Ghost Recon Online Weapons Tips and Tricks


Ghost Recon Online Weapons Tips and Tricks by BigGhostDaddy

0. Shooting

  • Shooting is the key in taking down an enemy.
  • There are 3 fire modes (not all weapons have them):

    => Full Auto: Bullets will keep coming out as long as you press the fire-button and have bullets in your magazine.
    => Semi fire mode: Each click on the fire-button will shoot 1 bullet. Nothing more. Use this for accurate long distance shots (or to not use more ammo than required)
    => Burst mode: Fire 3 bullets with each click on the fire-button (balance between conserving ammo and being able to shoot one down quickly).

1. Attachments

1. Shotguns

  • Usable by Specialist and assault class
  • Most effective on short range.

    => When playing with a shotgun, stay behind cover and try to get as close as possible.

  • Does damage in a(n) (small) area.

    => Aim for the torso for maximum damage.

  • Smaller magazines
  • Most of them reload bullet by bullet.
  • Some are semi-automatic meaning they fire quick
  • How to prevent getting killed by these:
    • Keep your distance
    • [if not in cover] Zigzag or move in 1 direction to avoid getting shot. Each shot counts when firing a (non-semi automatic) shotgun and reloading takes a while.

2. Assault Rifles

  • Unique for assault class.
  • Effective on any range.

    => Not all rifles are suitable for all ranges though.

  • Accurate in bursts and semi fire mod

    =>Some are accurate used full auto, but as far as I know not that many.

  • How to prevent getting killed by these:
    • It?s pretty difficult to avoid getting killed since most of these weapons can be used effective in any situation, on any range.
    • [if not in cover] Keep moving in 1 direction. Zigzagging isn?t that effective as you will run in the line of fire (just imagine a line coming from the assault rifle).

3. Light Machine Guns [LMG]

  • Unique for Specialist class
  • Most effective on close to mid range
  • Wide spray when keeping the trigger pulled. Best used on further ranges in bursts or semi fire.
  • Bigger magazines (not for all LMG?s)
  • Handy to suppress (fire a couple of bullets in the enemy direction every second so he/she cannot come out of cover without taking damage/dying.
  • Most effective when behind cover
  • How to prevent getting killed by these:
    • Same tricks as with assault rifles
    • Making yourself small and standing still is not a bad idea either (especially if the gunner is moving) since LMG?s have quite the spread you might actually get hit less like that.
    • Listen for reload sounds. It takes a while to reload (most) LMG?s

4. Small Machine Guns [SMG]

  • Unique for Recon class
  • Most effective on close to mid range
  • Very high fire rate
  • Lower damage
  • Better to take out single opponents
  • How to prevent getting killed by these:
    • Keep your distance
    • Just like with the LMG: Make yourself small and stand still is not a bad idea (especially if the gunner is moving).
    • [if not in cover] Move in 1 direction.

5.Sniper Rifles

6. Handguns

  • Can be used by all classes (can be shared)
  • Decent on close to mid range, difficult to use on far range
  • Important to have one

    => when your magazine is empty, but the enemy is still alive
    => When you are out of ammo
    => If your primary is a sniper and the enemy is close
    => if your primary is a shotgun and the enemy is a bit too far

  • Always reload after primary (if it would be empty)
  • How to prevent getting killed by these:
    • This weapon is usually equipped when either the primary weapon?s magazine is empty or the primary weapon is not handy in that certain situation (sniper in close combat of shotgun for the distance).
    • [if not in cover] Zigzag of move in 1 direction.

7. Grenades

  • Useful to kill behind cover
  • To take out a group
  • To scare someone (so they move away from cover)
  • There are two types of grenades:

    => Frag grenades: Damage is distributed more evenly across an area
    => HE: damage is higher the lower the distance is between the enemy and the grenade

  • Each type has 2 kinds:

    => Timed: These explode after a certain amount of time.
    => Impact: These explode once they touch the ground.

  • The min and max damage of timed grenades are higher than impact grenades, however easier for the enemy to avoid damage
  • Besides the recon, chances are big that you will need 2 grenades to kill behind cover
  • How to prevent getting killed by these (difficult):
    • if it?s an impact grenade, you probably won?t be able to avoid getting hit. If you keep moving however, chances are smaller of getting killed.
    • Timed grenades can be avoided by moving (usually you have about 2-3 seconds).

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