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Bamboo! Bamboo Reeds, Bamboo Forests, and even Bamboo Carpets! I used to have a bamboo fishing rod when I was younger! Heh…Those were the days What’s up, guys? Vlad here and in today’s video we will talk about Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Farming or how to use the same exploit or glitch as yesterday to get infinite Bamboo Resources in Ghost of Tsushima for PlayStation 4. Before we begin this Ghost of Tsushima video game guide, a quick shoutout to all new subscribers because after yesterday’s video on how to get unlimited supplies in Ghost of Tsushima, a lot of you joined my channel and I want to thank you for that. I also want to thank you for your support on the said video, especially for your likes, and if you missed it I encourage you to watch it. Also if you enjoy this video, subscribing and hitting the like button is greatly appreciated. Ok, then, so let’s get back to our Ghost of Tsushima farming method for Bamboo. In fact, in this video I am going to show you how to get bamboo in six clicks or button pushes on your PlayStation 4.

Just like I have mentioned in yesterday’s video, the first thing you need to do in order to fully benefit from this fast farming method, is to get the Charm of Inari. It can be obtained from a Shinto Shrine named the Arrow Peak Shrine. It is located in the first region, named Izuhara, and you can get it the moment you enter free roam. Start by talking to the NPC, then you will need to go all the way up and pray to the shrine. Once you get on top of the mountain, and you pray at the said shrine you will get the Charm Of Inari, which increases the number of Predator Hides, Supplies, Bamboo, and Yew Wood gained from collecting.

Make sure you equip that charm in one of your Sword’s slots. Next, you will want to travel to the Seaside Hotspring in Izuhara. This is located in the southernmost part of the first region. As you can see you can also start A Healer’s Touch Side Tale here. When you get to the Hotspring, look around for this small hill nearby. This is our bamboo farming spot. As you can see in my satchel, I have 0 Bamboo, because for this video I wanted to start with 0 and show you how much bamboo you can get. Good. So now let’s count the clicks. One Two Three Four Five Six And we are back to our hill where a bamboo tree spawned. Let’ get it and move faster and repeat the same steps. Our goal is to restart from the last checkpoint. This is done in 6 button pushes. And back to our hill where, as you can see a new tree appeared but it is a Yew Tree. Now, because I am pretty sure you understand how this works let me tell you why I have picked this spot.

In the meantime, I will keep farming Bamboo so pay close attention. First, what I wanted from my farming spot was to be located in the first area, known as Izuhara, because I wanted it to work early in the game as well. Second, I was looking for a Bamboo Farming spot that required as little movement as possible. Not because I am lazy, but because that’s how a proper farming spot works. Third, I was looking for a spot to farm Bamboo in Ghost of Tsushima where the Charm of Inari works. And I’ll get back to it in a second. And this is the spot I was able to find. Now, let me tell you how this works. On this little hill over here, there are several spots where bamboo trees grow. You can find a bamboo tree in the middle of the hill. You can also find one close to a bigger tree as you can see.

Or close to a smaller tree here. Sometimes a yew tree can also be found near the Hotspring. Or in the small forest nearby. And finally, sometimes, nothing grows after you reload the checkpoint. But what I want to point out is that this rarely happens. If it does, all you need to do is to hit the reload last checkpoint button. Now, by standing on this hill you will be able to spot all spawning locations in a matter of seconds. That’s why this location is one of the best. The fact that you can get some yew wood as well, is just a bonus. Anyway, how does this Ghost of Tsushima glitch or exploit works? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. The game saves automatically every time you gather a resource, which means that after you get it, by reloading the last save you will get back to that location, but the resource can respawn in another location. So basically what I was looking for was a location where bamboo trees always respawn.

Now, some of you guys will say….oh…but I saw a better method on another channel. Yes, I am talking about the Arrow Peak Shrine over here. And about that method where you farm this specific bamboo tree that constantly respawns. The problem with that method though is that the Charm of Inari doesn’t work on this specific tree. Which makes this farming method the worst. The same YouTuber claims that once you get the bamboo, you should perform a crazy stunt and kill yourself by jumping down. This is not only slower but also useless because besides the fact that you waste time, you also can’t farm a lot of bamboos because you see..the charm of inari doesn’t work.

This brings us back to our hill, where you have better chances to farm bamboo in Ghost of Tsushima especially early in the game. One last thing I want to point out before wrapping this one up is that if you reload the last checkpoint at this location, and you don’t see any tree nearby, immediately reload the checkpoint again to save time. And always return to the hill. The respawn rate is really high here and I am talking about a rate of over 90%. So, as you can see here I got 189 bamboos while talking to you. Only from this location, and without pressing more than 6 buttons to reset the spot. Pretty cool right? So, let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below, and obviously, if you have found a better location to farm Bamboo in Ghost of Tsushima and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this video because I have more goodies to share with you! And more farming methods as well. Until next time, stay safe!.

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