GTA 5 – How to Make $2.1 Billion


What’S happening, everybody John Right here with IGN And we’re looking at what it takes to get rich in Grand Theft. Auto 5. Now I don’t mean big score: 40 million dollars rich I’m talking about Devin Weston, penthouse, 2.1 billion dollars, rich billion with a B. That’S right! You can become a billionaire if you follow one simple rule: Don’t do any of lester’s assassination missions until after you’ve completed the final heist, If you’ve already played to the game on 360 or PS3, you probably knew this already, But if you’re just visiting Los Santos for The first time: here’s how to take that measly 38 or 39 million you made during the big score and turn it into some serious walking around money.

Once you pull off the Union Depository heist and finish the game, You should have about 38 million dollars in each Character’s bank account Maybe a little bit more. If you helped out the FIB and spoilers killed Trevor. Lester still has four assassination contracts for you to complete and their way you’re really going to rake in the big bucks. Of course, you had to complete the hotel assassination in order to move on to the story, but for the love of Science or whatever. You believe in make sure not to take on any of his other missions until after completing the big score. The first assassination after the big heist is the Multi Target Assassination, where Franklin has to take out four jurors who’ve been bribed by Redwood Cigarettes in order to avoid paying out for a class-action lawsuit before starting the Mission have all of your characters: invest in Redwoods, rivaled Debonair Cigarettes once you take out the jurors you’ll see their Stocks start to rise. If you sell your shares immediately after the assassination you’d see around a 60 percent return on your investment. But if you wait until the middle or evening of the next day, you’ll see a return of Almost if not double the amount you put into it. The highest we saw was around one hundred and three percent return on our investment, Which ballooned our bank account to around 80 million dollars.

The next big step is to dump all your Profits from Debonair right back into Redwood, while their stock is still at its lowest value, which seems to be around 35 or 40 bucks. A share Wait a couple more days of in-game time, either by sleeping or just tooling, around and you’ll see the Redwood prices skyrocket back up to over a hundred and fifty bucks a share, which is more than a 300 % return on your initial investment [ netting ] you a cool profit of around 200 million dollars Now that you’ve got a decently sized nest egg to invest with head to the next lester mission, Which is the vice assassination, Apparently a morally bankrupt tech. Ceo has a penchant for ladies of the night, which Franklin can use to his advantage.

Before the mission invest in GTA’s version of Apple, the fruit company, Which is part of the Bawsaq Network, Immediately after completing the mission sell off your fruit shares for a 50-ish percent return in a tidy profit of around 170 million bucks. The next step is one that a lot of folks forget And it’s the one that makes the difference between netting more than 2 billion dollars in the stock market, as opposed to a piddly little 1.4 billion after selling off your fruit shares head over to the facade Stocks page and put all your money into that their shares have dropped by around 200 bucks. Each head back to your house and sleep for a day or two until facade stocks Return back up to around 470 bucks a share. It might seem like the 30 % return. You’Ll get isn’t that much, but that extra 150 million will make all the difference in the world For the next assassination you’re only going to affect one stock, and you won’t even be investing it until after you’ve completed the mission. The bus assassination sees franklin hijacking, a city bus in order to take out an automotive executive and put the kibosh on a big merger After you eliminate Mr

Penny wait, a short while, for the price of vapid motor cars to plummet, then put all 650 million dollars. You should Have by now into that Head back to bed for a day or so then sell off your vapid stock for 100 percent return. Doubling your money and netting you a whopping 1.3 billion dollars per character. Now that much money is enough to buy all the property in San Andreas and still have a bunch left over, But there’s one more assassination to take care of, and this one will give you enough to finally build that Scrooge McDuck, like money pool in your basement Before starting the construction Assassination dump all of your collective 3.9 billion dollars into Gold Coast Construction, the idea is that by taking out the mob boss, whose extorting the company, the construction firm will stay in business and there profits will go way up Once you blast your Way through the construction site and take down Benelli wait a day or two and then sell off your last ultra profitable stocks for about an 80 or 90 percent return and make a huge profit of more than an additional billion dollars, and that’s it you’re. Officially.

Now a Vinewood billionaire just remember, the road to riches is paved with patience and constant manual saves Be sure to turn off auto saving. Just in case you invest in the wrong stock or sell at the wrong time and be aware That if you do miss a peak in stock prices, You’ll probably see a similar high on the market. If you just advance time by a week or two. Hopefully, this has helped all you master thieves and Petty criminals escape the poorhouse and for everything else on GTA 5 for PS4 Xbox One And last gen consoles too you’re already in the right place here at IGN.

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