Gladiatus NPC List

Gladiatus NPC List by ColdFusion ItalyGrimwoodRatLynxWolfBearPirate HarbourFled slaveCorrupt SoldierAssassinCaptainMisty MountainsElusive RecruitHarpyCerberusMedusaWolf CaveWild PigWolf PackAlphawolfWerewolfAncient TempleCultist GuardWereratMiniotaurMiniotaur ChiefBarbarian VillageBabarianBabarian warriorBeserkerBabarian ChiefBandit CampRenegade soldierRenegade mercenaryAssassinatorBandit ChiefGermanyCave TempleLegionnarieMyrmidonCenturionSoullessThe...
Gladiatus Dungeons NPC List | GuideScroll

Gladiatus Dungeons NPC List

Gladiatus Dungeons NPC List by satyric0nhere it is, the complete npc list for the dungeon!i sorted the list by level and added some infos...
Gladiatus Guild Houses Overview | GuideScroll

Gladiatus Guild Houses Overview

War Master?s HallIn the War Master?s hall a war can be declared on another guild! Further developing this building will allow; more war...

Gladiatus Beginner’s Complete Guide

Gladiatus Beginner?s Complete Guide by Kirbius Ave Gladiator, I am Kirbius an experienced Gladiatus player and your new teacher. I?ll be your New guide that?ll make...

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