GetAmped2 Stats Effects Guide


GetAmped2 Stats Effects Guide by Tuskai

You would think with 5 stats that can score between a 0 to 10, it would be simple, well, no, and in fact, MOST PLAYERS, even high ranked ones, don?t have a clue to what each stat truly does, and how your stats dictate how powerful your acc?s are, so this guide is a helpful little explanation into how stats work!

First and foremost, MOST STATS HAVE DIMINISHING RETURNS! What that means is, a STR of 3 and a STR of 4 has a moderate increse in damage, but going from a STR of 9 to a STR of 10 will maybe add 3 points of damage to a 4 hit combo, to be exact, 5 is the magic number, since 5 is the last point that shows a noticable difference between the previous number and the next. What this means is that you should avoid losing points (Weather it be from an Acc?s base stat change or skills that change stats) if it?s already at 5 or below, since you?ll be losing far more then if you lost some from that STR of 8, and avoid stacking points into something that?s already high, like Ninja?s SPD or Knights DEF.

Now on to the main attraction, the Stats themselves!

STR- STR stands for, quite obviously, Strength, physical power, Muscles, regardless of what you call it, the higher this is, the more damage you do, EVERY attack in the game deals damage based on Strength, though certain attacks use ?More? Strength then others. What i?m talking about is Damage Modifiers! Damage Modifers take a certain stat (OR STATS), Multiplies them by a hidden modifer (It?s hidden for each seperate hit in an attack), then finally adds them to the base damage of the skill, and some attacks even multiply that final number to squeak out some extra damage (Usually this would be combo finishers).

Continuing on, we now have?

TEC- TEC stands for Technique, finese, focus, and also whatever else you want to call it. TEC is the first of the stats to effect more then one thing, it?s primary effect is lock on range, the higher your tec, the wider the range you can lock on (With a Tec of 0, you can only lock onto people who stand RIGHT on where the Targeting reticle normally sits, not any closer, not any further, i?ve tested it) but it also effects damage, generally it effects Acc?s with ranged attacks, but also Acc?s that are more technical, some examples of primarily TEC based Acc?s that AREN?T Ranged in any way would be Black Blade (The Ninja sword), and?uh?That?s the only one I can think of, but any of the gun/bow Acc?s also use TEC as their Primary damage source from the bullets/Lasers/Arrows/*Insert Ranged Object here*. TEC has a 3rd effect most people forget, it effects how fast items reload when their all used up. TEC is also used to determain the damage for most Combo Finishers and specials/voltage attacks, even if the Acc itself is STR based primarily, like the Weak Finisher of Jack Mirage, TEC can add a few points of damage, so it helps to have atleast a small amount of TEC to do extra damage.

The next two are pretty simple, so i?ll explain them together, and they are?

SPD and JMP- SPD is Obviously Speed, and JMP is obviously Jump, these obviously control how fast you move and high you jump respectively, Speed will always show you move a little faster, even when going from 9 to 10, so it?s nice to have, but unless your fighting runners, or running yourself, generally 4-6 is all you really need, any more is only useful for runners. Jump on the other hand is?well?Jump, some Acc?s do better with more Jump then others, but it?s kinda ignorable, so don?t worry to much about losing points in it, and don?t try to get more points into it unless you just want to jump higher for some reason.

And the final topic, it?s the only stat left it is?

DEF- Defence, Guard Power, Turtle-tastic, whatever you feel like calling it, Defence is a useful stat to have, since it lowers all damage you take, and it?s the only stat without noticable (If it has any) diminishing returns, but in responce, the damage it reduces grows steadily instead of quickly like the effects of the other 4 stats. Defence is an easy concept to learn, but it becomes harder when manipulated, having higher defence let?s you hold block for longer before it automaticly drops AND lowers the damage you take per hit, guarding or otherwise, but there are 2 skills that come to mind that confuse people that effect Defence in a non stat way. Hyper Guard and No Defence, Hyper Guard lowers the damage you take while blocking, so that means if you block an attack, it won?t do as much chip damage, No Guard confuses people even more, since, unlike it?s name, it gives +1 STR and PLUS TWO DEF, so most people think it?s some sorta bug, but as some helpful people have chimed in, it increses the damage you take while guarding slightly, though if your class has really low DEF to begin with, you still might take less blocking then without the 2 DEF.

This has been Tuskai?s guide to stats, and their effects, if anyone has any information they want to add or correct, feel free to chime in.

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