Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition Unboxing (PS4)


Hello guys, and welcome. So in this video, I’m going to unlock the Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition. Thanks for watching the video yet. Remember to impress, subscribe and ring the bell for YouTube help Algorithm, now back to the video. Well you got that sweet delivery this morning. Here we go, a collector’s edition, as you can see. Thanks to for delivering the box on time as you do all the time so I appreciate on him. Well this is what the box looks like on the inside.

Now I will remove the cap. Inside you get Ghost of Tsushima itself, in a metal case. You get a small brochure with coupon codes, for example to download the reward Dynamic theme and additional in-game elements. Then you get to the Tsushima Ghost Art. lets take alook. I always like this. Wow, look at that. I won’t show you all of that but yeah.

It has … how many pages? It contains about 48 pages of artwork. Even some concept art as well. Let’s put this aside. What we have here is instructions on how to assemble this mask. Let’s collect it now. Next, we have this face mask. It is a really strong material, very heavy. I’ll show that in my window. Next, we have this artwork. Really nice canvas. This is a banner. It’s meant to be this way. Tsushima Ghost Banner. And last but not least, we have another piece of fabric. This is the collector’s version. So, in-game rewards include the following, says Jin avatar, Jin PS4 dynamic theme, And Ghost of Tsushima Digital Soundtrack. This is what I got for pre-ordering the game. Also, some additional digital items you got that were inside the Special Edition case. He is the charm of Virtue Hachiman, the champion of Tsushima, and the hero of Tsushima Sword tools. Then last but not least in Collector’s Edition, you got Hero of Tsushima in-game items Armor, Samurai PS4 Dynamic Theme, and Hero of Tsushima Saddle.

Damn, that’s what Tsushima’s Dynamic Samurai Ghost looks like. There is some great music playing in the background too. So yeah, I’m very excited to play this game, I’ve been for a long time, like a lot of Other people. I’ll be broadcasting my adventures live for this game at As with all the games I have been playing recently, I will be participating in the Platinum Trophy As well. Be sure to head over to LIVE to check out the game. Anyone this is this video. If you liked it be sure to like it. You can see a random video there, you can watch the last download there, or You can click here to subscribe. Thanks, goodbye guys..

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