Facebook Ghost Trappers Tips for New Players

Facebook Ghost Trappers Tips for New Players by Jian Yu

Wiki is your best friend if you are new to GT. Do refer to it for more detailed information if you are lost with some terms or items. ( Info & Tools/ Wiki )

Add/Invite friends who/to play Ghost Trappers in Facebook, especially those who are hunting in the same location. Go to Invite & Friends and click on invite and then invite all of your friends to join you in the game.?

Up to 50 friends can join in your hunt, each giving 5 exp each up to a max of 100 extra exp per hunt. This could significantly help you gain exp faster.

If you don?t have enough real friends, you could go to the ?Add members to your team & Support groups? in the gt forum and start adding existing members. Do remember to moderate your pace of adding friends in facebook or facebook might disable your account.

Raw power and mystic power are the 2 most basic attribute of the game.?

Raw power is the most basic factor to catch a ghost. If your raw power is high enough, you can be ensured a 100% chance of catching all normal ghosts.?

Here is a very useful link to see the min and max raw you need to catch a certain ghost?http://gulliver.h0sthq.com/

Mystic power on the other hand is a attribute to allow you to have a chance to catch a ghost regardless of your raw power. 1 mystic equals to a 1% chance to catch any ghost. However, there are ghost who are immune to mystic (an icon of mystic resistance is shown on the ghost photos page of such ghosts) so you will have to use raw power to catch them.

There are mainly 5 parts to our trap setup. mechanism, magic circle, bait, companion and contracts.

Buy all new mechanism and magic circle preferably when you travel to a new location.?
It is not advisable to venture to new areas without the new trap unless you are using a setup with decent mystic power.
edit-( /For R2 Players/ Most of the time we would suggest using buying the blueprint and crafting Ghost Magnet and Black Candle in R2 when you have 500 exp as it is much cheaper compared to the traps in Loch Muir. )

You should try to get a companion and suiting contract as soon as possible to max out the benefits.?
you can get contract through loot dropped by ghosts or you could get them through buying at the trading post (HQ/9th floor) or buying with a player from the forum ? Trading ? GT items only? board.?
After you get the necessary contract pieces, you need to go to HQ/Office to negotiate the contract before you can start using it.
There are different types of trap attribute( traditional,high tech, bio, arcane, ect?) and you will need a compatible type of contract to be able to activate the effect of the contract.
The one of the easiest way of getting a companion is through breeding a ghost plasma. You can get them as loots from a variety of ghosts. Alternatively, go for the companions on daily reward if you don?t have any ghost plasma to start off with.

For bait wise, I strongly recommend new players to use solely Silver star ? green (bought from HQ/1st Floor/Bar) when they start out.?
Do not spend your money buying special potions, juices or nessys unless you have lots of gtp to spare.

Join a raid group, it will be worth the time and effort.

Go to raiding/ Raid unit list to see if there?s a raid group that you can join.?
I suggest going to the forum ?Looking for raid teams and members? board to look for one suiting your style.

I suggest going to the wiki to have a more complete understanding of how the raiding works.

Hunt actively if you can.?
Have a active setup and a passive setup.
When you are hunting actively, try to get yourself a lower cooldown setup to make your time more worth it. Likewise when you are not hunting, choose the best setup, disregarding the cooldown. ( if the lower cooldown one is already the best then let it be )

Eve if you are passive, try to return to gt after every about 8 hours (or 24 hunts )to continue letting your friends help you hunt.

Prepare for the future.

Some traps and magic circle should be kept as they can still be useful during missions. A healthy stock of some juices/magic potions could be helpful too.

For example?

Have yourself setups for different purposes

Get a setup for the lowest cooldown you can get. Keep the best trap and magic circle that has the most ? cooldown. It doesn?t matter if the mystic and raw are lower than your best setup. They will be useful for ghostaton where you need to catch lots of ghosts to complete the mission.

keep a mystic setup as well. these are to catch special ghosts or non mystic-resistance ghosts you don?t have the raw power to catch them yet.

If you can and is willing to pay, donations will let you gain some advantage. If wiki doesn?t help you decide on which stuff to get, post on the forum and ask for opinion before deciding.

However, I repeat, do not use Nessy as your bait unless you have a good magic setup or there?s some special events/you are trying to finish a mission.

Using them when you are too early in the game without a proper setup is wasting them. You most likely will get more selling them off at the trading post than hunting with them and this a very good way to jump start yourself to a healthy pool of gtp.

Click on the daily reward to get yourself some new items free.

Play Ghost pluzzer casually to pass time. If you think you have practiced enough, try going for the prize by paying a token for a game. Search the forum for tips and strategy for the game.

That?s all I have to say.Missed out on some stuff like ghost monster hunting, challenges, Souvenirs, Collections & Exhibition and many more. Do look them up at wiki for a more complete guide.

Hope some of the tips are useful especially to those new to the game.

Do note that the above mentioned are just my opinion and I am not trying to dictate the ?best way? of playing the game.Feedbacks/debates/opinions are welcomed.

Tips from other players:

?Originally Posted by?Nguyen Viet Khoa?

Very nice guide indeed. Here?s a few of my tips for newer players;

GM and BC aside, new players might want to craft the Pumpkin candles which is as good (even better) than the Red candles, and it does not require any amount of XP. On Tradepost (located at the 9th floor, it?s easy to find) right now a set of Pumpkin Candles costs 6500 while Red Candles costs 50000. To a little extent, a Pumpkin Candles could still do well against a Twilight candle which costs 400000?

Now to the more significant part: New players are strongly advised to join a Monster assist group (just type ghost monster into the facebook search and voila), and assist as many Monsters as possible. Each monster assisted will earn 100GTP and 50XP (correct me if I?m wrong pls), which would be very significant for new players, especially considering you don?t have to wait 15 mins to assist a monster?

Lastly, here?s also an extremely useful link on the wiki?

Be sure to explore the Wiki as much as you can and happy trapping?

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