How to get into Castle Kaneda & Castle Shimura | Ghost of Tsushima


After Tsushima War, Ghost breaks through Jintian City and Zhicun City are no longer open. This is very inconvenient for people who like to take pictures and scenery. Like me, Todays video, I will show you how Enter these two cities after breaking through. If you watch my video for the first time, I mainly make various kinds of game videos. If you are looking for strategy news or even game reviews Press subscribe now We don’t talk nonsense. Let’S start Before entering Jintian City. Please prepare your bursting arrow. We need to use it Then teleport to Jintian City When we send Ride our horse, Go to the corner of this door, Turn around slowly and press the door Just like in the movie Then take out your bursting arrow Shoot a little bit ahead of you. Just come in Follow the road. Afterwards, We have to go through three doors in total. Of course, if you want to go to other areas, Remember to prepare more burst arrows, You can take pictures when you reach the bridge. The scenery here is also beautiful. After that, we continue to set off To the place where you played against Longsan for the first time After passing this door, You don’t need burst, arrows, Keep walking down to this door, Just face to the left and jump up.

You can enter the castle from the main entrance Turn left afterwards. There will be a ladder to move you up. After reaching the top floor You can enjoy the view Then come to see Shicun Castle. The way to get in is the same, but Remember not to teleport to Zhicun City, Because you can’t ride horses near this gate Will force dismount. What we have to do is send to Upper right of Shimura Castle “ Jiuyuan Intersection”, this teleportation point. There will be a second door Is to the right of the castle, Follow the road afterwards. All the way up Will find a Mongolian camp. Beware of enemies around here, After solving the enemy Time, to get on the horse, Ready to burst, arrows The door to pass this time. There are two: When you see the third door, No burst arrow, Go to the right and swim. This is us in the story. A place to poison the Mongols When you get here, You can see the castle At this time. The main entrance is still closed, (, unfortunately ). So we still have to be like the main line Enter from the window. When you reach the top of the castle. It’S time to take pictures Hope this helps Friends who, like scenery And friends who like to take pictures, I will make a video about Tsushima. Please support me, That’s it for today’s video Press Like if you like, Don’t forget to subscribe. I will make more game videos thanks for watching, See you next time.

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