Description: An accessory of slime which inhabits in depths of dungeon. Slime-in and you can melt your opponent and even absorb their energy! Though sliming-in for a long time might be dangerous.

Personal Note: This accessory is one the most disturbing but great accessory. At first glance, it might be odd and even at the first try you might think it sucks. Sure it has two-hit combo and makes you slower but it is an amazing accessory when it comes to juggles and edging.

>It?s an amazing juggling accessory
>The Dash X and Jump X makes a great edging moves
>Its ZXC helps you in a pinch and makes a good edging move
>Its CC combo has an awkward timing, making it hard to block
>It?s a (excuse me for the use of bad words) fun accessory
>This accessory negates basic knock backs and reduces other knock backs (as if your in Giant Mode)
>Increases your Jump stat (+3)

>Decreases your Speed Stat (-3)
>Its attacks don?t deal that much damage without juggling
>Its grapples make you vulnerable
>Its CC combo does not knock down the opponent unless you?re using Heavy Styles (i.e. Hero)
>Its hard to use it at first

Move Set
The move set mostly consists of medium-speed attacks that deals below average damage. The notable attacks are the Last Strong Attack, Strong Jump Attack, and Strong Dash Attack, all of which are grapples.

Weak Combo(CC): A two-slap combo. Nothing special other than its hard to block it.
Strong Combo(XX): Throws a small jelly then traps the opponent. The last X is both a grapple and a launcher.
Weak Hold(Hold C/ZC): Spurts out small jellies at the opponent.
Weak Jump(VC): Stomps the opponent. Can be used as a pursuit attack.
Strong Jump(VX): Stomps-traps the opponent. This attack is a grapple and can be used as a pursuit attack.
Weak Step (Short ->->C): A slap. Nothing special.
Weak Dash (->->C): A tackle. Nothing special.
Strong Dash(->->X): Melts then traps the opponent. The melted phase makes you invulnerable. This attack is a grapple
Special (ZXC): Spews out smoke around you. The effect is the same with the Suspicious Medicine weapon.*
Super (ZXC when Voltage is on): Summons thunderbolts around you.*

* ? this attack varies depending on the accessory

Here is a Video made by Mack0704. Credits goes to him.


>This accessory has variations. (The variations also have a different core)
>Each accessory variations has a different Special and Super
>The Primary Stat which affects damage is Strength
>This accessory and its variations is obtainable via Alchemy.


Style: Any high-speed styles such as Spy and Dancer. Since this accessory decreases your speed, it is logical to use styles that are fast. The Fairy style and the Unicorn style , combined with the Jump boost, are great styles to use as well. Do note that you can?t fly with this accessory. (Probably because of the weight)

Skills: Speed increasing skills are a must. Inherited Short-charge Strong Hold attacks are nice skill as well (examples are Beginner?s Guide [MF Protector] and OMUSA Black?s Back drop [Back drop skill card]) Inherited Weak Last Attack is good if you want to knock down your opponent (examples are Fire Spark [Fire Cross] and Cross Slash [Combat Weapon]). Inherited Jump Specials are also good (example is God?s Representative [God?s Hand]). The only thing you shouldn?t do is to replace the Strong Last Attack, Strong Jump Attack, and Strong Dash Attack.

Combos and Strategy
This accessory is awesome for juggles. Be imaginative and create your own combos.

Combo Examples

CC > CX > Hold C > Bazooka
CC > CX > Weapon

Take note that you?ll be slow so be sure you know how to defend your self. Your weak combo can deal decent damage so use it. Your Strong combo is not that fast so I suggest to use the CX combo instead. The Strong Dash Attack and Strong Jump Attack can be used to edge your opponents. However, it will leave you vulnerable. The Special can save you from ganging and can be used in edging. All-in-all, this accessory is hard to use and might make you stop using it. But, this accessory is great when used right and (excuse me again) fun to use.

And its the end of the guide. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post them here

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