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My Guide To Lvl up Fast and What u must do Every Day by dragonlordabhi

Hi guys welcome to my third guide
first of all u can see my other two guides here

1.Pindus guide

2.buffs guide


Ok now first the lvling up section

Leveling up is really important in the game and we all like to lvl up fast
but its not so easy as u think in the higher lvls u need lots of exp to lvlup

The different ways to lvlup r:
2.faction crier
4.exp buffs(this costs e-gold check my buffs guide for more)
5.magic scrolls

First of all to see how much exp u need to lvlup
there r 2 ways

1.Exp bar
the number before the slash is the exp uve got and the no. after the slash is the exp needed

2. Stat window
the exp needed to next lvl and exh we have is shown

Ok now to lvl up fast

dailies r quest that can be done limited times a day
these r one of the fastest ways to lvlup and r free
the dailies for lvling up r mostly given by daily quest issuer they ask u to fight 50 monsters and as a rewards give tp, exp and silver
at lvl 88 to lvl 95 regions if u do dailies thrice a day u can lvl up once in two days and that is quite ok
this is a must atleast 2 times a day if u wanna lvlup quick

2.Faction crier
u can claim and turn in nameplates 1-6 for exp or tp
its not much i mean 200k exp for lvl 115 is like 5% of the bar
and u have chances of getting tp instead of exp so well not much exp
but if u give multiple plates at once with silver, gold or egold u can get quite some exp
here is pic and dialogue box

afking is not much but can help on??the long run
setting afk is easy first open afk window set skills dont forget to check auto-attack(important only for champ ao warrior) and auto-cast
then set potions if u want(not nessesary if monsters do less than 25 damage
then set revival this is only for mallers and is expensive and last set pet options if u need and then click save then start when u find a good destination with mobs giving good exp
and your char will start fighting the mobs for u even when u away
this is how the afk window looks like

4.exp buffs
a little slow way of leveling if u wanna know more about this see my buffs guide plz link at top of post
5.magic scrolls
a bit expensive but good
each scroll can b accessed only by a char of that lvl group
these scrolls give quest that reward exp
these scrolls can b bought at mall or got in curse zone3 and treasure land
there r different scrolls for each faction a spartan scroll is useless to a athen and vice-versa the name contains the type of scroll
here is a list
MAGIC SCROLL 3:gives 104500 exp LVL 50-60
SCROLL 4? ?? ?:125350 EXP LVL 61-70
5? ?? ?? ?? ? :146050 LVL 71-80
6? ?? ?? ?? ? :203400 LVL 81-90
7? ?? ?? ?? ? :226800 LVL 91-100
8? ?? ?? ?? ? :260625 LVL101-110
9? ?? ?? ?? ? :285000 LVL 106-110
10? ?? ?? ?? ?:310050 LVL 111-120



there r some things u can do everyday in order to get exp tp and scrolls and books

1.Wishing pool
must atleast once a day gives u skill book of your class chance of advance skill even if u dont get advance u can get silver
can do thrice a day must w8 one hour after every wish

2.faction crier
gives exp and tp must everyday helps in the long run
pic and dialogue

u can claim scrolls everyday its important if u r a lost book user
pic and dialogue


Newbie Guide:The best Way For up easily !

Hi It?s me Ming,Mage lvl 90 from plato(LadyMing) !
I give this guide for all newbies who start to play the game !
Sorry I haven?t screens for the moment,they will be here soon !


I-What to do? I am new to the game?

It?s not hard! Just follow this little guide!

When I create my character and I chose my zodiac sign, I?m in a place called Suburb?s Sparta / Athens !What should I do?

It?s simple, you?ll see an NPC named [Newbie Guide] Eugenias with a yellow question mark above his head!
Speak it! Accept the quest he gives you!
To open the quest menu, press Q and see what you have as objectives to be fulfilled!
You?ll see names in green are names (or monster or NPC to go)
Click on these names and you?ll be automatically directed to the place in question!
Theyellow exclamation mark means that your quest is finished so we must goback to the NPC (or press Q to check your quests! If Done is present,your quest is finished)!

The guide begins here! I?ve taught so far is something you should know already!
Go kill monsters now!
Complete quests, create a team and do you help!
You can use the search for find new quests,so press Q and choose Search !
You can also complete the tutorial Godswar!
You could see at the top right a red exclamation point!
Click above and see what you can complete!
You can not do everything at once! Just the most important!

(Coming soon: more comprehensive guide: How to start the game) => Full Price!

IV-Master & Apprentice
You have to ask abbord a Master!
For this, use the Polis in the Chat!
Click on All to Bottom Left and selected Polis and asks politely: ? ?I want a master please>>!
Someone invites you!
It must be level 50 or higher and you must be under lvl 30 that he!
You should only be two in the game!
A message appears in the middle of the screen and asks you if you want [Player Name] as master, answer yes!
Voila you have your master!
When you?ve reached level 50, you will receive 2k eGold and 100k of exp (you go directly up to lvl 52)!

(Use the search under the mini map and Sparta).
In Sparta, use again and select the Search ?The Crying Faction?
Speakto the NPC, claim A nameplate (The first sentence, you get a nameplatewith a figure below: Memorize this number), Give a Nameplate, in turnone and turn in ?<< Name Plate Here is the nameplate reçu.le that you figure that you remember them, looking from the list and voila, you get the exp!
You can claim a Nameplate every day except Sunday!
You earn a lot of EXP!

VI-The Newbie?s Bag
The Newbie?s bag will come in handy!
Eachobtained lvl 10, you click on the little red bag located in yourinventory and you receive gifts, ensure you have sufficient spacerequired (4 vacancies etc ?)
At lvl 20, you get a Nameplate, so you get two Nameplate after Claiming your other Nameplate!
The Newbie?s bag gives objects as gifts!
You must normally be at 28/29!

VII-Magic Scroll 0(xD,0 because the Magic Scroll 1 is at the lvl 51)
Voila you are level 28/29!
You should normally receive 3 Magic Scroll!
Use 1: It gives you a quest: to kill 100 monster!
Before that, I gotta learn about els armor to wear!
There are two types of monsters: those that attack in melee and those who attack using magic!
So every 10 lvl The Beginner?s Guide to godswar (red exclamation point) gives you E-gold and equipment!
For monsters that attack in melee, use the armor with the physical defense and magic, magic defense!
Create yourself a team (or you can do it alone if you?re strong enough) and kill the monsters!

VIII-100 monsters oO
Well Well, you beat the 100 monsters!
Returns in city (Sparta / Athens)!
Click on the quest or mark it Done and click on the name of the NPC!
voila, you earn 78 000 EXP!
Do this quest 3 times, you should be level 40 (almost)!
Well you can open your newbie?s bag now and then: You get War materials!

IX-War Materials(You must have a guild before)
You have received War Materials !
A sword,a bag,a pharmacy product etc?
Before using this you need a guild!
Use the Polis (Le Chat)
ChoosePolis and asked to incorporate a guild with a message indiquand yourlevel and a polite phrase, which made a friend invite you!
Now, use the Searc War and Supplier!
Speak to him and gives him the material (all)!
You earn 25 000 EXP (100 to 000 EXP 4)
OO what?s just, I need more> You have e-gold!
You?ve got ? (I think xD) ? and some 2664 or less than that!
Search, E-Gold Shop and buy two War Materials in the Goods section (or Make)!
This will make you -400/460 E-Gold! (Ca down but do not worry, there is a much faster way to repay you!
Return to beg war, gives him both material!
(You can give war materials that 6 per day to your guild!
To participate, you are given the exp and contribution!

X-The quest Issuer
Now you can go see the Issuer Quest!
(Q button on the keyboard, Search) and look at the quests available!
You certainly do have quests: Revenge and Great Threat in your list!
Click it and you?ll be heading to the issuer quest!
You have to kill 50 monsters!
do the 2 quests at once and go back to the issuer Quest!
Complete, you receive 60 000 EXP!
You can start (You can do the quest 3 times per day)



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