Facebook GodsWar Online Europa Clue Guide

For the people that can?t do the quest, a simple guide to complete it.
About the guide:
1st- the red dots are the portals you must enter in order to reach the envoy?s places.
2nd- the red lines doesn?t mean you?ll appear in front of the portal you must enter. Try to locate the portals at each island by the dot?s position.
3rd- ATTENTION! Be careful with the routes at top! Even the routes cross over, the direction is drawed, so pay attention to decide where you?re going!
4th- Relax, when you find the 5th envoy, there?s only 1 portal that heads directly to the polis.
5th- This quest gives 170k EXP(10k, 20k, 30k, 40k and 70k in order to envoy 1 to 5).

This guide was only tested for Sparta. Please, if athenian are different, try to make a draw with directions!

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