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Helloo everyone! And welcome back to another GTA Onlone guide, where today I’m gonna be seeing if the newly released APC, has obseleted the Rhino Tanks. Let’s get right to the video, shall we? So as the long existing tank of the GTA series, the Rhino has been the main piece of hardware of choice, if someone wanted to reek havoc in the town of the GTA map that they were playing in.(i.e Liberty City, San Andreas) But now with GTA Gunrunning DLC’s APC (armoured personal carrier) now in town, is the Rhino now obselete? Well, let’s take a look at the statistics of both vehicles, shall we? Both vehicles fire off the same projectile if the APC is fitted with the standard gun and both have very similar top speed with the APC being a little faster. But that’s all both the vehicles have in common, really. The APC is not only faster, but it has a smaller form factor allowing it to drive into more cramped areas that the Rhino Tank otherwise wouldn’t be able to drive into.

Its armour is alot tougher than the Rhino’s being able to take about twice the hits the Rhino can take. And the option of adding an even more powerful weapon just blows the Tank into pieces. Figureatively speaking, that is. (And literrally.) And that’s not even including the proxy mines and side gunners of the APC to add to it.

One good thing I can say about the tank is that it’s a lot more simple to operate. You just get in the Tank and whamo, you have access to both driving and shooting controls at the same time. Whereas with the APC, if you’re not fortunate enough to have any friends to act as gunners for you, you’re gonna have to switch between driving mode and shooting mode by using the change seat controls.

But, to be fair, a vehicle that I can spawn from my garage, more than makes up for the lack of simultaneous vehicle and firing controls. The Rhino Tank is a Pegasus vehicle, and will most likely remain a pegasus vehicle for the rest of GTA Online’s life span. And, unless there’s an update to change this, Rhino Tank users are gonna have to deal with: “Oh, we’re sorry but we can’t be bothered delivering your vehicle today.

Try again later can you? Yeah thanks.” But the Rhino Tank, I would have to say, isn’t compeltely obsolete. Because although the APC is a way better vehicle it still requires the commandeering of atleast 2 people for it to be effective in combat. And so, if you have a bunch of friends to fight for you, like to help you out doing missions and the such, I would actually recommend the usage of Tanks over APC’s.

Unless you have only 2 friends to help you out, in which case, I’d recommend an APC. Basically, if you have more than 2 friends to help you out, go for the strategy of having them all drive Rhinos. Mainly so you can be in more places at once, compared to cramming multiple units into 1 vehicle, and having them in one target. To show you what I mean buy this, I’ve organised a sort of mini epic battle of GTA senario, where the first battle will involve 2 APC’s versus 2 Tanks, so, let’s see what happens, shall we? [EPIC MUSIC] Man, those Tanks got totally rekt! (Ha ha noobs) Now let’s see what happens when we have, hmmm, 5 Tanks against 2 APC’s [WAAAARRRRR!!!!!] [MORE EPIC MUSIC] Ooohhh. Those APC’s didn’t stand a chance.

Incase the Tanks had a fluke, let’s repeat that same battle, shall we? [Waarrr!] [More epic music!] As you can see, the amount of targets that the APC’s have to shoot at is to much for them, and it overwhelms them. And the larger amount of inferior hardware actually helps out in this case for the Tanks. And I hope you found this video interesting! If you did, make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the Pyrerealm Gaming channel for loads more GTA Online videos coming to you very soon. See you around, everyone..

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