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Ghost Of Tsushima 105-110 reforging guide By: ConstantSignal


Since I’ve seen a few people ask for it, here is a brief guide on how to max out your build

  • choose your desired legendary then fill the rest of your slots with your desired epic item types. Make sure everything is 105.

  • modify an item and choose “reforge” this will change all its stats but increase it by 1 ki level.

  • do not worry about any major or minor perks for now. Reforge each item 5 times to get them to 110.

  • get an idea of what build you want to use and what perks you will need.

  • for each item, you will have a desired major perk, and two desired minor perks with a varying range of effectiveness. Obviously you’ll want as close to the top end of the range as possible.

  • reforge your item until 2 of the 3 slots are near perfect. For example

A) the major perk is correct, one minor perk is correct with top end of range, one minor perk is wrong or is at low end.

B) the 2 minor perks are correct and both at top end of range, the major perk is wrong.

PS: I normally wouldn’t accept anything less than 75% of the max range. For example if I want melee resolve gain and it can roll anywhere from 10-20%, I would only stop rolling if I got 17.5% or better.

Legendary items will always have perks that are the max percentage in the range, even after reforging or re-rolling.


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