Gods and Heroes Volcanic Vents Quests


Gods and Heroes Volcanic Vents Quests (Lvl 10-15) by Torgonius

Volcanic Vents is the first multi-player instanced dungeon available in Gods & Heroes. It is designed for a group of 5 players between levels 11 and 15. It is located in Alban Hills in the western end in a zone called Sanctuary of Vulcan.

The mobs inside have 5x the normal hitpoints for a mob of their level, and also hit much harder than normal mobs.

Quests that can be completed in the Volcanic Vents Instance:
A) Malevolent Magic ? From Romu?s Green in Ostia, the 3rd in a series of quests from Venicius Su?-acus.
B) Secrets of the Cabriri Masters ? From Forum Plebium, South Gate, Roma
C) Hammer of Seculus ? From the front door at Vulcan?s Temple
D) Prisoner of the Maleficus ? Outside Vents Entrance
E) Orichalcon ? Outside Vents Entrance
F) The Maleficus ? Outside Vents Entrance
G) The Metal Menace ? Starts as ?Exiles of Mt. Elba? in Vulcan?s Temple. Kill 20 Automata on the way to Vents. This is the next quest in line.

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