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Ghost Of Tsushima Samurai build tips By: agionniPS


Hi! I played a lot of Got Legends with all classes and after beating multiple gold survivals with my Samurai having more kills than any stone skipping hunter out there I feel like I wanna share what are the stats you are looking for on your gear to become a monster. Hope this helps.


Yoshitsune’s hand – Water master perk Master’s katana – Water master perk Masamune’s edge – Water stance perk Purple Water Katana – Water master perk

Those are the best options in my opinion and you want to roll melee stagger dmg 12% (really important stat to become unstoppable) and ultimate dmg 20% on any of those.

Half bow:

Nothing really matters here. Ranged dmg and headshot dmg should do the trick, but no stats here have an impact on your overall build.

Samurai charm:

Along with katana probably the most important piece and you have to be ready to spend a lot of honor for rerolls. You want to get melee stagger dmg 12% and ultimate dmg 20% with blessed strikes as special perk (crucial ability, you can heal yourself a lot while using spirit pull and tank through any purple oni hit. Spirit pull has a fast cooldown and you are going to use it a lot). Instead of melee stagger dmg you can also go for flat melee dmg if you are unable to get the perfect roll.

Ghost weapons:

You have many options here. I like to run with a fire sticky bomb with blast radius and status duration, I use it mainly on a crowd of enemies in survival or as a opener vs story mode purple onis. The second slot is for Caltrops or Healing gourd. Caltrops: melee stagger dmg and the second stat doesn’t matter much. Special perk: weaken enemies. Healing gourd: dmg reduction and injured resolve gain (this is really helpful to build your ultimate meter faster). Special perk: more heal but it doesn’t really matter. It’s just useful if you are poisoned to get out fast of the annoying stagger animation, but overall is just a stat stick.

How you wanna play: water stance with triangle any enemy except spear guys, break their guard in 2 or 3 hits (melee stagger dmg), build your resolve fast. Use spirit pull with blessed strikes to constantly heal yourself and sometimes you can even chose to get hit to gain extra resolve (from the healing gourd injured resolve gain). Spam 5 hits of your ultimate every time you can. No stealth kills, no ranged dmg required, you can tank and murder any enemy.

Overall stats:

40% ultimate dmg 28% melee stagger dmg (or 40% with caltrops, but it’s a little overkill maybe) 20% injured resolve gain 10% dmg reduction

Let me know what you think about this quick guide and if you enjoy playing with it.


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