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Granado Espada v2.2 to v2.4 Prep Pointers Guide


Granado Espada v2.2 to v2.4 Enhanced/Revised/Prep Pointers Guide by ShenLuo


for lazy ppl looking for key hints and short pointers,skip directly to the prep advice will do(i have highlighted some good things there)

1.Source are included for those who are japanese literate,in case they wish to do a read up

2.some info not included are as such
-unimportance minor adjustment
?unable to understand T_T sorry my knowledge is limited
-most cash shop costume and other items
-bugs and changes to things that are not in our current versionv2.2

3.Names of items,maps,monsters,skills may vary as they may change it


-Skullic dungeon FT added
Moveement speed of Mobs in FT skullic dungeon nerfed

-Jail function/area added
>for the GM use only

-Bahmar map added
Area is accesible by going to ustuir map,its directly located above ustuir.

-10Areas in Bahamarl added.
Bahamarl base camp,Bahamarl witch house,Bahamarl witch room,Bahamarl witch house,Bahamarl marsh,Bahamarl Shady and Dark swamp,Bahamarl eternal swamp,Bahamarl witch swamp,Bahamarl underground cave LV1,Bahamarl underground cave LV2.

i wonder why the same description is mentioned twice,and yet the head count is also taken into consideration
so i presume Bahamarl witch house is 2areas?.. or?

Super Fight added(More info will be updated on v2.4 updates below)
Super fight(A PKable map with boss and monster)
-Other than squad mates and faction mates,all others are subjective to PK
-Each session lasts 2hours
-Warp gate open for 5mins
-can claim reward from respective town npc if u manage to loot the seal

a)Poison yard added
Coimbra bridge;warp gate will appear 2times a day, 8pm and 1030pm (+8gmt)
*Time may be subjective to changes
each session last 2hours.after 2hours,all users will be warp back to the gate.Dead players will be returned to barracks.
Monsters,Boss Gerero and Chimera,Players Pking all awaits u here.

b)battle coloseum added
for LV99 and below only
cite de rebold,Queen gate;warp gate will appear 2times a day,730pm and 10pm (+8gmt)
*Time may be subjective to changes
after a certain time,one of the npc of cite de rebold will appear as a boss monster.

c)Secret garden added
for family with at least 1vet in your team
Auch Thueringenwald Lakeside;warp gate will appear 2times a day,830pm and 11pm(+8gmt)
*Time maybe subjective to changes
After a certain time boss diablo and skeleton of chaos awaits u here

================================================== =================================

2.EQ & Items info
Bahmar new items added
-rune wall series eq
-serpent series eq
-chess series eq
-new elites eq

-Veteran items added
-Vikki weapons added

-High Quality Gem recipes on sale at Auch Merchant
Ingredients needed for Gem Recipes are changed
(Recruited missK can craft gems with recipe)
*she possess crafting gems personal skill
-HQ Recipe *(Contributed by Voyage)
Costs 5m each at Auch City Merchant

Triumph filler*3
Magic Stone*5

-LV100 costume recipe on sale at cite de rebold
Andre is able to craft Veteran LV100 costume

npc Andre cant craft the LV100 costume
***only rnpc LV100 andre in your barracks can
not sure if these costume has any stats like armor or is it just plain costume =.=??? need some detail ss of the made recipe for more info T_T)

***BOXes adjustment***
-A?s box gives
costume & hats
*2new hat for A?s box are added

Another 3 hat added
-Grandure hat added
-Alejandro hat added
-Cath Fighter hat added

-K?s box gives
Hair,Face & back costume
*5new hair for K?s box are added

K?s box
-Grandure hair added

-Probability of getting Stance ring in Ring boxes are increased

?Ballem box renewal
*Zone boss spinnelle drop rate increased
*Potion drops rate decreased
*Gem drop rate are added
*EQ drop increased

================================================== ================================

-Raid drops increased
-Ice field drop rate increased
-Ice field and Bahmar map areas mega ores drops are implemented
-*FT of mansion drops adjustment
Otite,strange cogwheel,strange spring,strange clock,strange hinge,strange tube is added as drops

-Raid item is distributed according to who contribute the most,thus the higher your squad damage the better
-Bahmar raid added;Bahmar underground cave1 & 2 raid map

================================================== =================================

4.Bahmar quest added
5.Ustiur base camp warehouse service is available after completing his quest.

================================================== =================================

6.RNPC recruitment quests
?Vikki recruitment quest added
(to be activated on any wednesday)

?Miss K recruitment quest added
Little info on MissK quest
-when 1st talking to her,u need to have one character wearing LV84 EQ as the leader to talk to her,
-thereafter,u need to have andre as leader to talk to her again
(*the quest did not state that your andre must be LV84)

?Angie Recruitment quest added
(*Angie card cannot be traded nor dropped)
================================================== =================================

8.Characters And info
-Warlock domination stance modified
?????????????????????, ??? 50%??????????
-attack of right hand is right hand,attack of left hand=50% of the sum of( both left hand +right hand)
*If some of u all know how to rephrase this,pls let me know or correct me thanks
-basic attack speed is increased

Cancel skill is added as a personal skill

-Healing powers will be improved
if upon level up your stats is either added to dex or int.
(i wonder how much diff the healing has if u have already or have intention to add to this )

-Face of cath summoner changed

-Some characters interface images changed

================================================== =================================
-Squad size and friends list size are expanded

-A single digit counter is implemented on buff icons

-Family info interface changes

-PK req lower to LV5
Family LV5 and above will be Pkable

-Security software upgraded.
if upon success of detection of external programs or modification,client will auto exit.

-5th barracks added

-costume box the one at cite de rebold that is use for exchanging thingy will be in every town beside the cash shop npc
=.=?? i dont think i care much about that dustbin LOL its gives useless thingy =.=?

-yes or no command will appear if u drag a thing and put in the costume dustbin

================================================== =================================


New map Land of DEAD added
-In order to enter it
1.in baron status or(if u are not in baron status,u may use an otite perfume(a cash shop item)to enter the los toldos

2.another cash item(mystic powder) is needed(will be expensed upon using ; 1time usage only) to enter land of dead

*upon no1+2 is fulfilled talk to a person in los toldos to get to Land of Dead

-Other than Squadmates,all others are Pkable

-new baron rnpc recruitment quest awaits u here
either Kurt/Edward,u can only choose one of them,if u want two u have to buy the other card from ppl
(refer to gilliam guide in the quest section for more details)

As u can see the diff of fighter and baron rnpc
the skill damage is abit diff
The baron rnpc has higher damage even though they have some same skills

-new recipes are also sold by the npc here
upon quest completion
================================================== ================================
Brief desciption on 3 impt cash item
1.otite perfume (lasts 24hour)zzmojazz
-ensure no baron item drop penalty
-act as a key for (nonPK server ppl) to enter los toldos

2.mystic powder
-on expense as per usage(1 time use to enter Land of dead)

3.Wheel of destiny
-Last 1 day for u to activate the baron rnpc quest


Box contents
-A?s box updated
3 new hats added

-K?s box updated
1 new back costume added

-Ring box updated
9 types of skill ring added
9 type of stance ring added

================================================== ================================

-whoever PK u before,that murderer family name will be review to u in system msg.
thus if u read back the desire history u will know who pk-ed u if the msg is not flooded with too much aftermath text

-will take a longer time for griffon egg to respawn

-veteran pose=disco pose added

================================================== =================================
v2.3 completed


1.Maps/Areas Related
-New map Gigante island added
(to access it buy a ticket from Port of Coimbra)

Gigante(Bahia) Isle
-Gigante contour map added
a)Treasure hunting quest added
b)talk to the npc here to activate it.
c)Search fpr 10boxes,and talk to npc again for rewards
*only on channel1

-Gigante harbour added
Gigante Harbour/port = Battle arena for PvM fun

?Mineral Ores exchanging Machine
using ores to exchange for items

?Mission4 added
u may use 1000 reputation points in exchange for a random mission at gigante(bahia) isle npc

Mini-Games added
-Gigante harbour/port = scissors paper stone game
-Gigante contour= capybara notes,watermelon slicing,etc

-Fire island map added (PKserver=Pkable)(NonPK server=maybe is not a PKable map)

-Crater area added maybe also PKable

?Treasure hunt implemented on Fire isle
a)buy the key from the npc and go hunt for the hidden box
b)Hunt and search the area within a time limit with the assistance of skill >detection
c)upon using detection if successful finding the box,it will appear with yur name so that others unable to LootSteal U
*only on channel1

?Ballem Ruins Added
a)Enter from channel1 at from fire isle at gigante(bahia) isle
b)PKable map
c)u can only enter it as a specific time(sorry no time is mention here =.=??)
d)u need a ballem key to enter
e)only a maximum of 20 ppl can enter
f)the number of special ballem box to appear will be corresponding to the number of families entering
(if 6 entered=6boxes,20entered=20boxes)
g)random zone boss,BOSS will be summoned(upon touching such boxes)

?Super Fight Details &Timing; alterations
Super fight(A PKable map with boss and monster)
Other than squad mates and faction mates,all others are subjective to PK
*Warp gate will only be opened for 5mins
each session last 1.5hours,after 1.5hours all users will be warp back to the gate.
????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????.
1.Battle colosuem
*for LV99 and below only
cite de rebold,Queen gate;warp gate will appear 2times a day
***Time may be subjective to changes
-1st session begins at 1900hrs/7pm
-Boss comes out at 1930hrs/730pm
-Session ends at 2030hrs/830pm

-2nd session begins at 2100hrs/9pm
-Boss comes out at 2130hrs/930pm
-Session ends at 2230hrs/1030pm
????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????.
2.Poison Yard
Coimbra bridge;warp gate will appear 2times a day
***Time may be subjective to changes
Monsters,Boss Gerero and Chimera
-1st session begins at 1930hrs/730pm
-Boss comes out at 2000hrs/8pm
-Session ends at 2100hrs/9pm

-2nd session begins at 2130hrs/930pm
-Boss comes out at 2200hrs/10pm
-Session ends at 2300hrs/11pm
????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????.
3.Secret Garden
for family with at least 1vet in your team
Auch Thueringenwald Lakeside;warp gate will appear 2times a day
***Time maybe subjective to changes
Monsters,boss diablo and skeleton of chaos
-1st session begins at 2000hrs/8pm
-Boss comes out at 2030hrs/830pm
-Session ends at 2130hrs/930pm

-2nd session begins at 2200hrs/10pm
-Boss comes out at 2230hrs/1030pm
-Session ends at 2330hrs/1130pm
????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????????.. ????????????.

-Super fight at 12pm time slot is added

?Interviewing Hall added<<< OMFG what the heck is this?
its added in cite de rebold,auch,port of coimbra
*u need to buy keys from npc to enter it
(it never mention wat is it used for) =.=

?2nd Floor of FT skullic added
(to access it enter the warp from the 1st floor of skullic FT)

================================================== ================================

2.Raids/Monster related Info
-Gigante fire island raid added
-Gigante crater raid added

*More Zone boss added
-RionPaire=Big Cockatrice
-FerrocioJunction=StripeSaberBoar Leader
-RionDungeon Corridor=HollowPandaruBear Leader
-RionDungeon Hollow=RionBear Leader
-Cathari Falls=Skeleton Leader
-Jezebel glen=BadelierPirate Leader
-Old port of coimbra=Skeleton Leader
-El lago de tres hermanas=Sunflower Monkey LOL wat a name !
-Ustuir Zone 1=Saber tiger
-Ustiur Zone 2=Saber tiger
-Skullic LV1=Skeleton Fighter Leader
-Scorching Plateau=
-FerrocioWall=GrimReaper Leader
-Abertal=Worker Capybara Leader
-AL Q Moreza=??????????
-Tetra Ruins Dungeon=???????????????
-Lava Plateau of Joaquin=Mahrgorp Leader
-PortoBello=Gavi di Gavi Leader
-Bahmar Swamp=Spider ClubLeader
-Bahmar Eternal Swamp= ????????????

-Spawn time of Monster in Land of dead is lengthen(longer time to spawn)

================================================== ================================

3.Rnpc related Quests
?Galcia Hingis recruitment quest added

?Soso recruitment quest added

================================================== ================================

4.Characters,Skills and etc

?Quest for vikki stance added
new skill req specific item in order to summon it

?Resusitation & Dispel can only be cast on Squad mates

?Martial Arts Characters are able to wear scout armor

?Martial Arts character personal skills added/implemented
1.Gracielo Personal skill: Lightning Element added,attack speed up,movement speed up,defense down
2.Gurtrude- Mind attack&Mind; defense up,defense up. movement speed down.
3.Irawan-Will of the warrior buff,more attack is added but the speed bonus is removed
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________
-Wizards & Elementalist Skills changes
u will sure like this trust me LOL

-Reflection skill is modified to Energy shield skill
upon using Reflection skill,a portion of SP is deducted upon damage being received

i not sure how it really works but it definitely reminds me of

maple ah? =.=?
PKO ah? XD
zzzzzzz it somehow resembles of how it will work??..it may even be similar usage too.

-Reflection Ring will be changed to Energy Shield Ring

-attacking range of levitation stance are reduced

-photon splash longer cool down time
-photon splash will expense 1 magical orb per usage

-hole of darkness longer cool down time
-hole of darkness will expense 2 magical orbs per usage

-magical piercing can now reduce opponent mental resistance

?upon using invisible stalker,your movement speed and defense is not reduced anymore.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

-Activate Mana skill changes to Elemental Protect

-Activate Mana ring changed to Elemental Protect Ring

??????????????????????????????? 1?????, ?????????
After casting ?Elemental Blessing?, you will be allowed to defend against any attack once. After blocking the attack, ?Elemental Blessing? will be gone
-????????, ?????????, ??????????, ??????????????????????????
Meteor Strike, Firewall, Blazing Pillar, Volcanic Eruption damage increased(Credits to Gaoneng)

================================================== ================================

5.Items,EQ and etc
New items added
-crater raid item added
-??????weapons 4types added
(sorry unable to interpret what katakana it trying to mean?. defurodain weapons?)=.=
-4 types of veteran gloves added
-4 types of veteran boots added

-Los Toldos npc sell elite skullic bracer recipe

?Special bullet refilling device will be on all towns
(not sure how this works or whats its usefulness)
(it seems to say u buy bullets by entering the desire amount of bullets u desire?..but i not really sure is this the case)
but its price is abit more costly than the item shop bullets.

-The ring destroyer now able to destroy both ring and necklace
destroy ring=random gem
destroy necklace=jewel powder to make new necklace

-Necklace Recipe LV96 on sale at auch merchant
6types of necklace recipe
1.physical resistance
2.shot resistance
3.mental resistance
4.fire resistance
5.ice resistance
6.lightning resistance
7.and others unknown recipes

================================================== ================================

6.Some Cash Shop Items(i only mention those that are more impt and useful)(some costume are not mentioned)
***(cash shop is subjective to be released sooner or later)

-Cash shop merchant added at Gigante(Bahia) isle & Bahmar map

a)Expert promotion scroll released
Expert gives u
+1 stats

-b)Cash Item Vanishing Preventor
*to prevent EQ from vanishing if fail to upgrade
Its a one time preventive measure/usage

if u have a +5 item and u wish to make it +6
other than using enchantment booster to boost its success rate
u also can use this item and press the upgrade button.

If it fail,your EQ will still be there,(but not sure is it a +5 or clean),and the vanishing preventor will be expensed/used.
If it passes Good luck,but your vanishing preventor will still be expensed/used.

its categorise into 2types
1.for normal items
+5 -> +6 (item will not be lost if failed)
+6 -> +7(item will not be lost if failed)

2.for vet items(i guessing its any eq thats LV100 or any item that has description that that stated as vet items)
+5 -> +6 (item will not be lost if failed)
+6 -> +7(item will not be lost if failed)

================================================== ================================

?Baron system changes
upon death LV1-LV2 have a chance of dropping inventory items
upon death LV3-LV5 have a chance of dropping Equipped items
*Item drop rate is lowered aka rare,but baron points tougher to clear.

-5s delay is added even if u were to end game immediately
(prevention of BARON unfair abusement)

-u cannot open a warp if u engage a battle
5s cool down from battle is needed to open a warp
(in idle non battle engagement should be ok)

-Glasses Switch board Removed
-K?s box Glasses type of items removed

-Able to store cash item into your warehouse

?New Bot Reporting system added.
what i can just tell u its roughly like
-within 2min,if no response,victim will be sent to jail area
-if 3times of faulty answer,victim will be sent to jail area as well.
-during the verification process,the victim will be unable to warp,return barracks,or log out
-if u correctly answer the verification,no one can disturb u or check u again within 10mins.
(however if u warp,return barracks,log out,these 10mins will be resetted and ppl can verify u again)
-u cannot do this verfication check on a foe aka BARON?
-this cannot be done during CW

(i think its better for us to try it to know how it really works)

-diff chat mode diff colour

================================================== =================================
v2.4 Completed

Noobie/Quickie Guide

in prep of v2.4
what i advised players are

1.hunt vikki quest of strange parts 1st
20 strange cogwheels
20 strange hinges
20 strage tube
20 strange spring
20 strange clock

2.try vet your andre,only a vet andre can craft the level 100 costume recipe(on sale in cite de rebold)

3.dont buy ridiculously overpriced HQ gems
HQ recipe is on sale at auch city
a new rnpc Miss K is able to craft them out with proper desire materials
(u need andre to be in yur family in order to recruit her)

4.save yur andre box to spam after v2.4 is done patching

5.save your ballem box to spam after v2.4 is done patching

6.have at least one vet in your family
so as to allow u enter the Secret Garden for hunting purposes

7.have at least 3members of LV99 and below
So as to enter the coloseum

8.as for elites ,i wont say much,u shall judge yourself if it will be cheaper or more expensive than now after v2.4 is out
but with the info i read thus far i think it has higher chances to be cheaper than now

9.gear up yourself for war,train abit pvp,be mentally prepared for PK chaos.

LV100 serpent series weapons
chess series weapons
new elites EQ will also be unleahed upon v2.4 happen

?????????????????????????(newly added info)
10.Do not use your ring boxes now!
save it up and spam after v2.4 also
Probability of getting Stance rings is increased

Plan wisely
Spend wisely
Save wisely


FAQs for intelligent and frequent ask questions

Q1.should i spam the golden well for the ballem box before or after the patch?
Q2.will there be any changes in the golden well?

A1.Before is better
A2.there is no info mention about the golden well is being changed or etc
but i do recommend to spam the well ASAP before v2.4
just in case they removed the well


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