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Facebook GodsWar Online Guide to Earning Money


Earning silvers.. and gold by ehxy24xin

Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts.
The main functions of money are as a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value.
In short, money is something essential as trading material for easier transactions.

gWO encourages players to learn trading techniques through various unique and possible ways.. (LEGAL)

here are some techniques on how to earn money.. (silver or gold)


players can earn silver by trading the item loots to the NPT ( non-playing traders )
loots like books that are not so in-demand are adviced to be sold in the NPTs,, books have high prices and u can profit a lot from it..

Q: how to loot items?
A: by killing monsters and picking up the loots of course

1. kill the monster.
2. see if the monster?s body glows upon death.
3. if it does, click on its body and select the item you want to loot.

-simple monsters barely drop rare items.. but they do drop iron boxes/keys, books and gears with options
-collect lvl 50 up gears with options and compound them, if they turn into enhanced or grade 2 decompose them into dust.. at the gear mentor at the main
city.. dusts cost 2 to 4k each depending on the demand.
-ELITES/bosses drop mostly rare items like gems, boxes (minoans/iron, etc), keys, and great gears..


players can earn not just money but also their wanted items through this type of process.
it works by having a nice negotiation with other players..

Q: why is called simple? interactive?
A: simple, because it exists almost in all games and??interactive, because it need proper talking upon making the transaction..

Q: how does it work?
A: piece of cake..

1. find and negotiate with a player who have the item you want.. (through chat of course)
3. click on the player..
4. on the top-center part of the screen you?ll see his/her name, the MENU under it, and some buffs..
5. click on the menu and choose trade.
6. trade window appears. put in the needed item.
7. if both sides are ready, click OK.

-don?t be scammed, check the items before hitting the OK button
-don?t scam, you might be banned .. hehe
-prices aren?t fixed, HUGGLE..
-if you are buying and not sure about it, survey about its purpose and price.
-if selling, survey about the best price or offer it in an auction..


Done by setting up a stall.
Prices are fixed and must be set up in a place where players usually pass through..
takes time, dual client is advised..

Q: how to vend?
A: here are the steps

1. look for a nice loacation.
2. open your bag and locate the set stall icon.
3. when the stall window appears put in the items to be sold.
4. the price window appears, key in the amount you want.. for the item
5. put enough items and hit show items

-prices are fixed, so items in demand can be easily sold in a high price.. NO COMPLAINS..
-stay in crowded areas.
-use dual client.. one main, one seller..
-survey about the items price.

-items are priced per piece? NO..

if u put in items in bundle, put in the whole bundle?s price..

earn more!!


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