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Ghost Of Tsushima Building for Nightmare Survival: Guide/Tips for all classes By: Dr_Doctore


Hello, this post is intended to give people some direction when it comes to beating Nightmare Survival. It is leagues ahead of other modes in difficulty, even Nightmare Story. We can only imagine whether or not Raid will be harder Note: This guide is written from the perspective of a 110KI Assassin, though I’ve dabbled in the other jobs and have every legendary item.


  • GET YOUR CLASS-SPECIFIC EPIC CHARM. These things are amazing, and the legendary charms are kinda baity. These charms allow each class to do something that completely changes/drastically improves their gameplay. I’ll go into more detail in the specific classes.
  • There IS a noticeable damage difference between Ki105 and 110. Mainly in your damage dealt. Damage received is not too different, though the difference between 90 and 110 is night and day. Get at least Ki100. By all means this doesn’t mean just give up if you see people below 100, but do know you’re at a pretty significant disadvantage. People below 100 who are somehow lucky / built properly will still be way better than people above 100 who just slap things together.
  • Use the Hwacha arrows to your advantage. They hurt enemies. As enemies are coming to your base, bait them into arrow valleys. Note: ASSASSINATING/CRITICAL STRIKING OUTSIDE OF THE 3 CAMPS IS RISKY. Especially for non-assassins. That’s a long animation and you’re very likely to get volleyed and die.
  • Pick your legendary wisely. I don’t believe that for any class it’s worth taking 2 legendary vs. nerfing your ult. Both Samurai and Assassin can benefit from the Master’s Katana (4 stances). This helps significantly to stun enemies. For example: A single Heavy Attack in Moon stance disrupts Human Brute attacks, and a 3-hit combo can stagger the Heavy Mage Oni. Ronin and Hunter have better options. NOTE: Legendary Minor perks are always max value.
  • Wind Stance users: Remember that for blue spear attacks, you will auto block them if you’re mid attack animation. Don’t forget this.
  • Spend your points if possible between waves, preferably under the effects of “Vanish”. Distraction dogs/bears are useful. Refilling people’s ammo is VERY USEFUL FOR ALL NON-SAMURAI WHO ARE BUILT PROPERLY.
  • Smoke Bombs: Just the universally best Ghost 2. This can help you Res allies, and more importantly stun a large group. I take this on all classes.

Assassin: I’ll start with what I know best

  • ROLL STEALTH ATTACK ON EVERYTHING. This will dramatically increase your damage. The difference between my critical strikes and most assassins in insane because I have about +70% Stealth Attack Damage total. This can be rolled on Blowdarts, Charms, and Ghost Weapon 2.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Bring Blowdarts with “Hallucination Darts”. Use at least 1 every wave, near where the enemies spawn. This will distract the enemies by having them fight each other. You’ll have more time to kill ones who get through (if you do this on the first spawn of enemies), or clear out the enemies already there (if you do this while on the way to the second or third spawn). There is an appeal to bring Legendary Ronin Bombs (they heal allies), but you can’t roll Stealth Attack Damage on them, plus you can’t have a legendary sword then.
  • EVEN MORE IMPORTANT – ASSASSIN CHARM: ROLL HYSTERIA ON YOUR ASSASSINS CHARM, along with Stealth Attack damage and either Ability Cooldown or Oni Damage. Any successful assassination will make a small explosion that makes all nearby enemies hallucinate. This single skill changes the game, allowing you to run to a second or third point and defend it singlehandedly. Target a weaker enemy, even a human brute if you have enough stealth attack damage, and watch the chaos ensue. NOTE: This makes future assassinations a bit risky, as now enemies will not stand still but attack each other, possibly hitting you too.
  • DO NOT USE FIRE DAMAGE. You can’t assassinate burning targets. This will mess up a large chunk of your damage, ruin your vanishes, and probably kill you. Take note of what allies are using fire damage and how (what abilities are proccing it).
  • Legendary: Take the Master’s Katana, or a Moon/Water katana with the other form. Wind is 3rd place. It helps, but is not as vital as the first 2. Though it’s probably rarer as most people use Moon and Water, so it’s not bad to use that. You could take the Healing Sticky Bomb, Legendary Dirt Throw (15% Hallucinate Chance), or Healing Smoke Bomb too. Not bad, but imo not the best. A lot of times you’re on a point solo, and it’s good to have all stances.
  • Techniques: Group Vanish and Perks 1,1,1 are imo the best skills, no contest. More assassination damage, faster assassinations, and more ult damage. The chain vanish proc is not guaranteed, since it requires a kill and many things are too tanky. Group Vanish is on a lower CD and helps your team, so it’s just better than Toxic Vanish.
  • Ultimate Priority: Ult the crow onis, Bears (wave 20+), teleporting bow onis, towards a second or third point, or the tanky spear onis. Prioritize it as such.
  • Ghost Tools: Ghost 1 I use Sticky Bombs with Lucky, though Dirt Toss with Rancid is effective too. Use the sticky bombs to disrupt crow onis, bears, teleporting bows, spear onis, or just to catch a breather / stun someone so you can revive an ally. Ghost 2 take Smoke Bombs (I use Lucky), no debate. This will set up your first assassination so Hysteria procs, and will net you a lot of damage if you can get 4-5 assassinations. Especially if it procs Lucky. You can also just use it and relax to hold a point while allies come.


  • Take Healing Incense Pot and the Heal over time on your ult. No seriously. I hate that this needs to be said, but the amount of Ronins taking the dog or the fire ult is infuriating. These guys ruin runs 9/10 times. Unless you and a friend are both Ronin and queue together, don’t do this. I hate you with a passion.
  • Ronin Charm: There are 2 exceptionally powerful minor perks here: Healing Pot Radius + 50-100% and Duration +20-40%. Radius is imo much more important. Aim for both, or get Radius and Ability Cooldown Reduction. Idk the Ronin-specific major perks, but Resolve+1 is good as well.
  • Techniques: Healing Incense, 3-2-1 is the best build imo. Lower CD on heals, your clutch ult will bring every1 back to full, and you can have potentially 5 Resolve, meaning you’re close to a reserve ult if necessary (trust me, it will be necessary many times).
  • Legendary: Take the healing Ronin Bombs ranged weapon. No contest. If you or another ally purchases Refill Ammo every couple rounds, this is a big saver. You can disrupt crowds easily, stop crows/bears/teleporters, heal people, and straight up neuter the poison wave (wave 10). I personally don’t know whether Flash or Blackfire bombs are better.
  • Ghost Weapons: I take Sticky Bombs with Lucky, and Smoke Bombs with Lucky. Both of these serve primarily to disrupt enemies, give me a chance to Res allies without ulting, and get some breathing room.
  • Roll Resolve Gain and Ability Cooldown Reduction as much as possible, and never fight alone. Your heal is wasted alone. Contrary to popular belief, you should NOT be the one running out to revive a far away person. You need to get your resolve up as fast possible just in case. Try to always be in combat.


  • Legendary: GET THE STONE-SKIPPING BOW. It’s a Longbow that completely changes the game for Hunters. There is no contest here, and it’s kind of annoying how necessary this is to bring out a Hunters true power. Make sure you have Headshot Refund.
  • Techniques: Explosive Arrow, and 1/3-3-1 are the best imo. The funny thing is I think every ability in Perk 1 has its use. Cause of the hwacha spam, you will be close the enemies often, enough for the 12m headshot damage proc. The class ability reduction is of course always nice. Resupply is not necessary if you build properly, especially if your allies are buying Refill Ammo.
  • Hunters Charm: Both Scavenger (+100% ammo on pickup) and Blessed arrows (heal nearby allies when headshotting) are really good. Pick your preference. I personally would go with Blessed Arrows, since with your Technique perk and the Legendary Longbow it should proc often. People should be getting the Refill Ghost Ammo blessing enough.
  • Roll Ranged Damage, Headshot damage, Draw Speed as much as you can. Do more damage while staying mobile.
  • Ghost Weapons: Again, I personally would take the Sticky Bomb/Smoke Bomb. There are so many enemies in Nightmare that I don’t think the Caltrops are worth it. Enemies are way too tanky for Kunai to be effective. Roll Lucky (both) or Fire (Ghost 1). The Smoke Bomb is your chance to line up some headshots. Use it.
  • Ultimate Priority: Like the assassins, Crows oni, bears, bow teleporters, etc.
  • Your safest damage opportunities are when the waves first spawn. Especially if you have a teammate out there abusing the hwacha spam. Do as much damage as you can. If you spend a lot of time outside of camp, MAKE SURE YOU’RE GOOD AT AVOIDING HWACHAS. You’re a hindrance if a teammate needs to keep ressing you, but a dps god if you stay alive and shoot often.
  • Your the best at killing the Bow teleporters, and bowmen in general when assassins aren’t ulting. Please kill them.


Still editing: Appreciate any input / Tips from others, especially for missing info for non-assassins.

submitted by /u/Dr_Doctore


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