How to make money on GTA V Stock Market Guide This video shows you how to maximize revenue for the three characters in Grand Theft Auto V by using both BAWSAQ and LCN stock markets First of all, due to the fact that Rockstar Games uses a 32-bit architecture, the revenue you can earn in GTA 5 is limited, this limit is $ 2,147,483,468. Once you reach this limit, buying or selling stocks will make you start glitching, making it difficult to use BAWSAQ or LCN. On the way to win so much money is useless because even if you buy all the weapons, all the accesories properties, clothing …

You will not spend more than $ 500,000,000 There are two methods of making the most money in GTA 5, the first using stock markets whenever you want but at your own risk. The other method is to wait until the end of the story, later to do the assassination missions given by Lester to Franklin. Stock markets Introduction, fake myths and glitches Making money from stock markets is about curves and numbers.

First, there are major differences between LCN and BAWSAQ. The first market is totally influenced by the game, the second by the community – BAWSAQ is not available if your platform is not connected to the Internet. Second, there is a false myth to be addressed. You can destroy anything that belongs to Burger Shot, Cluckin’Bell, FlyUS or more, but their stock will not lose in value and their direct competitor will not gain in value.

This has been tested for days on all platforms and the result is always the same: there is no direct relationship between what the player does outside the missions and the value of the actions. There were also some glitches, most were corrected by Rockstar Games, based on buying, backing up and reloading your backup which left you making good profits. But as noted just before, some of these glitches no longer work on all platforms, many have been fixed and above all, you do not need to make glitches to maximize your income. You just have to avoid doing assassination missions until the end of the story or just playing with the actions.

Equity Markets Make money from stock market stock LCN without performing assassination or random events. As said before, to make money from stock market, you just have to observe the curves and numbers, in other words, you have to predict the market trends. First, look at its maximum and minimum value, then look at the graph on the left and the current value of the action on the right. Thanks to all this, you can predict how the action will work over time.

You will always have a peak and then a descent. After this period, which is called in economy a “consolidation”, you will always have a “rise” where the action restores the value of the previous peak and then thrives on a new maximum value. LCN stock, by the way, you can go up or down quickly in less than half a day, you can win or lose up to 20% of the stock value.

To avoid losing money, always invest in more than one company each time, buy the stock when the current value is at a minimum and sell when the stock is at its maximum value. Do not be too greedy, or you will lose your investment. Remember also that the LCN market is full of rival companies, be wise and do not invest your money to their direct competitors. Stock Market Making Money Through the BAWSAQ Stock Market The BAWSAQ stock market, as we said before, is totally influenced by the community and the same action has different values ​​depending on the platform. Predicting stock trends on BAWSAQ is easier than on LCN, also thanks to the Rockstar Games Social Club where you can see more information about the market. Thanks to all this information, we can easily predict that BFA, BIN and SPU are in a period of consolidation while WIZ is in a rising period. In half a day – in real life, not in the game – WIZ will reach the previous peak and the action, after a slight rise, will come down again.

This is the time when you have to sell all WIZ shares to earn all the money you can. The BFA, BIN and SPU actions instead require more days to get out of the consolidation period. Keep them for a few more days and you will not only recover your money, but also make a good profit. Maybe they will lose more value, but do not panic by selling your shares worrying about losing your investment. Stock Markets Make money from LCN and BAWSAQ stock markets using assassination and random events. As mentioned at the beginning of the video, if you have not finished the game yet or if you have just started, there is a very easy way to maximize the revenue of the three main characters of GTA 5.

No tricks, glitches or speculations, all you have to do is complete the story by choosing the third option at the end of the game, without doing assassination missions or the random event “Hitchhiker 1”. Follow the steps you see to maximize your income. Also do not forget to invest money and perform all operations with the three characters. First investment “Room service” First assassination mission This is a mandatory mission to complete which you must complete before “Racking” Investments Before the mission Buy BettaPharmaceuticals (BET) After the mission Save a few times using Franklin Sell (BET) when the profit is around 50% Buy Bilkinton Save Six to Eight Times Using Trevor Sell When Profit Is Around 80% Second investment “The third option” Final mission Choose the third option for the final mission, wait until your turnaround income “The Turn of the Century” arrives and use Michael until you receive an email from Donald Percival Investments After the mission Buy Merryweather (MER) Save a few times using Trevor, you will need at least a few weeks Sell ​​when the profit is above 70% This is the most dangerous investment you can make in the game, but if you sell at the right time, you can double your money Third Investment “Group Shot” Second Assassination Mission Investments Before the mission Buy Debonnaire (DEB) After the mission Save a few times using Franklin Sell when the profit is around 35% Buy Redwood (RWC) Backup six to eight times using Trevor Recharge your backup and save again Sell when profit is over 100% Fourth investment “Prosti-killer” Third assassination mission Investments Before Mission Buy Fruit (FRT) After the mission Save four to six times using Franklin Sell (FRT) when the profit is around 25% Buy Facade (FAC) Back up six to eight using Trevor Sell when profit is over 25% Fifth Investment “Tickets Siouplé” Fourth assassination mission Investments Before the mission Do not buy or sell anything After the mission Buy Vapid (VAP) Save four to eight times using Trevor Vendez (VAP) when the profit is around 90% Sixth investment “The big jump” Fifth assassination mission Investments Before Mission Buy GoldCoast (GCD) After the mission Save three to four times using Franklin Sell (GCD) when the profit is around 50% Seventh Investment “Hitchhiker 1” Random Event Investments Before the mission Buy Tinkle (TNK) After the mission Save a few times using Franklin Sell when the profit is about 30% GO TO SEE ALSO GTA 5 Braking – Best Teams and Biggest Payments

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