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Ghost Of Tsushima Ki Levels and You: How to be ready for the Tale of Iyo By: Mich2112


Hello all,

I’ve been searching around the internet for the last few days and haven’t found a concise guide to leveling up Ki in Legends, so I’m going to write down what I know for you all.

What is Ki Level?

The primary way for a player to increase their power level is by equipping items with a Ki Level [KL] higher than their average. This will allow you to both take and deal more damage as you face tougher and tougher enemies.

As far as it looks, KL is the average of all the gear you have equipped.

Gear: Sharing is Caring

The gear you accumulate as you finish stories and survival missions is universal, meaning you can equip it to any class you have unlocked. There might be an exception with the hunter class regarding throwable concussion bombs, but I haven’t tested it enough to confirm.

Additionally, and I cannot praise SP enough for doing it this way, you can have gear pieces equipped to multiple classes at the same time.

This means that as you level your KL up initially, you can equip better gear to your new classes and get them leveled up quickly. I had a level 1 Ronin level up to 5 after one gold survival 25 round full clear.

Ghost Goals

But what’s the point? What’s my ultimate goal here?

Great question, it seems that the max KL on a piece of gear is 110, and you only get those for completing either the nightmare story mission with all bonus objectives or finish a nightmare survival.

As far as it seems, these stories and missions change each week, bringing new modifiers to the missions each week.

That being said, aside from having fun, the goal of getting better gear is to participate in the raid, the Tale of Iyo, when it releases in the future, at the highest possible KL.

Ideally, each member of your raid group should be KL 110 to make it as easy as possible [although I imagine it’ll still be pretty tough]

Roll the Dice

Although completing the nightmare weekly objectives will give you a piece of gear at KL 110, completing them 5 times would be brutal and lucky, as there’s no guarantee you’ll get a gear piece for a slot you don’t already have a KL 110 piece for.

To help make it smoother and less rage-inducing to get fully slotted with 110 KL gear, SP has allowed up to reroll the total level of the gear piece as well as the bonuses you get from them.

Click ‘modifications’ when you hover over gear in game and it’ll bring you to a reroll screen. This will allow you to reroll the whole thing or one aspect of the item.

Rerolling the bonus you get from gear piece costs essence and blessings, not exactly cheap but fairly inexpensive.

Keep in mind rerolling the entire piece of gear costs honor, a very scare resource, so generally I won’t recommend rerolling something under level 100 unless it’s a legendary you want to keep. You can always reroll the bonus of an item as well, so having a katana with 2 stances you like can be rerolled in the future.

As far as I can infer, the reroll, in addition to giving you different bonuses on the gear, will also increase the KL of the weapon. This level increase can go as high as the highest KL of gear you have equipped. Although, it seems to be limited after level 105. In my experience, I’m only able to reroll a level 105 gear piece to 106 then 107 then 108 and so on, costing a significant amount of resources.

An Example

Say you complete the nightmare story at KL 100.

You get a few items between 102-105 and one guaranteed item at level 110.

You can reroll any item you have from level 100-104 and get it to 105 as long as you have the 110 or 105 KL gear equipped, sometimes skipping levels if you’re lucky.

For each level after 105 [like getting from 105 -> 106 -> 107 and so on] you’ll have to reroll a separate time.

This means you’ll have to reroll an item 5 times to get it from 105 to 110. For 5 item slots it can get pretty expensive.

This is generally advised against though, because you’ll more than likely playing the game more and thus getting more gear at KL 110. The more gear you have at 110, the less honor you have to spend [the main gatekeeping resource I’ve found].

Additionally, you can reroll the properties of the items as much as you like. I personally like the abilities that set fire to enemies but that’s a personal choice.


Once you get to the higher levels of KL in Legends, getting at least one piece of KL 110 gear is a must for rerolling the other items you have to KL 110 as well. Having a KL of 110 across the board will make it that much easier for your team to handle the raid and get those juicy cosmetics.

Hope this helps, it was nice writing this all out as it helped me understand things that were missing in my own knowledge. Take care Ghosts!

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