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Hello, hello everyone, long time no see, Vlad here with my first Ghost of Tsushima game guide in which we will talk a bit about the occupied areas you’ll have to liberate in the latest PlayStation 4 video game developed by Sucker Punch. Yes, in this video I am going to show you all Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Territories, I am going to explain how to find them, and hopefully help you unlock 7 trophies in the process. So, no this will not be one of those long videos in which you will get to see me clearing all Ghost of Tsushima occupied areas, but a short and to the point video, because most likely you want to see the locations and not how I deal with the Mongols.

Good then, before we begin, as usual, thank you for your support and welcome all new subscribers. Now back to all occupied areas in Ghost of Tsushima. Let’s see how you can find them faster and what you should know about them. In Ghost of Tsushima for PlayStation 4, there are 56 Mongol Territories and 3 Major Regions: Izuhara. Toyotama and Kamiagata. Each region features a fixed number of Mongol territories which can take various forms and can have different sizes.

This is not important for our guide though, because you will have to liberate all of them. In order to do that, basically you have to kill all Mongols in each camp. Good, so how do you find them. Well, you have several options. The first one requires exploration and you can find them by looking for smoke columns in the horizon. The second one requires you to interact with various NPCs you encounter while traveling. They reveal new locations when you talk to them, or when you help them. If you see a villager who is attacked by Mongols, once you deal with the invaders, he will reveal a new location for you.

The third one is by completing quests or tales because some of them will take you to these locations; however, a large majority will not. And the final one is to use my video in which you can see all of them. Now, a lot of you will most likely want to know how did I manage to reveal all of them. Well. The answer is simple. By finishing the story. If you focus only on the Main Tales, once you complete all of them you will enter free roam and all locations will be revealed on your map. So, let’s start with those from Izuhara. As you can see Izuhara features 24 occupied Mongol camps. If you manage to clear 12 of them, you’ll unlock Hero of the People Trophy, and if you clear all of them, you’ll unlock A Fight for The Island PlayStation 4 trophy. Now, keep in mind that Main Tales will also allow you to clear some Camps such as Komatsu Forge which is unlocked while playing Hammer and Forge Main Tale.

Moving to the second area, Toyotama, here you will have to liberate 17 Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Territories, and all of them as you can see, are marked on this map. For freeing 8 of them you will earn the Good Riddance Trophy and for all of them the Securing Sanctuary PlayStation 4 trophies. The last area is named Kamiagata and here we have 15 Mongol Camps as you can see on my map. Clear 7 of them and you’ll unlock the mass eviction trophy and once you deal with all Mongol camps in this area, you’ll unlock A New Safe Haven. Furthermore, you will also unlock Master Liberator for liberating Tsushima Island. Now, before we wrap this one out, now that you have the locations of all Mongol Camps, here are several additional tips. If you want to become the ultimate Ghost, you will want to clear all Mongol camps in one area before moving to a new one, because once you eradicate all Mongol camps almost all collectibles locations will appear in that specific area, thus you will not have to travel back to it again.

You will also want to finish all tales or quests before attempting these locations because some of them as I said, will take place in these Mongol camps, thus you’ll kill two birds with one stone. After you finish the story all locations become available so if you missed them, you’ll be able to complete them after the story. Last but not least even if these locations don’t appear on your map early in the game, use my video to locate them because they are available. And one final tip. If you have noticed I have marked all of them numbers, so it would be easier for you to track them and for me to answer your questions. Also, the maps you see are available on my website which is linked in the description below, along with the full list of locations and how to properly loot them. That’s it. Hopefully, these maps will guide your Ghost on Tsushima Island, and if they do hit the like button and don’t forget to check my other guides.

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