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Ghost Of Tsushima Completing Nightmare Story – Guide By: show_stoppa


Following is a quick guide on how to complete the Severed Hearts mission this week, will all objectives. Do note that this is how I completed it (in a random matchmake). Took approx. 55 mins but can be done faster.


Hunter: Spec’d in hunter damage. Legendary long bow (ricochet headshots). Smoke bombs. Sticky bombs. (Me). Gear Score: 105

Assassin: Spec’d in stealth damage. Hallucinations darts. Sticky bombs. (Matchmake) Gear Score: 104


Stay as far away as possible and take out the enemies.

Problems and Solutions:

The 2 Oni problem: 2 connected oni enemies. Use a hallucination dart on one. Use weakening darts on both. Once they are half or below half, hunter takes one or more headshots on one oni dealing damage to both and killing them (if one oni has more health than they other, take headshots on that oni). Use sticky bomb to even things out further. If things really get out of control, the assassin uses his ultimate to kill the remaining oni quickly before the other spawns.

The 2 non-Oni problem: 2 connected non-oni enemies. The hunter takes turn taking headshots on each enemy, or dealing damage to both with a single headshot, until they are killed.

The 1 Oni problem: Isolate the Oni. Start with both players dealing a crit on the Oni. Then use a smoke bomb. Each of the 2 players takes turn delivering crit.

The 1 non-Oni problem: Sneak up to the target and the assassin should take out the enemy in 1 assassination hit, or a single hit plus a few sword strikes. If it is one of the bigger enemies, dealing crits from both players should take the enemy down.

The 3-Oni problem: 3 connected Oni enemies. Use hallucination dart on one. Use weakening darts on the remaining 2. Refresh the darts if needed. Provide support with arrow body shots to even out the health. Once one of the oni is dead or all 3 are close to dying, use the hunter ultimate to kill all 3 with auto-headshots.

The Oni treasure problem: Always get the treasure after clearing all the enemies. Make sure your skills are off cooldown and have ultimate available for both players. Interact with the treasure, and immediately use your ultimate abilities. Use smoke bomb to vanish. Run as far away as possible. The assassin uses the hallucination darts on one or more enemies with the most health. From distance, the hunter takes arrow shots. The assassin uses the vanish ability, deals damage to an enemy and then runs away until the vanish is back.

The scroll problem: You just have to keep your eyes open and look for it. Use the 6th sense to identify any tiny white glowing thing.

Chapter 1:

– The very start is 2 Oni-problem.

– Next take the connected hunters out using the 2 non-Oni problem.

-Sneak inside and kill single oni and non-oni guys as needed.

-Get on the hill on the right. Kill the single oni (if there is one there).

-From the hill on the right, take out the final 2 connected onis using the 2 oni problem.

Chapter 2:

– hallucinate one of the 2 connected onis at the end of the convoy.

-hallucinate one of the enemies in the middle of the convoy. Let things play out while you play some nice tunes on your flute.

– Hunter takes out the dogs.

– Kill the final 2 onis using the 2 oni problem.

– Always get the treasure at the end regardless of which chapter you are at. Makes it easier to solve the oni-treasure problem.

Chapter 3:

-Start with the enemies by going clockwise 3/4th of the way starting from outside left. Keep an eye on the enemies on high ground. Retreat even if there is a 1% chance of things going south.

-Once the outer area is cleared, go in the middle and find any single enemies and kill them.

– Now kill the 3 connected onis using the 3 oni problem.

– You should now just be left with 2 pairs of connected enemies and a few single enemies at the north east side. Take out the non-oni pair first from above without jumping down. This is a very tricky part and be ready to retreat or balance things out.

– Now kill the remaining single enemies.

-Now you are left with 1 oni-pair connected. One of the oni’s is inside and the other one is outside. You cannot use the 2 oni-problem here because they can’t see each other. So damage the inside oni to 3/4th of health. Then go outside and do the same on the other one. Once they are close to death, kill the inside one first and the assassin uses the ultimate to quickly teleport outside killing the second one.

Finish the mission and either cherish or sob about the quality of the level 110 item that you have just gotten.


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