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Ghost of Tsushima | PART 1 | Prologue Tale Walkthrough | Battle with the Mongols | Review


What’s up guys. Welcome to the channel and you are in for a treat. That’s right! We’re talking about sucker punch and their latest release on ps4. Ghost of Tsushima I’m Ruthless Rudi and I’m commentating on behalf of a very good friend of mine who asked me to do the commentating because English isn’t his first language and he’d like me to do it for him and I happily obliged. So, in the beginning of the game you have several game modes that you can play. Obviously there are the difficulty variances and then we have samurai cinema. I don’t recommend that one and then Kurosawa! Which is a tribute to the former director of several notably fantastic movies especially in Japan for Samurai movies.

Now guys if you haven’t seen this before you are in for a treat. This is absolutely amazing. We don’t have to give you a lesson in history I’m sure if you’re interested or if you were interested or if you… after playing this game or watching this will be interested. This is a story from 1274 When the Mongol forces were invading Tsushima. This part right here, just gave me goosebumps. This is as epic as the scenes in movies like Braveheart It’s absolutely amazing guys like you, if you… if you’re not a gamer you would still appreciate this. So they send their best warrior down the hill onto the beach to fight the best warrior from the opposing side which was traditional in those times and you can see what’s going to happen right here. And here we have the introduction of as he’s known in the game Khotun Khan. What’s obvious is this sheer disrespect… OFF with his head… and that’s not how you make friends! And so the journey begins so you’re thrown right into the gameplay and it’s amazing actually it’s really cool that they just let you play right from the beginning.

Haha and Foreman Disaster mentioned that it’s really hard to hit soldiers when you’re on horseback during this small phase of the game this prologue, but then again. It doesn’t matter because you’re not going to be slicing at people while on horseback. Okay guys so… our aim is to provide you with the best gameplay possible. And if you’re gonna start playing the game soon or later or you need tips I suggest that you like and subscribe.

Please comment on our channel. Um, this is our first attempt at this so um we’re gonna kind of learn as we go here, but like I said if you don’t like the commentary you and you just want to watch the gameplay Foreman Disaster is an amazing gamer. He will he will exceed your expectations, but look at the detail in this game and if you’re watching this on whatever device you’re using and you’re impressed now… just wait until you actually flip the DVD (Blue Ray Disc) into your PS 4 It’s all the little things guys. The sound effects, the gameplay… Yes, of course like they haven’t nailed it in every single area but they’ve they have surpassed expectations in so many other areas. It truly is an amazing game and if you’re into this kind of thing if you’re into history. Even, if you’re sick of… kind of how can I put it politely? Umhh..inferior movies at the cinema and you enjoy a good story then you can definitely you can definitely like substitute that with this. This is absolutely fantastic.

And we’ll be back tomorrow with another video on the walkthrough of the ghost of Tsushima. Our main character here Jin just too exhausted to persist. And again the brute supposed cousin of Kublai Khan (Grandson of Genghis Khan) the author of <<The Art of War>> which if you like reading… it’s a hard read. It’s not an easy read but definitely recommend it. So guys just to let you know this is not the end of the intro okay. We’re still in the tutorial mode. It is going to be an epic journey and if I had anything to say about it I would definitely recommend that you guys sign up. Subscribe, like the channel. It is our first go at gameplay and stuff, but I think that Foreman Disaster and myself Ruthless Rudi are well up to the task. We won’t disappoint you! We will bring you the neatest cleanest tricks that this game has to offer and if you’re not even playing the game and you just want to watch the cutscenes there’ll be a complete reference to the cutscenes.

We won’t hold out on anybody. It’s going to be a fantastic journey guys….

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