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According to many different stats for eqs and the way player is organizing their talent points, there are many styles of playing in Godswar Online. Some of these styles are getting old, and some of them remains useful. I?ll analysis every different styles of playing for characters:High Attack : Building up attack is very useful when a new server is released, basically, just try to add attack stat to your eqs, as much as possible, with percentage bonus,??and forge them to grade 10 *mallers*, in order to achieve as much attack as possible, most players is using level 80 ring until level 120, given up 6500+ HP *before update, epic health ring only gives 1600+, but after update, epic health ring gives 3270*. As long as there are no expert player in your opponent?s faction, its very easy to get reputations anytime you want, during war time, after casting few aoes, you can see a lots of players lying on the floor, either saying ?that you a noob ? -,? or ?you are breaking the balance of the game,? Who cares, you have high attack, you rulez, who cares about what they are saying. The style of High Attack is also called Instant Killing Style.? But one thing, at late game, if you are pvping an expert player, you?ll be the one lying on the floor, please note that, using level 80 ring to level 120 only gives 200+ attack, compare to 6500+ health, you can see the advantage and disadvantage, in conclusion, the high attack style is only good at beginning, where there are only a few epic grade 10 players, but at late game, the amount of mallers and marathon expert increases, its pointless fully concentrating on building up attack. At this stage, players should change their attack ring to health ring.??

Critical Style: The rises of high attack style players is usually trying to get as much critical as possible, and thats the rises of critical style players. In Godswar, critical deals way more damage than just a normal hit, around 1.5 times of normal hit *forgot >_<* under many circumstances, one critical can change the entire situation. Although it really depends on luck, but 3 digits critical is has higher chance than 2 digits critical, therefore, many High Attack style players is trying to get as much critical as possible, this style of playing is favorited by many late gammers.

Dodge Style: Dodge style is one of the the most important stat when forging eqs, high dodge not only benefits when pvping, but killing bosses/elites as well, when killing bosses/elites, higher dodge rate is even more important than defence/magic defence, for players who?d decided to play a high dodge character, after adding dodge to each eqs, as much as possible, they can easily get 700+ dodge, for any level players with around 500 hit rating, even if they are wearing full set of epic grade 10 , they are just giving out reputation to you, no need to worry about, the rises of this style is gathering the attention of hit rating, each players must atleast have around 700 hit rate in the end, then its getting a bit useless for players to have dodge on their eqs, but one thing, you still need dodge no matter what, firstly, its better than nothing, secondly, its useful when fighting bosses/elites.

High Defence Style: This style of playing rises at the same time as the rises of warrior, before the first epic grade 10 warrior apppears, any champ can get rid of common eqs warrior, it used to be a fight between warrior players and live support, they are recommending to strengthen the basic stats of warrior, also, change some of its skills also, but not any more after when the first epic grade 10 warrior appears, physical defence easily go over 3k, a normal champ with 4.5k attack only deal around around 9.4k damage without critical, but dont forget, warrior have atleast over 40k health, 9.4k damage is nothing to them, and one skill from champ = almost half of its mana gone?.. since champ have the weakest defence out of every single job *mage have weaker health, but double absorb talent*,killing champ isnt a hard thing at all.

HP Style: If my memory serves me correctly, the first player i?ve seem to build up HP is a champ in chinese server, i still remember his name => 0,0??many people started to call him glassman, he?s the first player to get champ?s health over 30k in chinese server, around 5 years ago. Higher HP = more chances of surviving. It does not only give advantage when pvping, but boss hunting as well, because when boss hunting, dodge might gets a bit malfunction * this always happens, around 800 dodge always tasted a few consecutive breath of fire from pluto * , as long as you have high HP, tasting a few consecutive hit doesnt really matter, since your priest will start healing your lifebar back.

Styles above are just basic ways of playing, there is a very cheap style i?ve seem, its just, unbeatable, gay, and cheap, the person who invented that, is the same person who invented the HP style of playing, => 0,0 *clap clap*

Healing Done: please note that healing done and increase healing buff effect is a completely different stat, increase healing buff effect is only for priest, but healing done is available for every single players, you can have it on helmet, glove, ring, pendant, weapon, glove, armor, sleeve, legging and boot, every single one, grade 10 healing done gives 15 percent, imagine having healing done on every single eqs, how much would that give? how much healing when using a mall pot? 7000HP pot = 20K+ heal, no one is able to kill a player like that, unless getting ganked by a few expert players at the same time, imagine it took you ages to get his health to 50%, then suddently, back to 85%, then 100%.

Caution: Its okay for you to choose a few styles of playing at the same time, since there are 4 stats for each availble eqs.
Wish everyone the best luck on choosing correct eqs, dont waste money forging rubbish epic grade 10.

Atlast,just uploading a warrior with full healing ? ?


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