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Ghost Of Tsushima General Nightmare survival guide: all you wanted to know but were afraid you’d be yelled at if you asked! By: Tutsks


First things first: Nightmare is very doable, and the most important thing you can do to do better, is get used to it. All the things that seem impossible at first, will feel natural, and like advantages in due time. People often take “Git Gud” like a meme about smug Dark Souls players refusing to share their tricks. But I will!

The trick is: there is no trick. Our brains allocate skill if you would, based on things we have done, and more relevantly here, things we’ve struggled at. This is a very barebones explanation of neuroplasticity, but essentially, every time you try something, you will get better at it. Especially after sleep. So, if you are tilting, take a break, come back to it later, it won’t be getting easier, you’ll be getting better. Eventually, parrying, dodging, etc, will feel natural, and what at first seemed impossibly fast, will seem like it moves in slow motion. If you’ve played Soulsbornekiro, you’ve experienced this. And its awesome!

Now, the important things:

  1. Hwachas (flaming arrow circles): These guys are your friends once you learn to time them, and you will. They Do Not fire inside the circles, so if you want to avoid them, just stay in. Outside the circles, they fire ahead of where you are moving, in a straight line, so, you can bait them into firing wherever, by moving diagonally from wherever you want to go (say, an offering) then adjusting your course once the red circle appears. You need to get good at baiting them to shop and revive, barring you having vanish. If you have vanish, barring lag, they will ignore you as long as you are invisible.

On the plus side, Hwachas have friendly fire, and you can bait them into dps’ing the enemy hordes. Be careful with moving too far though, overconfidence is an insidious killer, and one unlucky hit can ruin a run.

  1. Greed and you: if you ever wonder will I kill this before it hits me?, the answer is No, you won’t. Do not be greedy. Most every hit can be dodged and attacks are very telegraphed, especially the Oni spin, and the Oni overhead bash. And they have a big windup, and a sudden finish that is hard to time. If in doubt, roll away, or block. One overhead smash will kill you in most circumstances in later waves, wether with the hit itself (it does a ton of damage, imperial or decimal, whichever is bigger), Or, with the 2 second or so stun it gives you, which gives free hits to all his buddies. Don’t risk it staying alive is your first priority!
  2. Crowd control: this is very important and builds on 2. Stunning, weakening, or otherwise incapacitating enemies, is extremely important, specially in later waves, where even with ults, bursting things is hard. Try and save your sand throw/smoke bombs for do or die moments, they give great cover for clutch revives, and turn off things like the crow tengu. Here is what every status does:

Weakening: enemies deal 25% less damage and take 25% more. This is key for the super tanky guys as it cuts their hp by a fourth.

Confuse: enemies attack whatever is closest, this can be you, or other enemies. It turns enemy health bars purple. If someone in your party is confusing mobs, try and leave the purple mobs for last as they will keep their buddies busy.

Fire: deals damage over time, stuns enemies briefly at the start, and prevents you from entering the assasination animation. This is a feature if you are outside the defense circles, as getting locked into the animation will often give the hwachas a free hit on you and get you killed.

Poison: deals damage over time, and substracts from the enemy stagger gauge. They will be disabled after a duration, just like you are when you are poisoned, after a period of time.

  1. Heavy attacks and you (triangle). Heavy attacks are important, especially outside the circles. They do not lock you into assasination animations, and thus tend to be safer to use while outside. They also deal stagger damage, and staggered enemies are stunned temporarily, which is very, very valuable. Furthermore, every stance is strong against something, and it stuns whatever it is strong against rather fast. If at all possible, try to keep enemies staggered, as staggered tanky mobs do 0 dps, and stop moving all over the place, this is specially useful against the teleporting archers.
  2. Staying Alive. This is your number one priority. Revives are great, but not needing a revive, is greater. Every moment you are dead, is a moment you are doing 0 damage, where whomever is reviving you is doing 0 damage, where the circles are being captured, and the enemies are massing around you. In other words, even if you are revived, every time you die, you are making the wave harder for everyone. Thus, your first priority, always, is being alive. Play it safe, don’t be greedy, block, and dodge when you see the blue or red youre gonna get fucked indicators. Don’t look for the Ronin outside, but for the ronin inside. And don’t get overconfident, even with damage reduction, you can’t tank most things, so don’t use your face to stop hits. This is a rule for life as well as for games.
  3. Sick of not knowing where the fuck the DOSHO is coming from? Gotcha fam, go into options, accesibility, turn on offscreen arrow indicators and get a handy visual indicator of where they are firing from and when. While at it, turn the hud always on so it doesn’t dissapear every few seconds.
  4. Builds and balance: Generally speaking, a lot of the time, it is better to focus on one thing, and do it really well, than s0read out and do everything poorly. Try and focus your passives onto whatever you want to focus on. That said, Oni damage is universally useful, regardless of the build. If you are using status effects, status duration makes a huge difference, and by the way, the Ghost weapon bonuses applyto everything that is not the sword or bow (bow slot bombs count). If you are using arrows/bombs, consider cooldown recution and munitions on the smoke bombs, etc. Point is, try and have an idea and specialize on it. It makes a huge difference.
  5. Communication: if you have a mic, consider using it! If you don’t, try and use pings (r3) to call attention to whatever you think important.

This is it for now! I hope this was useful! If there is anything I missed, feel free to add in the comments and I will add later.

Most importantly: remember this is a game, and have fun. Even failed nightmare attempts don’t take that long and give you rewards, so don’t give up, eventually, you’ll get there!

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