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*Christmas Music Plays* Chromemobile: Master Zenko, a new muscle car has been released to the world. Get off your lazy bum and make the video. Pyrerealm: What? On Christmas day? Chromemoble: Yes. On Christmas Day. Because Rockstar doesn’t know how humans function. Pyrerealm: *Groans* It’s Christmas. I just want to relax. Chromemobile: But that’s your job, isn’t it? Pyrerealm: Sure, yeah, but it’s Christmas man. Why would they release new content on Christmas? Chromemobile: That’s human life, I guess. Pyrerealm: Why don’t you do it? Chromemobile: What? Pyrerealm: You do the review. Chromemobile: Me? Pyrerealm: Yeah, why not? Consider it a Christmas gift from me to you, Mr.

Chrome. Chromemobile: I can’t do a car review, when I run around on four wheels myself. Pyrerealm: What are you saying? Your super advanced quantum AI can’t handle it? Chromemobile: What? No, I just thought… Fine, I’ll do the video. I’ll make one hell of a goddamn car review, you just watch! Pyrerealm: *chuckles* That saves me a lot of work. *Robot sounds* Chromemobile: What’s up, you human players of Grand Theft Auto V? Today, we have a new vehicle in the form of the Vapid Clique, a muscle car added to the game on the 25th of December 2018. Yes that’s right, Christmas Day. As if we didn’t already have enough stuff to look out for the big day.

Anyways, the car can be purchased for the price of $909,000 from Legendary Motorsport, and do not worry, the thumbnail image for the car does not actually include the bow on top as standard. That is only if you apply the Christmas livery on the top. You can apparently get the car for free if you log into Online on Christmas Day 2018, but Master’s Zenko reports that no Five figure discount is apparent. When he looks on the store and does not want to risk his precious human currency for such a car, that he has not fussed about. Anyways, looking at the customization examples here, you can see that the car has quite to offer, including the aforementioned festive bow on the top, which is only applied if you apply the Christmas livery. Come to think of it, this is probably the only car in the game that gets natural geometric visual enhancement through a livery, rather than just being a texture replacement. Interesting. *Robot Sounds* Anyways, we need to take it out for a test drive to see how good the car is, But there’s just one problem.

Can you guess? No worries! For I have the ability to use my Quantum Powered Supercomputing possesive abilities, to hack the menu of this car and drive it remotely, as if I have become the car itself. *Evil Laughing* Now that we have the thing in remote drive, the car is surprisingly fast for its visual aesthetics. It accelerates fast and has a pretty high top speed! Handling wise, the car is very light on the steering, allowing me to make it pull off some hectic drifts here.

In the city environment, this car’s top speed is quite apparent, Making it rather unstable at high speed when also trying to corner, while taking on the various bumps and hills that the city offers. Not to mention its suspension, when the car is set to the lowest suspension possible. Off-road however, the car is actually very fun to drive, even when the car’s chassis keeps bottoming out. It makes it feel like a rally car a lot of times, which is pretty not even considering what kind of car this is. The Clique is a muscle car which allows for it to pull off insane wheelies.

Though the wheelies are not quite as good as some other cars, though it is possible to pull off a zero to top speed wheelie and is highly satisfying to pull off. It should raise the dopamine levels of a human by at least 69%. *laughing* Let’s see just how fast this thing is in a drag performance test and see if this car is worth owning, even if you have to buy the thing! So it would seem that the Clique has the same kind of performance ‘frame perfect’ to that of the Apocalypse Dominator, so take that as you will.

Overall, if you have a ton of money and want a car that has some aerodynamic bows on the top, then this is the car for you. Otherwise, let us know in the comments. What you think about this car, and if you happen to be watching this video on the day that we released it then have a very Merry Christmas to you and have a very shiny and chromey new year. Otherwise, well this awkward. You should probably subscribe to the channel, so you can stay up to date on this crap. In any case, hope you enjoyed and we will see you around for future videos. Goodbye humans!.

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