GTA 5 – Mission #25 – By the Book [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]


Who the fuck is this? The guy keeping you out of the gas cambers. Townley’s on his way. We need to talk face to face. Warehouse off Dutch London in Banning. Oh, we can do more than talk, my friend. Mikey. You gotta quit that shit man… Yeah. I Know. I take speed mostly, and look at me. Boom! Best shape of my life. Yeah! Yeah. I could still take you, sugartits. That’s because you’re fucking deranged. Not because you’re in good shape.

Hey, why don’t you stick to doing fucking crunches. and feeling bad about yourself alright. pork chop? Hey, fuck you! You know, I’m beginning to think that’s exactly what you wanna do. Yeah. Jesus… I just said the same fucking this to my wife. De Santa. That’s not the name in your file, Michael. Steve Haines here. Yeah, Agent Douchebag. Hey, that poor son of a bitch we grabbed for you still breathing? See for yourself, Right now. Trevor Philips is on his way to help with me debrief.

Warehouse off Dutch London in Banning. Great, Sounds just like my kinda party. The hell are you doing? Nothing. Are you taking a dump? Why do you care, huh? The fuck is wrong with you? I got abandonment issues. I see a shrink once a week. Ah, you know, fuck you. Yeah, well, you know. There’s nothing like uh, meeting a bunch of creeps from the government in a quiet building for someone to grow balls. Did you see his face that last time I popped him? Boom! Oh, ladies! God, you’re an asshole. You, you back there, I know you, but you? You I don’t know. Yeah, well until I see reason otherwish, why don’t we just keep it that way? Steve, what a pleasure, bro. Oh! He reminds me of one of those guys you see advertising pills for middie age men that can’t get erections. Hey, Devin Weston… Is a very good friend of mine. so why don’t you watch your tongue? Cause let me tell you something, that guy gets more tall than a… than a tall catcher. I’ll have to fucking remember that line.

You… where did we meet? Nowthere, pal. Yeah we did. Hey, ho. what are we doing here, huh? This. Please… keep the stick bastard away from me. No, no. Ferdinand, he’s gone, he’s gone. It’s okay, I’ve got some new friends here now. This is Michael, and this… this is Trevor. No. Now our friend here, he claims her doesn’t know anything. I don’t… I don’t know anything. I don’t know… I already told nothing. Nothing. I don’t know an-an-anything. Please. Please. Sir. You know about the Azerbaijanis. Huh? Azerbaijanis! I do audio visual, hi-fi audio visual. He’s top man, good price, VIP, you know? You’re a fucking spy. Oh, no, no, no, no. I’m not spies. And the asswipes at the Agency know this. No… So I need to know. why did you tell them, and what did they tell you? Hmm, I told him what’d I tell you uh-huh what I? All right oh Is this a house in rock foothills, and then who owns it? She works at the consulate oh That’s all I know.

That’s it. That’s it. That’s it I Gonna make him speak no no no no you’re gonna drive up to Rockford hills Oh, and when we find out which man is the man with the problem you put him down I’m tired of these fuckin nitwit since the agency taking all the glory Hey, fuck is all this huh, I think it’s a good time, buddy We’re driving No, you get to work, and uh I’m not here It’s Caesars place around the corner from your house And a more I see of your boss the more I like you I was you I wouldn’t be so critical of who others associated So is he gonna be a problem for sure? But there’s nothing we can do about it if something happened to him right now I’d be right under a microscope an electron microscope of bureaucratic shit And that would make it very difficult to keep old secrets.

Oh For you you know who else is having trouble keeping secrets asshole me after you brought Trevor in on this I only brought him in after you put out your press release Townley’s taking scores again the lo Santos Reboot if we didn’t control the situation and heat up her this connection then what then Trevor flips out Beheads me kills my family or racism as his own. I don’t know which is worse Anyway, any of that could happen at any time slow down What does he know he knows I’m alive He knows I got money And now he knows I’m working with the FIP Does he know how long you’ve been working with the FIB? How long the fuck does that matter either you were working with us before the cash? Depot job you walk your crew into an ambush one of them spent 10 years on the run and the other landed in a federal penitentiary or Or we stumbled on the cash Depot job Brad went down Down Trevor got away the FIB cut you a deal on your sickbed fake your death Who’s to say which those is true that there’s any doubt probably accounts for you being alone back there Trevor made you right away the Second he saw you.

Do you remember after the bus I was in all the papers. I was on the evening news This is bullshit This place. Davey, They been shooting the Real Cunts of Suburbia here the last few weeks. No way that’s your guy Shit. You are kidding me. I’ll call Steve. Oh wrong house This guy is an our guy. Okay. Okay? Okay? You sure you don’t sign us them just to make sure You’re silencing someone you’re silencing the rights Get me another address Hey, you want a coffee? Turns out that was the wrong Azerbaijani. we need a new address from Mr. K Choose your instrument and go to work up where do we start a buddy? wait What are you talking about the wrong guy? No. What do you want? Just tell me what you want? Ah man? Oh, please look at me, please Now if you open real wide and I be able to just reach right back there and grab one of those big ones. Not the pliers. Are they sterllized? Best way to make a man top is to stop him being able to talk Mr.

Phillips, I asked him about Tahir job on what finish you asked me. I know I hear I did this home theater Lived in Georgia the right under Weston hi that wasn’t so tough was it oh Did get you that? Did you hear him? He lives in Chumash. The Western Highway. Shamash you’re driving Coffee breaks what a dick? You see So hire Steve and Trevor getting along seems like a productive relationship like I said he’s got his useless and as you can see we’re trying to take full advantage of Then what this thing with the agency gets put to rest and we don’t eat you and it right And what about Trevor? What about it? I need some resolution Davi you let him walk you said you’d clean the whole thing up back in North Yankton Then you told me it to be a clean job.

No casualties there were more eyes on that Tony Yeah well according to my eyes Travis your problem Dave as much as he is mine. He’s not a problem at all we’re monitoring As he said anything about Bret fuck yeah, he has plenty. I keep changing the subject You know he thinks you might actually commute Brad’s sentence when this is all over. That’s good fine work. We’ll send another letter It’s about time anyway, so that’s use been sending those fucking letters to Trevor huh, yeah He thinks they’re from Brad who he thinks is locked up in high security And not well not six feet under in a grey apart Michael town the trainees right he took a venture since he had a fuck How’d that get started? This’ll do Find out who we’re looking for Yeah, we need a description of the target.

Yeah. Err… I’ll take care of it. Lossen him up. Oh, no, no, please. I’ll tell you what you want to know. What? Lossen him up. No. Please. The anticipation is always worse Hey hey hey now huh now you’re in a time So focused but there I kept giving up the signals. Are you afraid up? Yeah, yeah, yeah, this guy. We’re after what does he look like? oh Yeah, it sounds like you’re stalling this very in their middle age middle height middle build whatever he’s dark conveys, Azerbaijani food God says look around have enough for you We’re live You see anyone down there who might be an Azerbajiani? Fuck do I know? You might be an Azerbajiana for all I know. What’s look like? They look Eastern. Half this town Eastern, Davey. You got the fall of the shah and the collapse of communism to thank for that.

Anyone stand out? No, they all kind of blend in. Make a call, Dave. We’re going to need some more info on this guy. They’re having a party down there. That ain’t gonna cut, my friend. Shit. Shit. I, I, let me think, I… Bzzzt! Sorry, too late! Trevor, show our contestant what he’s won today! Okay! Wait. wait, wait, I remember. Woo! This’ll put hair on your chest. Not the clips! Not the clips! I’ll die! No clips! Don’t do it! Come on. No, no, no, no, no! You’ll kill me! Shit, please! My heart! No! No! No! I’m co-opreating! Please! I’ll die! No clips! Don’t do it! You’ll kill me! Wah! We need him moderately coherent. You see his face when I did that? haha! So, what have you got for us? Hmm? We need Trev to shake up your memory again? No, no, no, no, no.

Please, no, No, no, please, no. No, No, No, No, No. No, no, he’s got bread! Oh, he’s got beard! He’s got bushy beard! Uh-huh? I think you’re making this up No, no, I’m not. Huh? Yeah? I’m telling the truth! Yeah! Bushy beard? Hey! got any beardy types at this party? Huh? Because that’s all Mr. K’s given us. Huh? No! You know, I’m thinking maybe we ought to just take two bullets and put them in our informat… Please, no. and just can an airstrike on Chumash beach! I need eyes on that party. Pick up the scope and gimme a report Who am I looking for? Steve’s saying *beard.* What you got? Anything specific, or is some stubble got cut it? Let’s start at mountain man, and we’ll work our way down till someone fits the profile.

There’s a few beard a this party. Vinewood’s full of weak chins. Place is famous for it. Damn. Beards are in fashion in Chumash. Land of beach hipsters. We need more. It’s gonna be a long day until you give us some intel on our target. He’s a, he’s got beard. He smokes… he smokers like a fucking chimney! I, I don’t know. Trev, maybe one more time? Just to be sure. Uh huh. I told you, he smokes, that’s an I know! If my momma had waterboarded me more often, I wouldn’t be the gun-toting psychopath you see before you now. It’s tortune it is! My mouth. I will drown. I got blood in my mouth. I will drown! Look at me, I’m a genuine government man. Always by the book, that’s my vibe. Help me pick this up. I’m alive! I’m alive! Today’s lesson is about government regulation. Lesson? This is Minute Left. Mr. K? Okay change smoke what’s that smoke? Any of these beardy guys at the party smoke cigarettes? Mr. K says he smokes like a pack of two a day.

Redwood cigarettes. Thank you Mr. K. Steve’s telling me he chain smokes Redwoods. It ain’t the cigarettes that’ll kill him. It’s the guys who put the warnings on the packets he should worry about. And he’s left handed. Oh, now I get it. You’re telling me to assassinate a guy because he’s got facial hair, a cigarettes, and he’s left handed? I’m telling you to assassinate a guy because he’s a threat to national security.

The rest’s details. Oh, I see someone. He fits the profile. Yup – fits it all the way. I got a good feeling… well, good as you can get while clipping a guy who probably don’t deserve it. And now I’m taking the shot Davey. I got someone. definitely a lefty. Redwood smoking. bearded maybe, could be, used to be Azerbaijani. Good enough for me. Steve, it’s done. Woo! That is a wrap my friends. Excellent work the pair of you. Now, I’ve got a racquetball game to get to, so, Trevor, I think we’re all set the fuck do you want me to do with them? I would say he’s outlived his usefulness Let’s just go okay, I ain’t gonna let those g-men fucking scumbags Tell me what to do what you just torch would be don’t ask too many fucking questions.

Let’s go get up Come on up the fucking stairs Oh, for fuck sakes. Come on. Let’s go. All right, you got a flight to catch Okay, let’s get you to the airport. Oh, safety first. Radio Channel X : Intimacy by Terry bull and the novel there proves if you spend enough money on’s your mouth? it hurts. Can you speak? Kinda. are you gonna hold it together. I want to go home. I want to see my family. No, no, no, no. no. You have no home. You have no family. That shit is over. I do. They’re in Morningwood. I love them very much. No. That’s old life. That’s over new. You’re off the grid, you’re one of the invisible people.

Just take me home. I’m taking you to the airport. You’re going to get on a plane. You’re flying a long way from this country and you’re gonna spread your message. I don’t have a message. You’re a torture advocate Advocate? The media and the government would have us believe that torture is some necessary thing. We needed to get information to assert ourselves did we get any Information out of you? I would have told you everything. Exactly. Torture’s for the torturer. Or the guy giving the order to this torturer. You torture for the good time – we should all admit that.

It’s useless as a means of getting information! I’m feeling light-headed. Sometime you torture for the torturee – but only if they’re prepared to pay. I am very unwell. it’s Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, with you. Departures, No one drives me to the airport. Here we be. Run. You’re free. but mt family’s here.

Your family is probably who got you fucking in here, alright? Now look. trust no one, alright? You’re alone now. Really? Yeah. really. now let’s go, fuck off. Come on..

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