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Make your character powerful with minimum goldFirst of all, I need to say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, different players may have different opinions upon the attributes, well, here, I just offer some suggestion about choosing gears and forging:

At the beginning, let me introduce all kinds of attributes in GWO (if you are already familiar with them, just skip and ignore it):

1 attack: increase the basic attack of your character, you can upgrade the lv of this attribute by strengthening
2 magic attack: increase the basic magic attack of your character, you can upgrade the lv of this attribute by strengthening
3 physical damage: increase the final damage against your target
4 magic damage: increase the final magic damage against your target
Note: the difference between damage and attack is: attack increases your attack power directly while damage magnify the effect against your target, for example, if the original attack is 100, then you get a piece of gear with lv1 attack(+19), your attack become 119; and, if you replace it with another one with lv1(+1%) damage, your attack will be still 100, but you can get the extra 1% damage bonus.
5 hit rate: if your hit rate is not enough, there would be lots of miss, it apples to magic attack as well in the game
6 dodge: opposite to hit rate, it applies to magic damage as well in this game
7 critical: increase the rate of critical strike, the damage of critical strike is 150% of the normal one. This attribute is perfect for PVP.
8 critical resistance: opposite to critical, decrease the rate of suffering critical strike against your character
9 hit rating buff: increase the success rate of those skills that can add negative buff to your target, it can’t increase your hit rate
10 dodge rating buff: opposite to hit rating buff, it decrease the rate of suffering negative buff
11: increase healing: increase the power of healing skill, so, it is only for priest but useless for others
12 healing done: increase the effect when your character is healed no matter by healing skills or potion.
13 max HP/MP: add the maximum HP /MP of your character, you can upgrade the lv of this attribute by strengthening
14 damage absorption: deduct the final damage your character suffer, including physical damage and magic damage
15 HP /MP res speed: increase HP/MP restoration speed, it is good for PVE when you use AFK system
16 defense/magic defense: simple, increase physical/magic defense.

The only code of choosing gears is: WHAT DO YOU NEED MOST???For example, take champion for instance, most of us consider critical, is the most important, then attack, damage, hit rate, max HP, after these you can consider critical resistance ,dodge, max HP, at last , you can consider max HP, healing done, defense , hit rating buff etc. So, you can simply seek for attributes according to the priority. F? ?? ???or example, looking at weapon, check it whether there is the option critical first, looking at pare of boots, check it whether there is the option dodge, critical resistance or max HP since you cant get critical or attack from boots, besides these 3 attributes, you can consider damage absorption, however, if you use potion frequently or act in raid, increase healing would be better.

And my suggestion is:
Weapon: critical, lv4 attack, physical damage or hit rate or lv4 max HP
Helmet:??critical , hit rate, lv4 attack, lv4 max HP
Armor: Dodge, lv4 defense, lv4 max HP, lv4 damage absorption or healing done
Belt: critical resistance, lv4max HP, lv4 defense, lv4 magic defense
Boots: dodge, critical resistance,lv4 max HP, lv4damage absorption
Leggings: dodge, critical resistance, lv4 defense, lv4 magic defense, (healing done is good as well)
Gloves: critical, lv4 attack, physical damage, hit rate
Cuff: hit rate, critical resistance, lv4 defense or magic defense or healing done
Amulet: dodge, critical resistance,lv4 max MP(you need enough MP to cast AOE skills),
Rings: critical, physical damage, lv4 attack lv4 and max HP

It is hard to find all perfect gears, sometimes items with 3 options are better than ones with 4 for you have to delete the useless attribute at last.

How can I forge my gears with minimum gold?


1???Target at EPIC
COMMON → ENHANCED:? ?? ?? ?1G1+25C1? ?? ???100%
ENHANCED →DELICATE? ?? ???1G1+25C1? ?? ???80%
DELICATE →??GOOD? ?? ???1G1+25C1? ?? ???45%
GOOD →SUPERIOR? ?? ???1G2+25C1? ?? ???43%
SUPERIOR →Classic? ?? ???1G2+25C2? ?? ???63%
Classic→ Eternal? ?? ?? ?1G3+25C2? ?? ???41%
Eternal → Epic? ?? ???1G3+24C3? ?? ???100%

2???Reach to GRADE 10
1→2? ?? ???1G1+20C1? ?? ???100%
2→3? ?? ???1G1+25C1? ?? ???85%
3→4? ?? ???1G1+25C1? ?? ???55%
4→5? ?? ???1G2+25C1? ?? ???48%
5→6? ?? ???1G2+25C1? ?? ???33%
6→7? ?? ???1G3+25C2? ?? ???66%
7→8? ?? ???1G3+25C2? ?? ???51%
8→9? ?? ???1G3+25C2? ?? ???31%
9→10? ?? ???1G3+25C3? ?? ???100%
If you are a maller, you simply to forge all gears to Eternal and Grade 8 (weapon should be Epic), for common players, superior/grade6 would be your best choice, because lv2 crystal is not required, the total cost is not so much.

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