Ghost of Tsushima | PART 2 | Prologue tale walkthrough, video guide | Find your katana | Review


What is up guys and welcome to another Ruthless Rudi commentary phenomenon. Commentating on behalf of Foreman Disaster AKA Foreman Rage or just Rage as I call him. So without further ado let’s get into it. Please watch till the end guys because if you do and you subscribe you will receive in your tool shed a brand spanking new charm which you can equip called the patience is a virtue charm and that’ll make you immune to watching boring videos on Youtube so please watch till the end and remember THIS IS NOT A SCAM! In this video it’s all about finding your katana. Jin wakes up in a small encampment. The hero is currently defenseless and this means that you can not let the Mongols detect you otherwise the quest is over and you’ll need to start from scratch. You can obviously check for things in and around the campsite, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered in terms of what’s important and what isn’t. So just follow our guide and you’ll be fine. Along the way you can optionally examine footprints in the mud, however do enter this first cabin and search it to find your broken armour and do equip it.

Once you’re out of the cabin watch a cut-scene during which you will meet Yuna for the first time. Follow Yuna while avoiding detection. Stay close to Yuna and just do whatever she tells you. Press R2 to switch to the FPP or first person perspective view. When you get here just make sure you stay close to Yuna and don’t let that detection marker get all the way to the yellow and you should be golden. Follow Yuna and scour the rooves. You can do that by tilting the stick up and pressing the x button. Keep following her and she’ll lead you to the last cabin where you will find your katana. And that’s it for this video guys. Thanks for watching! Please click that like and subscribe button. Join us next time where we’ll be getting our hero ready for some serious slicing and dicing with the flashback to when he was still learning how to fight as a young boy.

Until next time guys keep safe and keep gaming. Please note that this video is just part two on a list of videos we intend to do or already have done on the Ghost of Tsushima prologue walkthrough. There’s a full list of them in the link and the description. If you haven’t seen part one you can click on the recommended video right here!.

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