GTA 5 Online: BEST Solo Easy Money & RP Guide After Patch 1.14! GTA Online FAST Money Guide! (GTA V)


Hey everyvone how’s it going my name is Usman & today I have the fastest & easiest way to earn cash in GTA 5 Online, so before we start today’s video I just wanna say I’m actually doing a Megalodon Shark Card giveaway which gives you 8 million dollars In GTA Online, so to win make sure to follow me on Instagram & like the post, after doing that you are entered in the giveaway & I’ll be giving away the shark card in about 2 weeks time on July 6th The link for my Instagram & the giveaway post is linked down in the description below.

And also if some of you guys want to add me on Facebook you can add me I will leave a link down in the description below for my personal Facebook profile, you can add me if you want to talk to me, you can talk about buissness related stuff or you can also share your videos, your YouTube channels with me or anything else. If you are a YouTuber make sure when you add me just send me a quick message linking me your YouTube channel.

So this way I will know who you are. So now with that beign said guys… So for getting easy & fast money we’re going to play the job call potshot, for now it’s the best way to get money in GTA 5 Online because the nerf that Rockstar did to rooftop rumble & coveted definitely makes it hard to get money, so for making fast & easy money in GTA Online after pach 1.14 Potshot is the way to go, It’s quick, simple & a really easy job to play, so to start this job, you wanna press start, go to online, click on jobs, host a job, Rockstar created missions, & simply scroll down & click on potshot, for the settings you wanna set the difficulty on hard & maybe even set the time to noon. Then simply start the job, once you’ve spawned in you wanna take your vehicle & go over on the objective, You can park on the bridge to block the van or park here excatly like I did & then you wanna kill those 2 guys here & you wanna wait for the van, once the van is coming your way kill the driver & take the van & go to trevor’s trailer to finish the mission & it will give you 10,500$ & a good amount of rp as well it’s that simple, once you’ve learned how this mission plays out, you can definitely save more time, if you wanna reply this mission over & over to save some time, I will link a playlist down in the description below so you can add in to your GTA Online this way you gonna save a lot of your time.

So if you did enjoyed today’s video though make sure to smash that like button & be sure to share this with your friends & crew members so they can also make some easy cash & if you guys want you can also join my GTA 5 crew & also if you are new around here make sure to subscribe for daily awesome GTA 5 & other gaming videos & last one at least make sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook & instagram all the links are down in the description below so make sure to follow to keep things up to date & yeah guys that’s really about it..

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