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So, are you missing a Ghost of Tsushima Hot Spring, or are you short on one of Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes? No worries because you’ll find both of them in this video guide for the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive video game developed by Sucker Punch. So, without wasting more time than needed, hello and welcome back guys, Vlad here with a new Ghost of Tsushima on-demand guide in which I am going to show you how to find the missing Hot Spring and the missing Bamboo Strike. This video was requested by Jack Livingston I think, and since I take all your requests seriously, here is where to find them. The first one we will cover is the hidden Ghost of Tsushima Hot Spring which is located in Hiyoshi Springs, the small town is Izuhara. To access this Hot Spring, all you have to do is to travel to the center of the town where above several Hot Springs you’ll see this charming woman. Talk to the NPC, then follow her because she wants you to take a bath. Most likely she’s right. But we are not here to discuss odors, so let’s follow her to the Hot Spring, which as you can see is quite close to the location where you have found her.

Now, all you have to do is to wash away that dirt and also become more resilient in battle because as you know these hot springs increase Jin’s health. And that’s it. That’s the Hot Spring you most likely missed. Next, we have a hidden Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strike which ironically is in the same location. Meaning Hiyoshi Springs. What you need to do is to find this handsome NPC up on the hill nearby and talk to him. He will then unlock the Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike and then you’ll have to cut these annoying bamboo reeds. And most likely you’ll spend some time with them because they are quite challenging. So, keep pressing the buttons on your PlayStation 4 controller in the correct succession and as fast as possible to complete the challenge. If you struggle at completing these challenges, I suggest you exercise until you become a master like me.

Except that I am not a master, but I am cheating right now, and if you want to do it too, you will find the link to my latest video in the description below. And that’s it! Short, to the point and hopefully I managed to help you guys by finding these landmarks. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and also take a look at the description for more Ghost of Tsushima tips, tricks, and guides. Until next time, stay safe..

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