GetAmped2 Twin Moon Blades Guide


GetAmped2 Twin Moon Blades Guide by Sio

Price: 100,000 WIN(White), or from Bingo(Black)
Colours: White or Black

Twin Moon Blades. A lot of people hate them due to people utilizing their lower grade tactics to edge or spam, although, if learned well enough, you can utilize their better tactics, and become a good user of these blades

In this guide, the following keys will determine the following.
X- Strong Attack
C- Weak Attack
X+C ? Special
* ? Can be held down for more damage

A rundown on it?s attacks:
X ? A single slash downwards.
X-X(Full Strong Combo)* ? The First X attack, and then 2 side slashes with both blades. [Knockback]
C ? A single punch.
C-C ? The First C attack, and then a single slash downward.
C-C-C ? The First 2 C attacks, and then a kick.
C-C-C-C(Full Weak Combo) ? The first 3 C attacks, and then a single slash upward. [Knockback]
X-C ? A single slash downward followed by a upper slash with the same blade. [Knockback]
C [Second C optional]-X ? A single slash down
C [Second C optional]-X-X* ? The C-X combo followed by 2 side slashes with both blades. [Knockback]
C-C-C-X* ? The first 3 C attacks, followed by the finishing X attacking.
Hold X ? Much like that of the samurai blade weapon. You dash your way forward, cutting anything in your path.
Hold C ? A small circle of wind will be sent forward. Although it does not have much distance. [Knockback]
Jump X ? Whatever you?re style?s jump X is
Jump C- A single kick.
Dash X* ? A X-like slash in front of you. [Knockback]
Dash C ? Whatever you?re style?s Dash C is.
Step C ? A kick, much like that of the C-C-C kick.
Aim+X ? Fade to a circular left
Aim+C ? Fade to a circular right
Counter ? Same as Hold X
X+C ? You?re special, which is a counter attack. A series of slashed after activating. [Knockback] [Hit up] To activate, the following must happen:
1. The counter has begun
2. The form has been reached
3. An enemy attacks you

More notes will be given at the end of this guide regarding this special.
Dash X+C ? Much like the X+C special, although, this one does not require countering. [Knockback] [Hit up]
Jump X+C ? An X-like slash is used to stun the opponent, then you fade to the land below you to slash up. [Knockback] [Hit up]
X+C+Volatage ? Same as X+C, but a longer combo, and more countering time. [Knockback] [Hit up]
Dash X+C+Volatage ? Same as Dash X+C, but with a longer combo [Knockback] [Hit up]
Jump X+C ? Same as Jump X+C, but the upward slash has 2 hits instead of 1. [Knockback] [Hit up]

Now then, why don?t we work on some good combos and tips.

First off, the starting C move is a lot faster then the starting X move, but the starting X move has more damage then the starting C move. It is generally seen as a good tactic by Twin Blade users to use the starting C move when wanting a longer, faster combo, so we?ll start here.

Using the full C-C-C-C combo is a good idea if you want a simple combo, but over usage can make you end up being countered a lot by enemies. Therefore, you need to mix it up. Using something like C-X-X or C-C-X-X is generally a better idea for a better combo since it is shorter, but still deals a nice amount of damage. On the last X though, you may want to hold it in for 1/2 as long, or for the full length to confuse the opponent a little. If you are sure the opponent won?t counter you, you can always try the C-C-C-X combo, but be for warned, this is easy to counter.

As for the X combo, it?s a good idea only to use this when ambushing an enemy, or when you have an wide open chance to attack. It?s generally a good idea to stick with just X-X, but if the opponent seems like they are going to counter you, switch to X-C since it?s faster.

Regarding the X+C and X+C+Voltage, there is some misunderstanding to it. Yes, even though you started it, you can be stopped. This is due to the reason that; if you do not finish getting into form. Once in form, at any moment an opponent hits you, the counter will start. If you are hit before the form is finished, the counter will not work. If the form ends, the counter ends.

Although some do believe it is true, the myth that the White Twin Moon Blades, and the Black Twin Moon Blades have something different, is NOTtrue. I own both, and they both have the exact same skills and attacks.

The Form:

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