Ghost of Tsushima Samurai Build Guide for Big Ultimate Damage By: TechN4ra

  • Your ultimate ability: Hachiman’s Fury.

  • Does really high damage to three targets while making you invulnerable to enemy attacks.

  • Also causes a small fear to enemies near you after you finish, which will interrupt many hostile animations.

  • For your Ability under 90% of circumstances you should go Spirit pull.

    1. Spirit pull outclasses explosive blade in most regards.

    2. It’s heal is extremely useful for keeping you alive during combat, and it also does damage that cant be blocked.

    3. Constantly removes poison from you while its active.

    4. Can be used during other animations like during your ult, or while rolling.

    5. Explosive blade only gets value while you are attacking.

    6. UNLESS You have a samurai charm with blessed strikes.

      1. Blessed strikes will make all of your melee attacks heal you on hit.

      2. This patches its biggest weakness, and it will allow you to be very aggressive while being quite tanky.

  • For your first perk, it’s preference between samurai unleashed or deep strikes.

    1. I prefer to have my abilities up more often, but if you have explosive blade, increasing melee damage is useful, and will get you more resolve.

  • For your second perk take resolve increase for more chances to use your ult.

  • For the third perk take Hachiman’s Frenzy for more strikes on your ult.

    1. More strikes will get you more kills, and in the higher difficulties, will give more single target damage on oni.

  • Gear

  • For your Katana take either a Water stance or a Moon stance. Take whichever respective master perk.

  • For Your bow, it doesnt matter what you take, you wont be using it much with this build.

  • The best charm for this build would be a samurai charm with blessed strikes, but if you are unlucky like, just take any charm with melee resolve gain, resolve gain, or ultimate damage. Also try to get resolve increase on the perk slot.

  • Both your ghost weapons are preference, but my recommendation, go with a sticky bomb and either healing gourd for more sustain, or smoke bomb for emergency revives.

  • Have recently been running spirit kunai:

  • Getting super massive in the perk slot will increase its damage by a lot, which will help you get more cooldown reduction. Will also knock enemies back, good for crowd control.

  • But I have recently tried hidden blades, which makes you throw 5 blades instead of 2. This can be strong in this build, because hitting all 5 kunai will give you just short of a resolve point. Making you get back to your ult quicker.

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